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Undressed Design

Undressed Design | The World of the Seven Arts la cuisine du graphiste REPUBLIC X People I know: Jon Jacobsen shows how he sees himself and friends Self thought photographer Jon Jacobsen from Santiago, Chile, presented his project “People I know”. In the project author present his friends who are models, artists, actors and himself, as well (the last photo). You can check the whole project here. Dark as death: artworks by S.V.Mitchell Mitchell was born in Bristol England in 1963. mymodernmet: Sculptures by Bruno TorfsFantastical wooden sculptures that symbolize compassion and offer visitors to the artist’s garden a source of comfort on their walks. Will it beard by: a non-fearless tumblr project It all began as a way to entertain the kiddies during the holidays, but has transformed into an artistic project for the couple. Amazingly detailed illustrations by Giorgi Arutinov This artist from Georgia makes incredible detailed illustrations, full of various elements. New artworks from Jiwoon Park Jiwoon Pak is an illustrator and artist based in Seoul, south of Korea.

la Veilleuse Graphique - La Veilleuse Graphique : l'actu graphisme, de l'imprimé au webdesign! onzeeonze Blog Design Graphique | Ma Revue Web COLLAGES BY ANYONE Pierre Botardo "Unconventional" - 2013 22” x 30” Mixed media and hand cut collage designboom hyperallergic New City Art Fair, installation shot (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted) Most art fairs in New York City this week are bombastic affairs. New City Art Fair stands in stark contrast to that trend. The mission of this fair is to feature original artwork by contemporary Japanese artists. To achieve this goal, Kentaro Totsuka, the director of New City, invited eleven Japanese galleries to display their wares. From brashly expressive to quiet and reserved, the fair’s artwork ranges in style, medium, and format. Atsuko Tanaka, “Work” (1965) (image courtesy Art-U room) Art-U room’s installation features several artists from the Gutai group, an avant-garde collective in postwar Japan. Gallery Kogurue features traditional and contemporary work. Soi Yuko, represented by Gallery Kogurue Shusuke Ao and Ichiro Irie, of Eitoeiko Gallery, both create eye-catching work, but the two are appealing for different reasons. Shusuke Ao, “Operation D” (2013)

beautiful decay Collage inherently involves nothing less than altering existence. By taking found imagery, Mario Zoots makes changes both hand-made and (occasionally) digital to alter the perception of the everyday, and continue their evolution towards new definitions. The Denver, Colorado-based Zoots is on the forefront of the modern collage movement, and was featured in Gestalten’s recent The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art, the definitive investigation into how collage has become one the most vital forms of current visual expression. Typically focusing on the human figure, and often in portraiture genre, Zoots utilizes geometric pattern, layers, and physical manipulations like scratches, drips, and tears to obscure, thereby creating new faces to interpret. Mario Zoots will take part in the upcoming travelling exhibition INTERNATIONAL WEIRD COLLAGE SHOW (IWCS) at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, New York.

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