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Ponts en bois du monde entier. Les ponts - C'est pas sorcier. Ponts en bois / Présentation HISTORIQUE / 2011. Anti-flambement Poutre. CECO 13245 Guide Durabilite des ponts WEB. GT Défauts de conception ouvrages Bois / GuideTechnique LCPC 04/2008. SÉTRA / Les ponts en bois 11/2006. AFGC / Guide pour la conception des Ouvrages d Art en Bois 02/2013. Ponts Tablier Bois TX1103 04 0879 cle0cbab2. 2 Ponts bois Conception dimensionnement Vincent BRUN cle7f279e. 1 cerema nouveau concept p jandin. 2 cerema innovation bois beton v brun. 05 PETEL cle5ef783. R01 T03 F09 Musterzeichnungen Holzbruecken 2019. R01 T02 F09 Tragwerksplanung Holzbruecken 2019. R01 T01 F09 Entwurf von Holzbruecken 2019. Spezial Stuttgarter Holzbruecken 2020. Buch Bruecken aus Holz 2019.

Passerelle / Essing, ALLEMAGNE / 1986

Passerelle / Val Cenis, FRANCE / 2006. Passerelle (Anaklia, 2012 / GEORGIE) Lucerne. (5) Le pont bois béton connecté de LURE (70) Holzbrücken, Holzhallen, Holzbau, Brettschichtholz. Complex - unusual – unique.

Holzbrücken, Holzhallen, Holzbau, Brettschichtholz

These are attributes that mark our bridge designs. Discover the fascination and the advantages of the innovative timber bridge construction. The advantages of building timber bridges Linking of function and design aestheticsSustainabilityEconomyWood protection through the design rather than by chemicalsLower weight means easier transportationShorter assembly times because of a high degree of pre-assembly in the factory From the first idea to the general and detailed design right through to completion, we are your competent partner. CAP / Passerelle Lubéron.

錦 帯 橋 Pont Kintaï / Iwakuni, JAPON / 1673

Holzbrücke Punakha Bhutan – WaltGalmarini. Wiederaufbau Holzbrücke Punakha, Bhutan Rekonstruktion einer historischen Kragbrücke, welche 1968 von einer Flutwelle zerstört wurde.

Holzbrücke Punakha Bhutan – WaltGalmarini

Trotz der infolge des Hochwassers von 35 m auf 50 m vergrösserten Spannweite wurde die Brücke als für das Himalayegebiet typische klassische Kragbrücke wieder aufgebaut ohne sichtbare Stahlteile unter Verwendung von einheimischem Holz. Les ponts vivants du Meghalaya. La conception et les pratiques traditionnelles de construction des ponts chinois de bois en arc - patrimoine immatériel - Secteur de la culture. Based on the scheduled four-year plan (2009-2012) for safeguarding the element, proper adjustments and expansions were made to the plan and several new measures were taken according to the safeguarding practice from 2013 to 2015.

La conception et les pratiques traditionnelles de construction des ponts chinois de bois en arc - patrimoine immatériel - Secteur de la culture

Safeguarding activities can be divided into two categories: the first one is carried out regularly in an organized way while the second one is carried out irregularly in accordance with the practical situation and safeguarding demands of that year. Regular safeguarding activities(1) Establish training and practice centers to carry out transmission and safeguarding activities. The government has subsidized 280 thousand yuan for such efforts from 2009 to 2015, with towns and villages providing transmission venues and bearers providing tools and materials.(2) Build, rebuild, relocate and renovate wooden arch bridges to transmit the craftsmanship in practice. Huge timber steps form bridge built by students in rural China. This stepped timber bridge was built by a team of architecture students from the University of Hong Kong to provide a meeting place for residents of a rural community in southern China (+ slideshow).

Huge timber steps form bridge built by students in rural China

Wind and Rain Bridge links two banks of a river on the outskirts of Peitian, a village in China's Fujian province. Designed by course leader Donn Holohan to be constructed without the need for mechanical fasteners, the structure takes its cues from the region's traditional wooden buildings and is formed from interlocking beams. "Designed solely in wood joinery inspired by traditional Chinese techniques, the bridge is a reinterpretation of the traditional covered bridge, which functions as a public space and a pedestrian connector," said the team. Chinese covered bridges. Pont du vent et de la pluie. Swiss Timber Bridges.

Pont routier / Sneek, PAYS-BAS 2009

PONT d'ILONSE. Ponte ciclabile sul fiume Calore, Benevento (I) - Rubner Holzbau. Descrizione L’idea progettuale nasce dal Consorzio ASI di Benevento: realizzare un’opera di grande valore architettonico e ingegneristico capace di valorizzare l’area industriale gestita dal consorzio stesso e di inserirsi con armonia nel contesto ambientale circostante.

Ponte ciclabile sul fiume Calore, Benevento (I) - Rubner Holzbau

La difficile situazione di partenza è stata risolta grazie alla flessibilità d’impiego e alle caratteristiche di compatibilità ambientale del legno lamellare. Pont de Merle. Pont de CREST. National Center for Wood Transportation Structures (NCWTS) Ponts Couverts Américains 2015. Dossier/ les Ponts couverts au Québec/ 2004. (5) Reportage Ponts de bois / Québec. Nordic / Pont de la rivière Témiscamie.