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House in Seya / Suppose Design Office. House in Seya / Suppose Design Office Architects Location Architects Suppose Design Office Project Year 2011 Photographs Courtesy of suppose design office From the architect.

House in Seya / Suppose Design Office

We have all ways have been interested in Nature. Nature that expresses time and change are some aspects that we try to incorporate in Architecture. Everybody feels and knows that the sky, sea, and forest are big but why does everyone feel this way? Scale is something important in architecture. The house in Seya is on a small site located in a residential area. It is the norm to erect walls to enclose a space for a building but for the house in Seya we decided to enclose the outer space.

The outer shell was built like a wooden storage and once the residence moved in to the space, by time there will be an increase in plants, book shelves or painting in the space will have the same quality as what nature where everything is in a state where it is neither finished nor unfinished. House in Balsthal / PASCAL FLAMMER. House in Balsthal / PASCAL FLAMMER Architects Location Project Year 2013 Photographs This timber house is about different ways of perceiving the landscape surrounding it.

House in Balsthal / PASCAL FLAMMER

There are two principal floors; one set 750mm below the earth, one 1500mm above. The ground floor consists of one single family room with a noticeably low horizontal ceiling. In this space there is a physical connection with the nature outside the continuous windows. Large windows open to composed views of the wheat field. K Valley House / Herbst Architects. Architects Location Kauaeranga Valley Rd, Thames, New Zealand Architect in Charge Herbst Architects Area 178.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs Contractor Doug Fleming From the architect.

K Valley House / Herbst Architects

A retreat for Ginny Loane and Gaysorn Thavat The clients are a childless couple, a director and camera operator in the film industry, their jobs involve them filming on location for stretches of time. This house is the space to which they retreat between filming. Koya No Sumika / mA-style Architects. Architects: mA-style Architects Location: Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Architect In Charge: Atsushi Kawamoto, Mayumi Kawamoto Area: 778.0 sqm Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Kai Nakamura This is an extension plan for a young couple's house next to the main house.

Koya No Sumika / mA-style Architects

The main house is a one story Japanese style house with about 200m2, which is commonly seen in rural areas. It is a big house with many rooms and mainly consists of large spaces for people to gather and to provide hospitality. However, the young couple desired feelings of ease and spaces that ensure quiet and comfortable times. Recreation House Near Utrecht / Roel van Norel + Zecc Architecten. Alpine Barn Apartment / OFIS Architects. Architects: OFIS Architects Location: Municipality of Bohinj, Slovenia Area: 120.0 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Tomaz Gregoric, Courtesy of OFIS Architects Project Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Andrej Gregoric, Janez Martincic, Michele Albonetti, Maria Della Mea, Tomaž Cirkvencic, Pawel Nikkiel, Gözde Okyay, Maria Rosaria Ritonnaro, Ralea Toma Ioan Catalin, Grega Valencic, Vlad Popa, Tanja Veselic, Jade Manbodh Structural Engineering: Projecta Mechanical Engineering: MM-term Electrical Engineering: ES Lighting: Arcadia lightwear General Contractor: Permiz From the architect.

Alpine Barn Apartment / OFIS Architects

Traditional landmarks creating a Slovenian countryside also include different types of farmhouses, hayracks and barns. Unfortunately many of these no longer serve its purpose, therefore are mostly in poor condition, non-maintained and often simply destroyed and replaced with generic housing. *a category of architecture based on local needs, construction materials and reflecting local traditions. Club Mate and Zambó Assaí Offices / República Portátil. Architects: República Portátil Location: Franklin, Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile Year: 2015 Photographs: Gino Zavala Bianchi.

Club Mate and Zambó Assaí Offices / República Portátil

Construction: República Portátil in collaboration with students from Universidad del Bío-Bío. Student’S Team: Anabella Benavides, Patricio Ortega, Andrea Navarro, Rocío Vásquez, Nicolás Moraga, FrancoisLoubies, María Fernanda Saavedra, Bárbara Soto, Gabriel Burgos. From the architect. The assignment entrusted to República Portátil by Club Mate Chile and Zambó Assaí consisted on the development of their new commercial offices located in the business core of Franklin’s district, in the commune of Santiago.

This neighborhood was founded on the periphery of Santiago city. In this context, and framed within a recent business growth, Franklin district welcomes new commercial proposals of various scales, among which is the aforementioned business core. House on a Dune / Oppenheim Architecture + Design. Architects: Oppenheim Architecture + Design Location: The Bahamas Area: 3000.0 ft2 Year: 2015 Photographs: Karen Fuchs From the architect.

House on a Dune / Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Architect Chad Oppenheim, who has designed homes for the likes of movie director Michael Bay and projects for Pharrell, recently completed what he calls “House on a Dune,” a minimalistic, elegant and comfortable beach house that blends into its breathtaking surroundings in Harbour Island, Bahamas. The spectacular 3,000-square-foot waterfront private residence was designed to reconnect its inhabitants with nature, encouraging a greater consciousness of the elements and their manifestations.

In a time when architecture has become fixated with computer generated forms and over-the-top modern design, House on a Dune is elegant in its simplicity – designed to heighten ones experience of the beautiful island nature that surrounds the home and made to inspire and maximize pleasurable moments. Brillhart House / Brillhart Architecture. Architects: Brillhart Architecture Location: Miami River, Miami, FL, USA Area: 1500.0 ft2 Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of Brillhart Architecture From the architect.

Brillhart House / Brillhart Architecture

LIVING IN THE LANDSCAPE This 1,500 sf house, which draws upon the American glass pavilion typology, Dog Trot, and principles of Florida Modernism, provides a tropical refuge in Downtown Miami. Elevated 5’ off the ground, the house includes 100 feet of uninterrupted glass – 50 feet spanning the length of the front and rear facades, with four sets of sliding glass doors that allow the house to be entirely open when desired. The house includes 800 sf of outdoor living space, with front and back porches and shuttered doors along the front for added privacy and protection against the elements. Visite Privée : Une famille à l'aise dans 50 mètres carrés. M House / Make Architects. Architects: MAKE Architecture Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia Year: 2013 Photographs: Peter Bennetts Project Team: Melissa Bright, Bruce Rowe, Rob McIntyre, Gillian Hatch, Shelley Freeman, Anna Johnson Engineer: Hive Engineering Builder: 4AD Construction From the architect.

M House / Make Architects

Small but with delight, this project looks at how a modest alteration and addition can make a positive contribution to the way a family live. On a south facing site in Northcote the key driver for this project was how to bring northern light into new living spaces. The new addition was kept as small as possible to retain the backyard space. The living spaces are now bathed in light in winter and the deep timber lined eave excludes the summer sun. The ‘M’ roof form is expressed internally to create expansive ceiling heights with the lining boards wrapping down the walls. The new living space has provided this family with a light filled space to come together and share daily life.

The Dox House / Mjölk architekti. Architects: Mjölk architekti Location: Pyšely, Czech Republic Building Company: TFH dřevěné skeletové domy s.r.o.

The Dox House / Mjölk architekti

Year: 2014 Photographs: BoysPlayNice From the architect. Katka and Honza are cooking all the time. So they decided to burn their new house as well. But not from ground to top. That house had through it´s creation own working title. The disposition of that house on 10.5 x 7 m grew up on a flat, open landscape in direct contact with the surrounding buildings. Ranch / AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI. Architects: AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI Location: Lithuania Project Architetcts: Alda Tilvikaitė , Milda Rekevičienė, Norbert Tukaj, Guoda Bardauskaitė, Eglė Židonytė, Lukas Rekevičius Area: 280.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Norbert Tukaj From the architect.

We got a chance to experiment on the topic of traditional Eastern Lithuanian countryside architecture – the project site is on strictly preserved natural reserve with a special stress on ethnographic peculiarities. The design is a modern country house for a man of the city. The building respects historical traits of regional architecture, but sacrifices no comfort provided by technologies of today. Dark grey exterior color outlines the traditional form of an old Lithuanian countryside cottage, but it’s inside reveals spacious lofty reach through the whole volume of the house, vast and filled with natural light. Haus Für Julia Und Björn / Innauer-Matt Architekten. Architects: Innauer-Matt Architekten Location: 6863 Egg, Austria Site Area: 845m2 Area: 148.0 sqm Photographs: Adolf Bereuter, Dornbirn From the architect.

The new house, clamped between a lime tree and a walnut tree, comfortably completes the small hamlet in which it is situated. BB House / BAK Architects. Architects: BAK Architects Location: Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Architect In Charge: María Victoria Besonías, Luciano Kruk Collaborators: Nuria Jover, Diorella Fortunati Site Area: 595.5 sqm Area: 114.81 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla The place The ground of 20m x 30m located in the forest of Mar Azul has the particularity of a very important unevenness respect of the two streets it faces.

While this complicates the resolution of access to the site provides the advantage that, if the house is located high, it is very little exposed to the gaze from the street, and also from the inside you can get views of the landscape above the neighboring buildings. This difference in level is more or less smooth to the back of the lot, but it is very sharp towards the opposite front and in this area the forest is also thinned. The constructionThe house is constructed with three basic materials: exposed concrete, glass and pine wood tables and beams. Kiyotoshi Mori Natsuko Kawamura MDS - Project - Tamaranzaka House. Archdaily. Architects: pS Arkitektur Location: Nacka, Sweden Architect In Charge: Peter Sahlin Project Architect: Leif Johannsen Assisting Architects: Therese Svalling (models), Beata Denton (lighting) Contractor: Valento Bygg Client: Karl & Sofia Andersson Area: 170.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Courtesy of pS Arkitektur The surrounding nature and slope dictated the shape of this one family house fully covered in black roofing felt.

Delightful views into the sunny forest, space and a daring uncompromising design was the starting point for the development of this villa in Nacka, outside Stockholm. The house was created during a number of workshops with the client, where different volumes were tested in model and several site visits.The challenge was to locate all rooms on the same level, and trying to fit the house on the sloping ground of this nature site. Archdaily. Timms Bach / Herbst Architects. Bustamante House / PAR Arquitectos. Holiday Cottage / Tóth Project Architect Office. Office in São João da Madeira. House of 33 Years / Assistant. Megumi Matsubara a travaillé aux côtés Hiroi Ariyama du studio Assistant pour réaliser une maison faite d’un mélange de matières premières comprenant l’acier, le bois, le béton, le plastique ondulé translucide et des panneaux de verre.

Située à côté d’un ancien temple bouddhiste, la maison a été conçue pour un couple âgé qui a décidé de déménager après 33 ans de vie commune dans leur foyer d’origine. Chaque partie de la maison a été construite en même temps dans trois endroits distincts – les villes de Nara, Sendai, et Aomori – avant d’être transportées sur le site et assemblées en une seule unité, les architectes se sont dits qu’ils créeraient ainsi une architecture qui «bouge». Fukasawa House / MDS. House in Vallée de Joux. Kiritoushi House / SUGAWARADAISUKE. Coeur d’ Alene Cabin. Pünktchen (Little Dot)

The HHGO Garden Residence. Sche Haus Architektur - Klevens Udde von Wingårdh  Das ist ein interessantes Projekt, minimalistische Haus Architektur, konzipiert vom schwedischen Studio Wingårdh Arkitektontor. Eigentlich ist dies ein ehrgeiziges Unterfangen, dessen Hauptziel ist es, einer der exklusivsten Bauwerke in Europa zu schaffen. Wir sprechen über den Bau von neun dreieckigen Häusern an der Westküste Schwedens, nahe der Smögen Insel. Archdaily. Branch House / KINO Architects. Franz House / BAK Architects.

Luís Rebelo de Andrade - Project - Eco-resort of Parque de Pedras Salgadas. APOLLO Architects & Associates - Project - Rouge. T-Nursery / Uchida Architect Design Office. BB House / BAK Architects BB House / BAK Architects – ArchDaily.