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The Tech-FAQ
Tech-FAQ is a comprehensive resource of information about technology. It is built by people who believe in technology and its transformative powers to help you efficiently use technology to achieve your goals, and as a result improve your life. We have created over four thousand pages of unique and compelling content about the ever progressing technology that makes our world great. We hope that you enjoy them and that they make a positive impact on your life.

Céu: a high-level programming language that runs on Arduino The link you provided gives a very similar example to mine and "assumes the do_something() execution time is well below the system tick period and that my_thread() is not preempted": An obvious solution is to write something like this: msg_t my_thread(void *param) { while (TRUE) { do_something(); chThdSleepMilliseconds(1000); /* Fixed interval.*/ }} This example works well assuming that the do_something() execution time is well below the system tick period and that my_thread() is not preempted by other threads that could insert long intervals.If the above conditions are not satisfied you may have do_something() executed at irregular intervals, for example: Also note that the error increases over time and this kind of behavior can lead to anomalies really hard to debug.

Accessing Movielink and CinemaNow from outside the USA Two websites, Movielink and CinemaNow, have begun selling major Hollywood DVD releases online as Windows Media Player downloads. In the past, both companies only had a limited selection of mainly independent films, b-movies, and documentaries. The problem for users outside the US is that both services are restricted to US residents only. Until that situation changes, and Hollywood finally wakes up to the idea that they should release movies simultaneously worldwide, the rest of the world is out of luck. Or are they? PortForward 9 of the Best Free Java Books Java is a general-purpose, concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, high-level programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is related in some ways to C and C++, in particular with regard to its syntax, and borrows a few ideas from other languages. Java is designed to be simple enough that many programmers can quickly become proficient in the language. It is one of the most popular programming languages in use, especially for client-server web applications. Custom Sensor Solutions, Inc. - Operational Amplifiers Simplified How Operational Amplifiers Work The operational amplifier (or 'op amp') is a critical component in any apparatus for doing electrochemistry. There are many references to op amps out there, but here, we're going to concentrate only on those features that are important to electrochemical applications.

wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions Poll: What Microcontroller Boards Do You Use? - Posted by Jeremy Cook on July 2, 2013 Loading ... These microcontroller packages and/or processors are all hobby-level items, so I didn’t include PLCs. AlphaComputational Knowledge Engine CrossPack - A Development Environment for Atmel’s AVR Microcontrollers CrossPack is a development environment for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers running on Apple’s Mac OS X, similar to AVR Studio on Windows. It consists of the GNU compiler suite, a C library for the AVR, the AVRDUDE uploader and several other useful tools. Features Does not depend on Xcode for building AVR code.

Lessons In Electric Circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics Copyright (C) 2000-2015, Tony R. Kuphaldt In the beginning, there are breadboard prototypes. An examples looks as below: Breadboard wiring is often done with so called "jumper wires". Jumper wires can be as simple as simple wires. Jumpe wires often come with headers, and for breadboards, wires with male type headers often make sense.

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit Theory and Principle For measuring accurately any electrical resistanceWheatstone bridge is widely used. There are two known resistors, one variable resistor and one unknown resistor connected in bridge form as shown below. By adjusting the variable resistor the current through the Galvanometer is made zero. When the current through the galvanometer becomes zero, the ratio of two known resistors is exactly equal to the ratio of adjusted value of variable resistance and the value of unknown resistance. In this way the value of unknown electrical resistance can easily be measured by using a Wheatstone Bridge.