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A 100 Year Old Barn In Quebec Was Given A New Life. Photography by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard Architecture studio La Firme, have completed the restoration of a 100 year old barn in Quebec, Canada.

A 100 Year Old Barn In Quebec Was Given A New Life

Rowland+broughton Have Designed The 'Game On' House In Colorado. Photography by Brent Moss.

rowland+broughton Have Designed The 'Game On' House In Colorado

A Contemporary Barn Inspired Home In Sydney. Photography by Murray Fredericks.

A Contemporary Barn Inspired Home In Sydney

The new addition to this house in California is clad In Shou Sugi Ban siding. Photography by Mathew Millman.

The new addition to this house in California is clad In Shou Sugi Ban siding

Mid-century home in Massachusetts gets an updated look. Aamodt / Plumb Architects have completed the renovation of a mid-century home in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Mid-century home in Massachusetts gets an updated look

The designer’s description Three old barns were converted to a mid-century modern home in the 1950’s by Henry Hoover, a prolific architect that built many Mid-Century modern homes in Lincoln MA. In 1985 parts of the house were renovated to create an eclectic facade and gallery with a sculptural kitchen and entry. A Home Designed For A Growing Family In Houston, Texas. Architecture firm CONTENT, have designed the Kipling Residence, a new home in Houston, Texas.

A Home Designed For A Growing Family In Houston, Texas

The description from the designer: The Kipling Residence is a new addition to the Montrose neighborhood of Houston just north of the Menil grounds. Designed for a growing family of five, it allows for generous open family zones oriented to large glass walls facing the street and a courtyard pool. The courtyard also creates a buffer between the master suite and the children’s play and bedroom zones.

Fixed wood slats provide privacy on the first floor while a large sliding second floor panel allows the street balcony to exchange privacy control with the study. A Contemporary Cottage In The Dutch Countryside. Zecc Architects, together with interior designer Roel Norel, have designed a small contemporary cottage in a rural area north of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

A Contemporary Cottage In The Dutch Countryside

Architecture: Zecc Architects Interior design: Roel Norel. Light glows through the cedar facade of Writer's Shed by WSD. Hidden at the bottom of a London garden, this glowing shed by British studio Weston, Surman & Deane was designed as a writing retreat for an author (+ slideshow).

Light glows through the cedar facade of Writer's Shed by WSD

Weston, Surman & Dean was asked to build a studio that reflected the client's passion for children's literature and mythology, and responded by creating a whimsical cabin that features a back-lit facade. The inner facade of the Writer's Shed is shingle-clad with a glazed sliding door that opens out to a covered veranda facing back towards the house. A cedar screen fronts the veranda and gaps between the narrow slats allow light to shine out at night. This Swedish house has a large gable-roofed extruded space facing the lake. Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed Villa Bondö, a family home near Gothenburg, Sweden.

This Swedish house has a large gable-roofed extruded space facing the lake

Hammer Architects Design A Home In The Forest With Abundant Natural Light. Hammer Architects have designed the North Pamet Ridge House, that is surrounded by woodland in Truro, Massachusetts.

Hammer Architects Design A Home In The Forest With Abundant Natural Light

From the architects This two story, four-bedroom residence is sited along a high ridge surrounded by dense woodland. The client desired a home, which would function as a weekend retreat, accommodate single floor living and provide abundant natural light. The Håkansson Tegman House by Johan Sundberg. Johan Sundberg designed the Håkansson Tegman house in Höllviken, Sweden. Project description Höllviken south of Malmö was originally a seaside resort, but the forested rows of summer houses are continuously being transformed into a carpet of permanent housing. Elmthorpe House by Waind Gohil re-interprets neighbouring homes. This house in Oxford, England, by Waind Gohil Architects mirrors the style and shape of older terraced houses on its street, but features a pared-back design to distinguish it as a contemporary addition (+ slideshow).

London studio Waind Gohil Architects gave Elmthorpe House a glazed gable, hidden drainpipes, and a limited palette of materials to create a simplified version of adjacent terraced houses. "While the form of the house reflects the scale of adjacent buildings, a limited palette of materials is seamlessly detailed to complement the house's simple form and re-interpret the vernacular," said architect John Ashton. The residence was built for landscape and garden designer Angus Thompson and his family, and replaces an industrial building that had been used for making sheds.

Blue Hills House by la SHED architecture. La SHED architecture designed the Blue Hills House, located in Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada. Project description Perched on a steeply inclined surface over swamps, the single story residence slides gracefully between the trees and is only hardly visible from the street.As per the occupants’ and architect’s wishes, the house has a dual relationship with its environment; from the outside, it is camouflaged in its setting and is as discreet as possible.From the inside, the house is completely open to its surroundings, and its occupants are met with scenery that is in constant evolution.

Cycle House by Chadbourne + Doss Architects. Chadbourne + Doss Architects have recently completed a house for two people and 18 bicycles in Seattle, Washington. This new 2,400 square foot residence is located at the intersection of two major bike routes in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle. The lot is narrow, but has lake and mountain views to the east. We sought to craft an efficient custom residence that uniquely represents the Owners’ personality and lifestyle.Martin and Shelley, a very active couple, wanted a home that would not only have storage and maintenance space for their 18 bicycles, but would also facilitate entertaining, provide cozy nooks for reading and relaxing, and maintain a strong connection to the exterior.They were very engaged in our design process, even providing us with scent vials meant to evoke sensibilities they wished to experience in their home- cool ocean, woody comfort, industrial, and balanced quiet/calm.

Waverley Residence by Anderson Architecture. Ngunguru House / Tennent + Brown Architects. Architects: Tennent + Brown Architects Location: Ngunguru, Northland, New Zealand Project Team: Hugh Tennent, Neil Drummond Area: 260 sqm Year: 2010 Photographs: Paul McCredie. Kinetic louvres move and pivot in three dimensions to screen sunlight. Architecture student Tyler Short has developed an alternative to the traditional window shade - mechanical louvres that move in three dimensions to adapt to sunlight at different times of the day (+ movie).

Like vertical indoor blinds, the conceptual Penumbra shading system would hang down in front of windows and could be pivoted left and right to adapt to the east and west orientations of the sun. But it would also be able to fold upwards to create a horizontal shade against the high afternoon sun. "This project was designed to offer a kinetic and mechanical solution to a problem that would otherwise be nearly impossible to solve with static architectural components: providing shading across a building facade for both low evening sun and high afternoon sun conditions," explained Short, who created the design for his architecture degree at the University of Oregon. Woodpeckers by Ström Architects. Here's another small-scale project featuring strikingly realistic renderings - this time a timber-clad home in England by Ström Architects, who claim that investing in quality CGI is "more effective than advertising" (+ slideshow + interview).

Two Passive Solar Gain Houses in Porthtowan by Simon Conder Associates. British firm Simon Conder Associates has built two wooden houses into the side of a steep hill in the English coastal village of Porthtowan (+ slideshow).