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Intricate Patterns in Illustrator

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Chromafiltre Le Chromafiltre est un outil Flash1 vous permettant de choisir et d'accorder visuellement des couleurs. La roue chromatique utilisée par l'auteur, Olivier de Brito, a l'originalité d'être basée sur les trois couleurs primaires classiques des peintres, à savoir le rouge, le jaune et le bleu. Deux sections sont disponibles en bas de l'outil: le Cercle: choisissez jusqu'à trois couleurs, accordez-les à votre guise, puis récupérez les codes HTML correspondants. les Gammes: près de 140 accords de couleurs prêts à l'emploi, que vous pouvez obtenir en choisissant conjointement un effet (de "puissante" à "sobre") et un type d'accord (de "analogue" à "contrastée"). La présence de la roue chromatique ainsi que les textes explicatifs pour chaque gamme en font un outil didactique appréciable. <p>Olivier de Brito</p> pour toute suggestion. 1 : Pour pouvoir utiliser l'outil, vous pouvez vous procurer le plug-in Flash ici: Player Flash par Macromedia

CSS Tab Designer « OverZone Software CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required! 100% WYSIWYG Instant built-in preview Beautiful Menus Designed by famous web designers Fast & Clean Self Contained. Doesn't install any DLL or ActiveX 100% Clean No Spyware, no trojan 100% Free Even for commercial websites. No Strings attached! Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2008 / Windows 7 Create a Personalized Toolkit for Making Maps There's no need to reinvent the wheel every time you draw a map. With Illustrator, you can set up your own map-making toolkit, full of the styles, symbols and other elements you use every time. Having all of these things in one place which will ensure accuracy, consistency and readability, three of the most important qualities of an informational graphic. Final Image Preview You can find the source files in the directory labeled 'source' that came in the files that you downloaded. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Illustrator CS+Difficulty: IntermediateEstimated Completion Time: 1.5 hours NOTE: This tutorial is arranged in "steps" but they are not necessarily sequential. Step 1 — Color and Patterns Decide on a color palette for each type of element in a map. A newspaper or magazine will have its own color palette that all designers must adhere to. Pattern swatches can also be used to define areas such as wetlands, reefs, or any other feature that needs special distinction. Step 2 — Roads

Create a Clean Blog Theme in Photoshop | Tutorials Want to design your own site? It’s not too difficult to learn, though like most things, it does have a learning curve. Where many people seem to get tripped up is in specific solutions to specific problems. Fortunately there’s a good chance that someone before you has already had the same problem and even better has found a solution. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a Clean Blog theme in Photoshop also i will show some of technique that may help you to create more themes in the future, we usually create one page “Home Page”, but in this tutorial we are going to create two page “Home Page” and “Content Page”, Grab your coffee and let’s get started and see how to prepare a clean and sleek blog theme by yourself. Final Result Let’s see what you will be creating in this tutorial. Resource Details Social Network Icon: Komodomedia Create a Clean Blog theme in Photoshop Step 1 Create a new document using Photoshop with the following dimensions: 1400 X 3000 Pixel. Step 2 Step 3

Road Maps This post was originally published in 2007 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Sooner or later every designer comes across the exciting job of producing a map, whether it’s on a leaflet or website the overall aim is to visually document a particular area of land to allow for people to find their way to a place of business or event. An important factor is the amount of detail required for the map, for most situations the map should be basic enough to provide a recognisable road structure without too much intricate detailing. As you will have seen on existing maps, the use of graphics and colours are important to distinguish between different types of road, this tutorial will cover the process of using Illustrator brushes to create a map of a small road network. The finished map graphic needs to be crisp and clear which is why the map will be created in vector format in Illustrator. Select both of your strokes and click the 'New Brush' icon in the brushes window.

Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of applications for people who are, lets see….creative? Yes. Its a whole suite of applications that can be used to edit, enhance, beautify photos, create vector art, create vector animation, desktop publishing, website design, video editing, DVD menu designs and so on. Sounds like tasks you can or want to do? Did I hear you asking about the cost? Fear not because here is a compiled list of software that will not only allow you to do all the above mentioned work but it also costs less. So here I present the open source alternatives to the popular Creative Suite applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader ==> Sumatra PDF Sumatra PDF aims to create a small, simple and fast PDF viewer. Adobe Acrobat ==> PDFCreator No I didn’t write this twice by mistake. PDFCreator is an open source printer driver that creates PDF documents. Adobe Photoshop ==> Paint.NET Paint.NET is a bitmap drawing and editing application. Adobe Dreamweaver ==> Kompozer Adobe Flash ==> Synfig

A Huge Compilation of 80 Free Illustrator Brush Sets - Noupe Design Blog Apr 20 2011 Adobe Illustrator is an indispensable designing tool but at the same time very difficult to master. Having a high quality set of Illustrator brushes always come in handy and always make the designers work a bit easier. Here we have amassed a great collection of specially selected Adobe Illustrator brushes that you can hardly find anywhere else. Brushes Below Romantic bordersThis set brings the feeling of romance to your design. Floral and Veins BrushesExceptional collection of floral and vein style brushes that should be on every AI junkie’s radar. Smoke – illustrator brush packAn amazing brush pack of Smoke like brushes, well suited for backgrounds and any elements that require smoke, steam, or mist. Chalk Illustrator brushesA great selection of Illustrator brushes which can be used for anything from vector painting to adding subtle vector textures. WOODCUTS: AI flourish packNew AI brush pack based on wood cut flourishes that are a delight for any designer.

Inkscape. Draw Freely. Cartoonify Yourself Tutorial Adobe illustrator CS4: How to Make Cartoon Avatar You can embed this video on your blog or web page by copying the video embed code above and pasting it into the source code of your page. Adjust the width and height to specify the size you would like it to display. Cartoonify Yourself Tutorial Adobe illustrator CS4: How to Make Cartoon AvatarEmbed Source - Date - Dec 14, 2009 Author - Adam Khoury Cartoonify Yourself Tutorial Adobe illustrator CS4: How to Make Cartoon Avatar Learn how to simply and easily create cartoon versions of any images you want to apply the effects to.