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Ecologic Pavilion In Alsace / Studio 1984

Ecologic Pavilion In Alsace / Studio 1984
Architects Location Muttersholtz, Alsace, Francia Year 2012 Photography Cortesia de Studio 1984 From the architect. In search of the architecture of the lesser impact, the "nest" is largely inspired by agricultural vernacular constructions. Its familiar shape and texture pay homage to traditional barns and are an attempt at restoring their discreet charm. This pastoral imagination dictates the choice of local materials widely available such as straw and wood, the environmental impact of which are virtually nil. The reference to rural heritage far from generating an archaic habitat is the support for technical innovations in terms of comfort, ambiance, and energetic efficiency. The landscape integration’s effort logically leads to reinterpret several vernacular proven techniques. The "nest" is also a reflection on the transiency of constructions. Ambitions carried by the Archi <20 competition resonate with the most significant contemporary issues in terms of building.

CLUB DRIVE-IN Ile de Rügen, nord de l’Allemagne, 54° 26′ 20″ N 13° 34′ 30″ E (image drive in) Sur un linéaire de 4.5km s’étend l’un des vestiges méconnus du IIIeme Reich. Bienvenue à Prora, l’ancien centre balnéaire hitlérien. En 1936, pour abriter le repos de leurs citoyens, les lieutenants de la NS-KdF ou «La Force par la Joie», avaient vu les choses en grand: un complexe de vacances offrant à 20 000 personnes l’occasion de prendre l’air sur les côtes de la mer Baltique. On a 4.5km long sandy stripe lies one of the few existing relic of the Third Reich’s egemony. Front de mer (image Maja Atterstig) Façade sur voirie (Il Post) Entrée du Visitor Center (image Prora Zentrum) Corridor à l’abandon Silhouette (image Auteur: Camille Gharbi Liens: The guardian -Inside the holiday camp Hitler built Courrier internationnal - un colosse impossible à abattre Dokumentations zentrum Prora Ouest France - Le centre de vacances nazi devient auberge de jeunesse Photographies - Albert Videt

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