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MINDSTORMS : Products - NXT 2.0 - 8547. Pyusb-users] "No backend available" error on mac OS 10.6. Nxt-python. Osx - Python libusb pyusb "mach-o, but wrong architecture" Download4.03 – RWTH - Mindstorms NXT Toolbox. Please note: Toolbox download ¶ Download the full toolbox below, including all functions with sourcecodes, documentation, examples and demos. For installation see the included README.txt file or the installation guide below on this site. (0.8 MB) System Requirements ¶ Operating system: Windows, Linux, or Mac OS MATLAB Version 7.7 (R2008b) or better LEGO® Mindstorms NXT building kit (compatible with NXT 1.0 retail, NXT 2.0 retail, and NXT Education) LEGO® Mindstorms NXT firmware v1.26 (recommended) or compatible For Bluetooth connections: Bluetooth 2.0 adapter recommended model by LEGO® (e.g.

What's new & release notes ¶ Browse the complete Release History (also available in section "Release Notes" inside MATLAB on the Toolbox help page). Software requirements, utilities, and drivers ¶ Browse this release ¶ Browse files of the current release in our SVN repository:/tags/version-4.03/RWTHMindstormsNXT Frequently answered questions ¶ Copyrights ¶ Step-by-step ¶ LEGO::NXT. LEGO::NXT - LEGO NXT Direct Commands API. use LEGO::NXT; my $nxt = LEGO::NXT->new( 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx', 1 ); $nxt->play_sound_file($NXT_NORET, 0,'! Attention.rso'); $res = $nxt->get_battery_level($NXT_RET); $res = $nxt->set_output_state( $NXT_RET, $NXT_SENSOR1, 100, $NXT_MOTORON|$NXT_REGULATED, $NXT_REGULATION_MODE_MOTOR_SPEED, 0, $NXT_MOTOR_RUN_STATE_RUNNING, 0, ); This module provides low-level control of a LEGO NXT brick over bluetooth using the Direct Commands API. This API will not enable you to run programs on the NXT, rather, it will connect to the NXT and issue real-time commands that turn on/off motors, retrieve sensor values, play sound, and more.

Users will leverage this API to control the NXT directly from an external box. This is known to work on Linux. There is a manual for this module with an introduction, tutorials, plugins, FAQ, etc. If you would like to get some help join the #lego-nxt IRC chat room on the MagNET IRC network (the official perl IRC network).

New play_tone. Neural Network Manager for Lego Mindstorms NXT | Christoph Bartneck, Ph.D. The Neural Network manager for NXT is a Java Graphical User Interface which allows Lego fans to easily create, manage and train a neural network which can be exported and used in any program to be designed to run on the LEGO NXT. The total system comprises of two main parts, a UI running on the NXT and the Neural Network Manager running on the PC. The Neural network is created by the Neural Network Manager and can once trained be exported to a Java file that should be compiled and uploaded to the NXT.

The NXT side of the system handles the I/O with the sensors (in our application the LEGO Sound sensor) and the communication with the PC. It pre-processes the data and sends it to the PC side via a bluetooth or USB connection. The neural network that is created is a three layer network comprising an input, hidden and output layer. Using the Neural Network Manager 0) Download the Java files First, you need to download the java source files for the PC and the NXT. 1) Connecting to the NXT 1. Direct NXT commands. In this final chapter we only list some more examples and commands. Usually they aren't needed in the daily life of a MATLAB Mindstorms NXT programmer.

Contents All functions beginning with NXT_ are basically just ported from the official LEGO NXT Bluetooth Protocol and Direct Commands documentation (download Bluetooth Developer Kit from LEGO). We just list some examples and commands... Keep alive and battery level To keep the NXT from turning off automatically, send a keep-alive packet from time to time (if needed): NXT_SendKeepAlive('dontreply'); If you're interested in the internal sleep time limit setting, just request it: [status SleepTimeLimit] = NXT_SendKeepAlive('reply'); minutes = SleepTimeLimit / 1000 / 60; So how much energy does my bot have left?

Voltage = NXT_GetBatteryLevel; voltage = voltage / 1000; Every function that retrieves (i.e. Important direct commands These are the interesting ones. NXT_PlayTone(frequency, duration); NXT_ResetInputScaledValue(port); NXT_StopProgram(); Bricx Command Center 3.3. Digital Designer : Download. LEGO Digital Designer 4.3 >> For Mac OSX << Download now Minimum system requirements for Mac Operating system: OS X 10.6.8 or higher CPU: Intel processor Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 5200/ATI Radeon 7500 or better RAM: 1 GB Hard disk space: 1 GB >> For Windows PC << Download Now Minimum system requirements for PC Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

LEGO Digital Designer version 4.3 is not available on PowerPC Macs To allow PowerPC users access to their models, we have made a special version of 2.3.20 available exclusively for that architexture. Disclaimer LEGO Digital Designer version 4.3 is not available on PowerPC Macs. Disclaimer The LEGO Group of companies (LEGO) is providing LEGO® Digital Designer (the Software) at no charge. Bricksmith. Lego Mecha News and Inspiration. Lynxmotion Aluminum T-Hex Body Kit (Black) • Used in Lynxmotion's T-Hex robots• Laser-cut, black-anodized aluminum panels• Includes 6 ball bearings for leg attachment• Works with any of the SES legs This is the Lynxmotion Aluminum T-Hex Body Kit (Black). It is used in manufacturer's T-Hex robots. The laser-cut, black-anodized aluminum panels and aluminum standoffs make a nice Hexapod robot chassis for use with any of the SES legs. It has mounting hardware to hold a Bot Board and SSC-32.

Source Checkout - nxt-python - A pure-python driver/interface/wrapper for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. Nxt-python - A pure-python driver/interface/wrapper for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. Nxt-python is a python driver/interface for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. The 1.x releases aim to improve on NXT_Python's interface and should be compatible with scripts which use it while the 2.x releases improve on the API in backwards-incompatible ways and will not work with NXT_Python scripts. To start controlling your lego nxt robot with python, just follow the setup instructions on the Installation page.

News May 25, 2012: Bugfix version 2.2.2 released. Just a few minor comms things affect a very small number of users. Nov 20, 2011: Release of bugfix version 2.2.1. Jul 7, 2011: Release of major version 2.2.0. Older News nxt-python works by sending the direct commands detailed in LEGO's "Bluetooth Development Kit" to the nxt brick, and on occasion providing a greater level of abstraction. NXT_Python (which nxt-python is based on) was written by Douglas P Lau back in May 2007. Note: The original NXT_Python 0.7 zipfile and tarfile are available on the downloads page. News Archives. NXT Python. About NXT_Python is a package for controlling a LEGO NXT robot using the Python programming language.

It can communicate using either USB or Bluetooth. It is available under the Free Software Foundation's GPL license. It was developed on Fedora Core (Linux), but it has been reported to work on Windows XP and Mac OS X as well. Here's a sample program: #! Requirements Python 2.4 For Bluetooth communication: For USB communication: PyUSB Download Version 0.7 —Added a get_sample() method to CompassSensor class. Installation Untar/unzip source package In package directory, run "python install" (as root) For USB on Linux: Create "lego" group, and make your user-id a member Open a terminal as root, and type: groupadd legousermod -a -G lego [user-id] Create a udev rule Create file at /etc/udev/rules.d/70-lego.rules, containing one line: BUS=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0694", GROUP="lego", MODE="0660" Contact NXT_Python was written by Douglas P Lau.

NXT Robot Projects. DesignByMe : Home. The original Design byMe vision was for a unique customization service, where consumers could design whatever they imagined on their computer, and buy the real model in their own LEGO box. Design byMe attracted several million people each year to build a huge range of amazing creations using the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software. Despite this success, the overall Design byMe experience has struggled to live up to the quality standards for a LEGO service.

As a result, the LEGO® Design byME service was closed in January 2012. Where did my models go? You can still design what you want with LEGO Digital Designer and upload models into a public gallery on the new LEGO Digital Designer website. What about other Custom products? This is not the end of customization for the LEGO Group, but a revision. Finally... The LEGO Design byME and the LEGO Factory team would like to thank you all for six great years of custom building!

Products. HiTechnic NXT IRSeeker V2 Sensor for LEGO Mindstorms NXT Introduction The NXT IRSeeker V2 (Version 2) is a multi-element infrared detector that detects infrared signals from sources such as the HiTechnic IRBall soccer ball, infrared remote controls and sunlight. It is perfect for robot soccer competitions. The IRSeeker V2 operates in 2 selectable modes, The IRSeeker V2 uses advanced digital signal processing techniques to filter the signals received and select only the signals required.

The IRSeeker direction values are shown here with 1 indicating the infrared target is left and behind, 5 if the target is directly ahead and 9 if the target is to the right and behind. Programming Mindstorms NXT-G All IRSeeker V2 functions can be accessed using the MINDSTORMS NXT-G programming block that can be downloaded from the download page. IRSeeker Sensor Block Display Settings The number shows which of your NXT's ports are connected to the IRSeekerV2.

Configuring the IRSeekerV2 Block Notes: NXC Programming. PLEN - The Ultimate Desktop Robot. Home. LEGO NXT hacks and robots. Advanced Sensors for MINDSTORMS NXT - Robotic Machine Vision Software. WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCam: Toys & Games. Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots. РобоКлуб. Creating New Blocks for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - NI Discussion Forums. LabVIEW. LabVIEW (short for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. The graphical language is named "G" (not to be confused with G-code). Originally released for the Apple Macintosh in 1986, LabVIEW is commonly used for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation on a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows, various versions of UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X.

The latest version of LabVIEW is LabVIEW 2013, released in August 2013. Dataflow programming[edit] Graphical programming[edit] Screenshot of a simple LabVIEW program LabVIEW ties the creation of user interfaces (called front panels) into the development cycle. The graphical approach also allows non-programmers to build programs by dragging and dropping virtual representations of lab equipment with which they are already familiar. Benefits[edit] Interfacing[edit] Code compilation[edit] Peter A. Article archive. Volume Number: 23 (2007) Issue Number: 04 Column Tag: Geek Toys By Rich Warren I admit it. I have had a long-term love/hate affair with the Lego Mindstorm line. I love the idea of building robots from preformed plastic bricks, but the actual kits always failed to live up to my expectations.

Sure, the Robotic Invention System seemed cool when I first opened the box, but I soon found the limited selection of motors and sensors Of course, the software side was even worse. So, when Lego announced the new Mindstorm NXT, I greeted the news with a fair bit of cynicism. The Mindstorm NXT offers several significant improvements over earlier models. The Hardware The brick comes with four input ports (one doubles as an expansion slot for a still-hypothetical sensor hub) and three output ports. You connect your computer to the brick using either a USB cable or a Bluetooth wireless connection. The kit comes with three motors. The Software The Dark Side Still, all hope's not lost. Team Hassenplug. LEGO Education | ROBOLAB and NXT. Welcome to the MindBOARDS website! Articles: SABRE: Behaviour-Based Wall Follower in NXT-G.

Behaviour-Based Wall Follower in NXT-G I’ve made a 45-minute-long tutorial video showing how to program a MINDSTORMS NXT Robot in a basic behaviour-based way — a great way to start with a simple robot program and work up to a complex-yet-still-manageable one. The video shows the concepts behind behaviour-based programming, and, in a step-by-step fashion, how to program the robot to do this in NXT-G, what the robot does, and how to debug the code to make the robot exhibit the desired behaviour. Here are a couple of diagrams from the video: We will indue Exo-Scout (the robot) with behaviours to drive forward, hug the wall, avoid the wall, and to escape when he crashes into something.

It sounds contradictory, but it all works out. Conceptually, the behaviours are organized into triggers, actions, and something called an arbiter. Download Here are the following choices for downloading the video. (If you aren’t sure which video format to choose, you probably want to go with the Quicktime video.) The NXT STEP - LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Blog. Vision Subsystem v3 for NXT (NXTCam-v3) - Working with various motors in your NXT projects - Part 1. Have you ever wanted to create something cool with NXT - but the size and shape of the NXT motor made it impossible?

Nearly all NXT projects use the standard NXT motors that ships with a Retail NXT kit. But that is not the only option: Following one of the comments by a reader on my post last week about using the linear actuator, I thought I will do a blog on using motors - especially non NXT motors with your NXT kit. The following list some ways of leveraging your motor collections and tells you how to control the various types of motors from your NXT brick: 1) Direct connection of a NXT motor to a NXT This is the most obvious - and it is the easiest to program - either using the motor block and move block that comes with NXT-G - or a quick sequenced programmed using the on brick editor.

Given the NXT motor has a rotation sensor built in, this is the most flexible method - giving a variety of ways to program the motor action - including specifying the number of turns or number of degrees. Tow Truck (#8285-2) Sets that have 3743: Technic Gear Rack 1 x 4.