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Sir William Wallace

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Official Website of The National Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland : William Wallace. Over 700 years ago… …tyranny and terror were the tools being used by England to rule Scotland.

Official Website of The National Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland : William Wallace

Occupied and oppressed, the Scottish nation sought a hero to challenge the cruelty of King Edward I. Someone to take the campaign for freedom into battle, and on to victory. When the two countries faced each other at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, Scotland was led to victory by a figure destined to become a national hero - William Wallace. Sir William Wallace - a hero of Scotland and a true patriot, had a burning desire for peace and freedom which united the country’s clans, gained the loyalty of its people, struck fear into his enemies and defied the cruel hand of an evil, warring and invading King - Edward I of England. Wallace Monument Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland. Completed in 1869 after eight years' construction, the 220 feet high Wallace Monument sits prominently on the Abbey Craig two miles north of the city of Stirling itself.

Wallace Monument Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland

It was from this prominent hilltop in 1297 that William Wallace watched the English army approach across Stirling Bridge before leading the Scots into the battle of the same name: and victory (see our Historical Timeline). A fitting, and striking, location for the national monument to a national hero. Visitors to the Wallace Monument leave their cars at the foot of Abbey Craig, which they then climb to reach the foot of the monument.

A minibus service is also available from the Pavilion Visitor Centre next to the car park. William Wallace. Sir William Wallace (Medieval Gaelic: Uilliam Uallas; modern Scottish Gaelic: Uilleam Uallas; Norman French: William le Waleys;[1] died 23 August 1305) was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.[2] Background Statue of Wallace at Edinburgh Castle Political crisis in Scotland Coronation of Alexander When Wallace was growing up, King Alexander III[11] ruled Scotland.

William Wallace

Scots Independence Tour -Sir William Wallace. Born between 1260 and 1278 Murdered - 23 August 1305 Tradition has long believed that William Wallace was born in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, although contemporary research would indicate that he may well have been born at Ellerslie, in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Scots Independence Tour -Sir William Wallace

The son of Sir Malcolm Wallace and Margaret Craufurd he was a popular figure who led guerilla fighters against the forces of English occupation, and had his greatest victory on 11 September 1297 at Stirling Bridge. Much has been said and written about Sir William Wallace and the release in 1995 of the film Braveheart. Some of the comment concerning the historical accuracy of the film is true, some of it hysterical rhetoric. What is not in doubt is that Wallace lived in a Scotland which was being subjected to a brutal occupation by the forces of the English King Edward I. Wallace's spirit and vision of an Independent and free nation live on in modern Scotland today.

Sir William Wallace - Scottish Historical Figures. Son of Sir Malcolm Wallace, a landowner of Elderslie, Refrewshire.

Sir William Wallace - Scottish Historical Figures

The Scottish King, John Balliol, was deposed in 1296 by King Edward I of England. Edward declared himself ruler and thought he had added Scotland to his empire. Some resistance began across Scotland but the first significant event occured when William Wallace with around 30 men killed the English sheriff of Lanark in May 1297 probably to avenge the death of his, or a close friend's, wife or girlfriend. An army of common men took up the cause at Wallace's side attacking English garrisons across central Scotland. On 11th September 1297 an English army under the Earl of Surrey was caught attempting to cross a narrow wooden bridge over the River Forth at Stirling. Occupying forces had been virtually cleared from Scotland and Wallace went on to ravage the North of England. He may have travelled to France to find help for the Scottish cause. Untitled. William Wallace. Wallace was born some time around 1274 and was only a teenager at the time of the death of Alexander III, king of Scotland.

William Wallace

Fighting the English William Wallace grew into a huge young man; estimates place him at six feet seven inches tall. This would truly have made him a giant of the era and afforded him an enormous advantage in a medieval battle, where strength was of great importance. He wasted little time in using this muscle as he would fight the English at any given opportunity, killing them with impunity and without mercy.

From this brawling, murderous beginning, Wallace quickly became first an outlaw, living in the sprawling forests of the day, then guerilla commander and finally general of an army which inflicted blow upon blow on the occupying English forces of Edward I. Sir William Wallace Of Elderslie. Since the publication of James McKay's book, "William Wallace - Braveheart", the myth that the hero was born in Ellerslie, near Kilmarnock, has grown apace, albeit mistakenly.

Sir William Wallace Of Elderslie

People seem to think that because they have seen something in print, it is irrefutable. The problem is, some authors are just too busy or too lazy, to do thorough research, using old maps, ancient chronicles, visiting sites, etc., preferring to regurgitate facts from previous books on Wallace. What happens then, is one mistake or half-truth, when it is told and re-told, begins to insinuate itself into the public psyche, until it is believed without question. James MacKay states that Craigie Castle in Ayrshire was granted the lands of Ellerslie, near Kilmarnock in the mid 1200's, and that Craigie belonged to the Wallaces.

William Wallace. Sir William Wallace. Sir William Wallace. William Wallace Biography - William Wallace Childhood, Life and Timeline. William Wallace Childhood & Early Life Dates cannot be confirmed about the birth and the growing years of William Wallace.

William Wallace Biography - William Wallace Childhood, Life and Timeline

His family and background also remains quite unclear to historians. A rough sketch of his birth shows that he was born somewhere around 1270 in Elderslie in Renfrewshire which has again been reaffirmed as Ellerslie in Ayrshire in the recent times. Wallace, Sir William. Untitled. Sir William Wallace (1270-1305) We all enjoy the visions we hold of historical figures.


Many conjure up visions of freedom, national pride and bravery tempered with valor. And Sir William Wallace was just such a figure to those of us who love Scottish history. A larger then life man born in the misty past of long ago when brave people wishing for a better life took arms against tyrant kings and shed their precious life’s blood all in the name of "FREEDOM”. William Wallace. William Wallace (c1270 - 1305) is one of Scotland's greatest national heroes, immortalised in the not totally accurate Hollywood Blockbuster Braveheart.

William Wallace

Records of Wallace's life are patchy and often inaccurate. The Wallace - a story by "Blind Harry" a traveling minstrel of the late 15th century provides many of the stories of William Wallace . Unfortunately some of the most famous stories can not be verified by hard evidence and are folklore. The stories were passed down through the generations showing how he made a massive impact on the people of his time - not least the British. William Wallace - Wars of Independence - Scotlands History.

William Wallace - The Wallace - is world famous; a national hero who fought and died to free Scotland from English rule. William is thought to have been the younger son of a Scots landowner, Alan Wallace. In the Scotichronicon, around the end of the 14th century, Walter Bower describes Wallace as: William Wallace Biography. William Wallace, a Scottish knight, became a central early figure in the wars to secure Scottish freedom from the English, becoming one of his country's greatest national heroes. Synopsis Born circa 1270, near Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, William Wallace was the son of a Scottish landowner.

He spearheaded his country’s long charge against the English toward freedom, and his martyrdom paved the way for eventual success. The Rebellion Begins Born around 1270 to a Scottish landowner, William Wallace’s efforts to free Scotland from England’s grasp came just a year after his country initially lost its freedom, when he was 27 years old. In 1296, England’s King Edward I forced Scottish king John de Balliol, already known as a weak king, to abdicate the throne, jailed him, and declared himself ruler of Scotland. Walk for Wallace - Sir William Wallace. Courtesy of the Society of William Wallace web site It is believed the Wallace family originated from Ness, a tiny village on the border of England and Wales, they were of the original Celtic stock of that area. They were vassals of the powerful Fitz-Alan family, a family that had arrived in England at the time of the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

They were large land owners in the Oswestry area, an area that was sometimes under English control, sometimes Welsh. Sir William Wallace (Scottish hero. Sir William Wallace: Scottish Hero. Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky, like Sir William Wallace, quintessentially Scottish Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky is a genuine Scottish product.

Our whisky and ales are as authentically Scottish as some of the famous individuals described in these pages. Events - William Wallace and Scottish resistance - Higher Scottish History. The Murder of the Sheriff of Lanark After the capitulation of the Scots in 1296, King Edward I must have thought that the Scottish question had been answered once and for all. He was now master of Scotland. However, just a few months later there was a series of revolts against his rule. William Wallace. William Wallace the guardian of Scotland and a true national hero.

Sir William Wallace of Ellerslie "from Outlaw to Guardian of Scotland" - Background. Background Edward I 'Longshanks' succeeded the English throne on 16 November 1272 at the age of thirty-five while in Palestine and crowned on 19 August 1274 at Westminster Abbey, London, England. King Edward I was later to become William Wallace's deadliest adversary.

During this period Scotland was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom under the rule of King Alexander III. Initially William Wallace was educated at home by his mother, then given schooling and religious education by the monks of Paisley Abbey. Though William Wallace could read and write he was probably more interested in activities such as horsemanship, hunting and swordmanship - sparring with his elder brother Sir Malcolm Wallace Jnr. and younger brother John Wallace (later to become one of his trusted comrade-in-arms). On 19 March 1286, King Alexander III's death plunged Scotland into a state of turmoil. William Wallace – Biography. William Wallace. Scotland was prospering in 1286, but when King Alexander III dies, Scotland is plunged into despair. There is only one rightful heir, his 3 year-old Granddaughter Margaret, Maid of Norway. But in1290 the Maid dies on a remote island en route to her new kingdom.

Scotland is left with no heir to the throne. Its leaders must look back several generations, for someone worthy of being king. 14 men set forth attempting to be crowned, the two most prominent are John Balliol and Robert Bruce both from prominent families. Sir William Wallace. Sir William Wallace "Tell your commander that we are not here to make peace, but to do battle to defend ourselves and liberate our kingdom.

" William Wallace was a hardcore 13th century freedom fighter who kicked English asses anywhere he could find them and served as a central figure in the First Scottish War of Independence, where he busted motherfuckers’ heads open with a gigantic two-handed broadsword and took no bullshit from anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason. Maclarens, Birtwistles and Many Other Families. Kings and Queens of Scotland - William Wallace. The Story Of Sir William Wallace. Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) - Britannia Biographies. Sir William Wallace of Ellerslie "from Outlaw to Guardian of Scotland" - The Outlaw. The Outlaw.

In search of Braveheart (Sir William Wallace) : Scotland Magazine Issue 26. Descendants of Malcom III > William Wallace. St Bartholomew's Hospital - Sir William Wallace : London Remembers, Aiming to capture all memorials in London. Charter by Sir William Wallace. Sir William Wallace in the archives - The National Archives of Scotland. William Wallace - Deadliest Warrior Wiki - The wiki about everything Deadliest Warrior. The execution of Wallace - Wars of Independence - Scotlands History. Person - Sir William Wallace. Stirling Bridge. Falkirk. Sir William Wallace. Blind Harry. Braveheart.