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Hi there i am blogger of lifestyle, health related problems, health care, weight loss and body's healing power.

Do You Know What Your Health Beliefs Are. META-Health Client Case: Middle Ear - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, age 31, right-handed.

META-Health Client Case: Middle Ear - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Pain and throbbing in right ear. Brain stem ( + / – ) Stress Trigger: Hearing Survival Trauma. After being away from home for a week she went round to visit her boyfriend. He told her that he had gone out with this girl which was a friend of his. Stress Phase: She felt very insecure and found herself feeling very jealous. Regeneration Trigger: 2 months later they were having a drink and in a conversation he started speaking of that woman again but this time he didn’t have anything positive to say about her.

Regeneration Phase: The following morning she went to work but had to leave after 2 hours as she felt absolutely exhausted and had a throbbing pain in her right ear (partner side). Health: She felt back to normal 2 days later. META-Health Client Case: Bladder - Ureter Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Right-handed woman, age 49.

META-Health Client Case: Bladder - Ureter Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Strong pain while urinating and fever. Organ Reaction: ( – / + ) Stress Trigger: Feeling someone or something intruding into our space or territory. Client went to a sacred place in the mountain where she had made some very unique connection with the nature and she intended to write a special chapter for her new book. When she came to the gate she found out it was open which meant that the owners were at home and she felt she could not invade their territory. META-Health Client Case: Muscles - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Left handed woman, age 31, muscle atrophy, bound to wheelchair.

META-Health Client Case: Muscles - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

META-Health Client Case: Skin - Epidermis - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Right-handed woman aged 24.

META-Health Client Case: Skin - Epidermis - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Vitiligo around stomach area. Organ Reaction: ( – / + ) META-Health Client Case: Skin –  Dermis - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, age 45, right-handed, acne on right side of face with 4-5 large pimples.

META-Health Client Case: Skin –  Dermis - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

They became red and swollen. Stress Trigger: Defilement, deformed, identity trauma Husband informed her that he had been molesting their adopted daughter. Her husband’s perversion (right-handed and symptoms on right side means partner related) and her daughter being molested were too much to bear. Stress Phase: Obsessive Thinking, feeling stressed, sleeplessness, absence of appetite, weight loss for about 5-6 days. META-Health Client Case: Uterus mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, 46 years old, bleeding from the uterus between periods Organ Reaction: ( – / + ) Stress Trigger: She was forgotten in a case of going to inherit from an aunt, as if she did not exist.

META-Health Client Case: Uterus mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

It was in her father’s family, and she did not have much contact with them. Stress Symptoms: Feeling a little stressed from the time she heard about the situation. META-Health Client Case: Nose – Nasal Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Client: Right-handed woman, 46, cold, sinusitis Organ Reaction: ( – / + ) Stress Trigger: Young daughter is home for two weeks after tonsil operation.

META-Health Client Case: Nose – Nasal Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

She had swollen tonsils for a long time. Patient struggles to find space for herself because daughter is very demanding when ill. META-Health Client Case: Kidneys - Collecting Tubules - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, age 49, right-handed, felt lots of pressure around her right kidney and has had at times severe edema since childhood.

META-Health Client Case: Kidneys - Collecting Tubules - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Comments: Since 2000 she has noticed some pain around the right kidney area, reduced amount of urine and longer time of urinating. She recalled that she was often sick with these symptoms from sixth grade up to the high school graduation but doctors couldn’t produce any evidence of what caused this sickness. Organ Reaction: ( + / – ) Stress Trigger: Feeling alone or abandoned The specific trigger was her mother’s criticism and expectations over her academic performance and ability to comprehend things in life. Regeneration Trigger: Relocating to America in 1975. Regeneration Phase: The symptom stopped and organism went back to normal. Chronic Stress Trigger: She realized that whenever someone criticized her the symptoms would start again. META-Health Client Case: Intestine – Small Intestine - LifestylePrescriptions.TV.

Woman, age 25, right-handed, chronic stomach problems (IBS) Organ Reaction: ( + / – ) Stress Trigger: Indigestible anger She was giving her friend a lift home one day and he tried to rape her.

META-Health Client Case: Intestine – Small Intestine - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

She remembers being incredibly angry but felt she couldn’t say anything so she kept it bottled up inside. Stress Phase: Emotionally she was very much stressed and she wasn’t sleeping very well. META-Health Client Case: Intestine - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, age 50, right-handed.

META-Health Client Case: Intestine - LifestylePrescriptions.TV

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) diagnosed about ten years ago. Typical symptom was chronic constipation. Comment: In this case several intestine tissues like the small intestine and duodenum have been involved, something that we see regularly. Organ Reaction: ( + / – ) Stress Trigger: Indigestion, not being able to digest something important (often related to survival and anger) Hearing the news that her mother was dying of cancer. Stress Phase: Found the news hard to digest as she had not long ago lost her father.

Regeneration Trigger: She came home and managed to spend some time with her mother before she died. META-Health Client Case: Eyes – Crystalline lens - LifestylePrescriptions.TV. Woman, age 63, right-handed. Diagnosed with small cataracts in both eyes during eye examination by ophthalmologist. Organ Reaction: ( – / + ) Stress Trigger: Visual separation trauma. Sudden death of son caused by liver failure due to alcoholism and knowing that she would never see her son again. Stress Phase: Grieving process, shock anger, lack of sleep, hyper activity, denial and withdrawing from her friends followed by a longing to see him again and say the things she wished she had said. STAY FIT - End those 'Always Tired' Feelings - LifestylePrescriptions.

Are you feeling always tired and out of shape? Many people want to get in shape, but do not know where to begin. There are many things you can do to obtain a fit, healthy body. Those of you who are always tired to try a new workout and fitness program, the tips in this article will help you get started on your fitness goal. The first thing to do before starting any fitness program is to determine what your goals are. Try setting realistic goals for yourself, to avoid disappointment.

For instance, if you have never exercised before do not set a goal of running a mile in a week. Treat Specific Conditions with Women Health Supplements - LifestylePrescriptions. Women, who lead busy, stressful and demanding lives, putting other’s needs first and their own last, should consider taking women health supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies in their bodies. When considering which of the many supplements for women on the market are best for you, you need to know what nutrients to look for. pills isolated on white background All good women health supplements will contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

These are essential ingredients. Vitamin C is particularly important for women because it helps to keep both the heart and the immune system healthy. Supplements for women are particularly important because as women age, the hormonal and other physical changes place additional nutritional demands on the body. Supplements for women should also include organic iron. Top Fitness Tips for Working Women - LifestylePrescriptions. This quick fitness guide should help you shed your extra pounds and get the kind of body you always wanted. Go over these weight loss and healthy fitness tips for working women and start working out! Take it Easy!

Many working women find it a tough time to adapt with the new lifestyle. Do not get started with weight lifting or running for miles every day; your body needs to get used to your new level of activity. Start with two workout sessions a week. Make Changes to Lifestyle Gone are the days when women were simply kitchen and home bound.

Financial Implications of Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis - LifestylePrescriptions. New studies show that the cost consequences of breast cancer misdiagnosis are bigger than they were in previous documentations. These studies are likely to stir a myriad of emotional debates as to whether women should be encouraged to undergo routine mammograms. False positive mammograms mostly affect women between the ages of 40-59. This sees them spend over $4 billion in healthcare collectively each year. Identifying and Responding to Stress - LifestylePrescriptions. Stress can be prevented in numerous instances by identifying high-risk persons or situations in which stress may develop and initiating preventive measures promptly.

Any person receiving a major traumatic injury is at high risk of developing stress. To survive and to prevent physiologic and psychology alterations that may result in disease or illness, human beings possess certain mechanisms that provide a system of defence against threatening events in the external or internal environment. If the defence mechanisms are successful, a positive adaptation to the changes results. If one defence system is ineffectual, a second may be activated to cope with the situation. Epigenetics And How We Pass On Our Traumas To Our Children - LifestylePrescriptions. Comment: Very important study to confirm the effect of traumatic life events and how they are passed on to future generations. Conjunctivitis: Why sometimes doing nothing is best for healing! - LifestylePrescriptions.

Sometimes with META-Health the correct course of action is to do nothing! I’ll give you an example… Would you dance when diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease? - LifestylePrescriptions. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue … are not what you think? - LifestylePrescriptions. Over the last weeks I had clients and have been asked by my students repeatedly about what CFS or CFIDS are from a META-Health perspective. Why do you experience Chronic Fatigue? Living a Stress free Life - LifestylePrescriptions. Stress is defined as physical and psychological responses to the pressures of daily life. In another terms stress can be often described as a feeling of being overloaded, tense and worried. We can learn to manage stress but can’t avoid it. In short stress is the way human beings react both physically and mentally to changes, events, and situations in their lives. The right amount of stress should get us out our comfort zone and move us forward.

The Truth About Vaccines - If you have kids watch and share! - LifestylePrescriptions. That Naughty Little Book that Claims to Treat Chronic Conditions. The Best Fitness Foods for Women - LifestylePrescriptions. Although more variety is better, you can’t eat everything under the sun. Thus, focusing a lot of your nutrition on power foods is a great way to increase vitality and fat loss. Just make sure you don’t focus on a few super foods. You see, the more the better here-different foods interact with each other in ways we are only beginning to understand. So, without further ado, here are 5 power foods Women’s Fitness wishing to lose fat should eat:

Healthy Diet and Nutrition Tips for Women - LifestylePrescriptions. So, have you ever wondered to yourself, “ I know my diet is not perfect, how can l improve my diet and nutrition?” Maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition can sometimes be a hard task for some women. How can you maintain healthy diet and nutrition for your body? Why is 'Being Positive' So Important in Life? - LifestylePrescriptions. Believe it or not, being positive actually affects your health in many ways, same thing goes for negativity, but that affects your health in a bad way.

Being negative and depressed results in you eating too much, being lazy, and not that much fun. Yoga For Pregnant Women – What Are The Benefits? - LifestylePrescriptions. There are many reasons to take a yoga class, but the main one for most Americans is to find relaxation and improve health — not just muscular, but cardiovascular and mental health as well. Yoga for pregnant women can make all the difference in the mother’s mindset. 6 Key Ingredients for a Healthy Diet - LifestylePrescriptions. There are 6 key ingredients in a healthy diet however it is how you combine them and the quantities in which you consume them that will define whether they are healthy or not. The Best Foods For Strong Bones Needed For Womens Health - LifestylePrescriptions. Healthy Diet for Breastfeeding women or the Pregnant Women - LifestylePrescriptions. Top 12 Benefits of Blending - LifestylePrescriptions. Diabetes and Depression - The Surprising Connection - LifestylePrescriptions.

Some Key Details of Two Common Types of Diabetes Mellitus - LifestylePrescriptions. Nutritional Advice for a Type 2 Diabetes Diet - LifestylePrescriptions. Diet Fitness – Living a Healthy Lifestyle - LifestylePrescriptions. Fantastic Getting Older Advice For Anyone To Use - LifestylePrescriptions. 12 SECRETS TO A DEEPER SLEEP - LifestylePrescriptions. Cabbage, Recognize The Benefits And Advantages - LifestylePrescriptions. Do Not Be Too Excessive With Caffeine, Limit It From Now On - LifestylePrescriptions. Extra Benefits Of Licopene That You Should Know - LifestylePrescriptions. This Is Why Breakfast Is Important - LifestylePrescriptions. Vegetarian And The Foods They Like To Eat - LifestylePrescriptions. Avoid These Four Foods For A Flat Stomach - LifestylePrescriptions. Health Tips For Healthy Living - LifestylePrescriptions.

Want To Know Why Face Turn Red When You Exercise? - LifestylePrescriptions. Arthritis Can Be Cured With Diet, Read Here How - LifestylePrescriptions. Do Not Let Your Bone Mass Reduced. Avoid These Foods - LifestylePrescriptions.

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What’s the difference between these two brains? - LifestylePrescriptions. Brains work via their genes just as much as their neurons - LifestylePrescriptions. Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications - LifestylePrescriptions. Scientists discover the on-off switch for human consciousness deep within the brain - LifestylePrescriptions. Research Reveals Importance of Microbiome for Optimal Health - LifestylePrescriptions. Do you use the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection in your practice? - LifestylePrescriptions. Understand The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Obesity - LifestylePrescriptions. New epigenetic mechanism revealed in brain cells - LifestylePrescriptions. Strawberries and Greens - Pleasant Surprise! - LifestylePrescriptions. Raw Vegan Stuffed Avocado - Create Fancy with 5 Raw Ingredients - LifestylePrescriptions.

META-Health Client Case: Thalamus - LifestylePrescriptions. META-Health Client Case: Ears - Eustachian tube - LifestylePrescriptions. META-Health Client Case: Breast – Ducts - LifestylePrescriptions. META-Health Client Case: Ears – Hearing - LifestylePrescriptions. Launching LPTV by Christa Krahnert Naturopath - LifestylePrescriptions. META-Health Client Case: Branchial Arch Ganglia and Thyroid Excretory Duct - LifestylePrescriptions. META-Health Client Case: Lungs - Bronchial Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions. Is this the Truth about the Zika Virus? - LifestylePrescriptions. Health Coaches to Extend Women Lifespan - LifestylePrescriptions. Meat Protein Causes Obesity Over Fat - LifestylePrescriptions.

Understanding Hypovolemic Shock - LifestylePrescriptions. Enter Love Exeunt Stress - LifestylePrescriptions. Optimizing your Concentration - LifestylePrescriptions. Unhealthy Food: an Outbreak of Heart Disease - LifestylePrescriptions. Viral infections are riskier in the morning - LifestylePrescriptions. Amended Brain Training - Stress Test Online - LifestylePrescriptions. Amazing Vitamin C Health Benefits - LifestylePrescriptions. Do You Trust Your Body’s Healing Intelligence? - LifestylePrescriptions. [LPTV Video] Bruce Lipton PhD - The Power of Beliefs - LifestylePrescriptions. What is META-Health? - LifestylePrescriptions. An Outbreak of Obesity - LifestylePrescriptions. How Fast Food for a Pregnant Woman Can Increase Risk of ADHD in Children - LifestylePrescriptions.

How to Drop Your Body Fat - LifestylePrescriptions. The Anti-aging Secrets of Giloy - LifestylePrescriptions. Lifestyle Change with Ornish Medicine - LifestylePrescriptions. Managing Daily Hassles is Important for a Healthy Life. The Effects of DCIS Over-diagnoses - LifestylePrescriptions. No Guilt Chocolate and Strawberries Irresistible Pairing. Natural Remedies for Cough & Sore Throats - LifestylePrescriptions. Oestrogen Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Some Women - LifestylePrescriptions.