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Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick

Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick

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antony gormley: another place. – shape+colour There’s an intrinsic, undeniable draw towards the sea. Maybe it’s the same lunar gravity that moves the tides, maybe it’s because we were all fish a billion years ago, or maybe it’s the lure of knowing that no matter what machines we strap to our backs or submerge ourselves in, it’s simply not a place where our fragile bodies will let us go for very long. Or maybe, since we’re mostly made of water ourselves, it’s just the natural, molecular pull of little atoms reaching out to find each other again. A genetic memory too quiet for our brains to understand. What if our very bodies miss the sea? Our skins on the shore, our bones in the beach, our body pulls to return into the same water that it was born from.

Awesome LEGO Monsters and Aliens Sculptures | 15 Comments The LEGO Company has always produced very good looking sets. They have even created some expensive and hard to build outstanding collectors’ sets like this impressive Millennium Falcon . But what makes the difference is the work produced by independent LEGO artists all over the world. 3D Printed Legos from Home May Be Coming Soon Lego is looking into the possibility of using 3D printing to add extra services and value to Lego fans. Mads Nipper, Lego’s Marketing Manager said, “It could well be that it might be an exciting opportunity to print your own bricks.” Lego doesn’t have intentions of using 3D printing for their mass-produced blocks. The strength of 3D printing is in building customized parts, small lots, or objects that cannot be created using traditional subtractive methods.

7 Crucial Things That Will Save You as an Independent Creative Over the Coming Years If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! As most of you will have noticed, the current economic climate isn’t particularly rosy when it comes to available work for us creatives. Let me rephrase that . The current economic climate isn’t particularly rosy when it comes to available work for a large proportion of us creatives.

Aeolus - Acoustic Wind Pavilion Aeolus - ruler of the four winds in Greek mythology. Aeolus is a giant stringed musical instrument, an acoustic and optical pavilion designed to make audible the silent shifting patterns of the wind and to visually amplify the ever changing sky. The sculpture a giant aeolian harp, designed to resonate and sing with the wind without any electrical power or amplification. Vibrations in strings attached to some of the tubes are transferred through skins covering the tops, and projected down through the tubes towards the viewer standing beneath the arch. Aeolus sonifies the three dimensional landscape of wind, using a web of aeolian harp strings. Almost like cats' whiskers sensitive to the slightest touch, the stings register the shifting landscape of wind around the artwork to be heard by visitors.

Adder/Subtractor This model converts two rotations A and B into their sum A+B and difference A-B. This is useful for various applications. For instance, when you build a treaded vehicle (in Dutch: rupsvoertuig, literally `caterpillar vehicle' - presumably since the treads resemble this animal), such as a construction bulldozer, you'd like one motor to control total motion, and the other the turning. This construction does that: connect the treads to the (A+B) and (A-B) axles, and the motors to A and B. Now motor A makes the vehicle go forward or backward, and B turns it left or right. Classic Pixelated 3D Printables from Leblox The Leblox app is an upcoming app that allows users to digitally create pixelated characters and have them 3D printed and delivered to your door. Mathieu Lecoupeur and Soy Phompraseuth of Paris created the app. To use the app, you can create your own 3D pixelated avatars, you can upload a photo and transform it to a pixelated version, and you can order a 3D print of your digital avatars or choose to print from a library of published designs. The inspiration to create the app came from the 2010 short film called “Pixels,” created by Patrick Jean. The plot features 8-bit video game characters taking over New York City after escaping from an old television set. Leblox also allows users to view and comment on published creations, a feature that allows the building of a community of users.

9 Facts Every Creative Needs to Know About Collaborative Teams Look behind any creative success story and you’ll usually find a great team, a group of passionate people who raised each other’s game. When thinking about productivity we often focus on the individual, yet it’s by optimizing teams that we can truly take our projects to the next level. How?

A DIY Fruit Bowl Made From Melted Plastic Army Men Did you ever play with toy soldiers when you were little? Well, now you can put them to a less violent use, with Mike Pinder’s DIY Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl. Going under the name N36 on Instructables, this guy took some cheap army men, put them in a metal dish, and melted them together to produce a cool fruit bowl. The process isn’t that hard or long, and the result looks extremely cool.

Adder substractor These are some pictures of a robotic platform that I built using the plans for the adder/subtracter found on Leo's Lego . While I'm using the basic ideas from the design, I've changed it in many ways. My design has all of the gears in one layer (mostly because this allowed me to reduce the number of gears required). One bad apart about this is that the inputs are now on opposite sides of the adder/subtractor, so the final robotic platform looks a little funny (it has one motor in the front and one in the rear).

Inflates Interactive Blow-up The collective numen/for use invented huge interactive sculptures, allowing the public to get real experiences. The proof is with Net Blow-Up, this giant net installed by the sea in Yokohama, Japan on the Zou-na-hanna terrace. An interesting building photographed by Tomohisa Tasho to discover in the future. Cornelia Parker and the Untimeliness of Waste – Waste Effects A version of this text was presented at “L’art Intempestif/Untimely Art”, held at the Institut du monde anglophone, Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, 9–10 September 2010. It has become, in recent years, quite common to equate concepts of waste with ideas of dirt, disgust or contagion. Following the work of Mary Douglas (1966), studies across the humanities and social sciences have taken for granted that ‘filth’ and ‘abjection’ provide a necessary condition for waste.

LEGO Compressor by Michael Powell I've built a few LEGO compressors, but this is my best design yet. Small, light, sturdy, good power.