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Perpetual Calendar. Thibautmalet. Plateau de table relooké. Une des tendances actuelles est de relooker une table en laissant le plateau brut.

Plateau de table relooké

Succès assuré avec cette table "branchée"! Pas à pas réalisé par Stéphanie du blog le 11 février 2013 - photos : DR L'étoile, l'esperluette ou une couronne royale ont un rendu très déco. Pour un plateau plus foncé, on peut remettre une 3ème couche de vernis. Le remplissage des pochoirs peut se faire avec une teinte de peinture de son choix. Commencer par le ponçage du plateau. Placer les pochoirs sur la partie inférieure du plateau (cela vous servira de guide). Colorer les lettres et les numéros au marqueur à pointe épaisse. Avec une règle et le marqueur fin, repasser sur tous les traits verticaux et horizontaux pour une finition soignée. Passer ensuite 2 couches de vernis vitrificateur au pinceau pour protéger le plateau. Build a 6'-0" tall Wooden T-Rex Model.

DIY: Make Beachy Style Picture Frames From Fence Wood. These picture frames are inspired by furniture and frames made from reclaimed boat wood which came from fishing villages in many parts of the world.

DIY: Make Beachy Style Picture Frames From Fence Wood

Plateau petit dejeuner en cagette, Esprit Cabane, idees creatives et ecologiques. Meuble d’atelier fait maison. Il n’est pas magnifique mon meuble d’atelier ?

Meuble d’atelier fait maison

J’avoue que j’en suis très fière, c’est mon chéri qui l’a réalisé pour moi car je ne voulais plus de ces étagères tubulaires sans âme même si « bien pratiques ». Je n’ai pas vraiment d’atelier mais j’espère que ça viendra un jour, en attendant j’ai un tas de choses à stocker et il devenait indispensable de trouver une solution; à moindre coût si possible et qui me plaise bien sûr ! Voici donc un nouveau tutoriel réalisé à 4 mains. Comme d’habitude je vous invite à faire selon vos goûts et les matériaux dont vous disposez. How To Transfer A Photo To Wood – Video Tutorial. Many decorations are expensive and not that stylish to being worth your attention.

How To Transfer A Photo To Wood – Video Tutorial

With the tricks featured in this tutorial, you can make your own custom piece of decoration. Read the following and learn how to transfer a photo to wood and actually make a nice `painting` to place in your living room. Bookcase Storage Cubby Unit. I couldn't find plans for a similar cubby on line.

Bookcase Storage Cubby Unit

Ana White has something like this over at her website here: There's a nice little video there and it all looks quite easy. Her plans use a bunch of pocket holes to hold everything together, but I wanted to do something a little more "woodworkery" with some joinery and finishing. This is for my daughter's bedroom, but I wanted something that would be beautiful and substantial--something you could proudly display in your living room if you wanted to. Tuto : réaliser un objet déco avec du bois flotté - Ma bulle. Comme moi, vous êtes peut-être allés en vacances dans un endroit où le bois flotté se ramassait à la pelle sur la plage.

Tuto : réaliser un objet déco avec du bois flotté - Ma bulle

Elegant wood breadboard. It’s been a while since my last instructable so… Bam!

Elegant wood breadboard

Here we go again. This time we’re venturing into my permanently dusty workshop where I mostly fabricate Canada A1 Grade sawdust. But today we’re going to be making breadboards. AW Extra - Dream Workbench - Woodworking Projects. Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench. Intro: I have an area in the old barn that is unused and I wanted to convert to a 'rough' working place.

Extreme Heavy Duty Work Bench

The floor is unlevelled , which require adjustable feet to adjust for the height difference up to 30 mm. The angle of the wall corners are not perpendicular, they are more like 86 to 93 degrees, which require a remissive design. Description: Art Collectors Cabinet. Blog de graphisme, design, tendances numériques et urbaines. Pixel Art Chopping Boards. This project is great for using up offcuts.

Pixel Art Chopping Boards

If you haven't got any offcuts get down your local timber yard and they'll probably sell you a bundle of theirs pretty cheap. The timber I managed to scrape together included Ash, Meranti, Iroko, and a little Teak. The first step is to turn this all into 15mm (or whatever pixel size you want) square rods with as little error as possible. Hand Carved Game Trophies. Use Arrow Keys ← → for Next/Previous Post, Press "R" for a Random Post These beautiful handcrafted basswood wall sculptures pay tribute to these majestic horned wild beasts without having to hunt them down and chop their heads off.

Hand Carved Game Trophies

Flagman Table. This dining table was made from an orange road sign with black flagman logo on it. I got the sign from a junkyard I used to know, north of Phoenix. It was free. I highly recommend "free", in general, as it will keep the cost of this project down, as well as (hopefully) recycle something someone else thought was trash. All the wood I used was free too, cheap plywood cut in strips, old two-by-fours, and other assorted, mangled, painted, varnished, and peeling scraps from around the shop I worked in. The only new materials are fasteners. I didn't measure anything except to hold the wood up to the sign or wherever I was trying to attach it, so all directions in here are going to exclude dimensions. All photos by my collaborator, Alfonso Elia. Wood Turned Lamp. One sheet Plywood Bench. Image Transfer to Wood.

Adirondack Deck Chair. Scrap Table. There's a lot of wood out in the world free for the taking -- in dumpsters, back alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, recycling yards, and architectural salvage centers. Most wood, if free from rot, is just as strong, durable, and good to use as new wood, once you sand off the weathering. This table was made from all salvaged wood -- both dimensional lumber and plywood, mostly taken from decaying buildings in and around Hale County, Alabama. It was commissioned by the good folks at PieLab (, an initiative of Project M (

PieLab is a pie shop, design center, teaching resource, and business incubator in Greensboro, Alabama. Durable Hardwood Bench. Two-Tone Table. Revamp old dresser with road signs. Techshop built Cabinet (Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry) Chevron Wood Bench with Hairpin Legs! Reclaimed Timber Slat Desk. Use Arrow Keys ← → for Next/Previous Post, Press "R" for a Random Post This stunning and substantial desk is handcrafted from slats of pine salvaged from old doors. An inset glass top provides a smooth surface, and three drawers are hidden behind the door on the right. 5 recettes pour l’entretien du bois avec des produits naturels.

FREE Downloads on Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques & Advice. Are you new to woodworking and looking for FREE tips, plans, ideas & more? Look no further! Popular Woodworking Magazine has hand-selected some of the greatest guides to getting started and even advancing your woodworking skills! Wooden Furniture Design There really is an easy way to learn how to design wood furniture. You simply do not need to reinvent the wheel (or the chair) to learn how to design furniture. Ma passion du bois. Nouveau manuel complet de la sculpture sur bois ; suivi de l'art de découper et de denteler les bois, et les procédés mécaniques au moyen desquels on exécute la sculpture par compression, la gravure par le feu / par M. S. Lacombe.