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Bikejumbles. Michael steele photographer » Portfolio. The Bicycle Info Project. First look at the new Garmin Edge 1000. (Please Note: My Full In-Depth Review is now available and published here!)

First look at the new Garmin Edge 1000

Today, Garmin announced their latest cycling unit – the Garmin Edge 1000. Unlike some expectations however, the Edge 1000 doesn’t directly replace the 15-month old Edge 810, but rather, is meant to serve as a higher-end tier than the Edge 810 – given its price point of $599. The unit adopts a new larger and higher resolution screen, first seen in other Garmin products over the past few months, as well as packs in communication technologies such as WiFi and full Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. Finally, on the pure cycling side, it adds in integration with Shimano Di2 shifting while also incorporating many of the features of the Garmin Touring from mapping to automated route generation. Before we get into the details, note that I’ve had very limited time with the unit, essentially enough to walk through some of the functions for an hour or so by myself, but was not able to go out for a ride yet. Major features: Weather Bagel - Weather tracking for sports people.

Casa d'oro porto. The Primary Muscles Used for Cycling and How to Train Them. Every sport has its own set of primary muscles responsible for the majority of work of the sports specific motion.

The Primary Muscles Used for Cycling and How to Train Them

Primary muscles, or movers, are the first muscles called upon when there is a need for increased speed or force. For a cyclist, these muscles are located in the hips and legs. Sometimes referred to as pistons, the legs, revolving at 80 to 100 reps per minute, are what’s responsible for producing power and speed. The Power of the Pedal Stroke For a road cyclist pedaling while in the saddle, most of the power happens between the 12 o’clock and 5 o’clock position of the pedal stroke.

Syncro Tips and Tricks ~ tears for gears. I've had a few people email me looking for some insight on setting up Syncro shifters.

Syncro Tips and Tricks ~ tears for gears

I don't claim to be all knowing on the subject, but I have had some success based on info I've read, as well as a couple of tricks I've picked up. Syncro Syncro2 First things first. The first thing you MUST do is consult the tables provided by Campagnolo with regards to what combinations of freewheel, chain, dérailleur and shift collar work together. Yes -- the different colors of collars can be hard to find. Bike rental in Lanzarote - Papagayo Bike Lanzarote. Velo-Retro: Campagnolo Timeline. The Original CAMPAGNOLO Timeline A history of Campagnolo from 1901 to 1987.

Velo-Retro: Campagnolo Timeline

Updated: 10/16/2014 1901August 26th, Gentullio (Tullio) Campagnolo is born to Valentino Campagnolo and Elisa Paiusco in Vicenza. 1922Tullio Campagnolo begins his amateur racing career (with Veloce Club Vicenza on a Cicli Aliprandi) that lasts until 1930. 1927November 11th, Tullio Campagnolo's frozen hands can't loosen the wingnuts of his wheel to flip it over to a different sprocket during the Gran Premio della Vittoria race across snowy Croce d'Aune Pass (he finishes fourth).

L'EROICA Home Page. Vintage Bicycle Parts : Bottom Brackets. TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 1980 SB4059 Build Specification « My TI Raleigh SB4059. TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 1980 SB4059 Build Specification Posted on I’ve just realised that I have never detailed the build of this bike.

TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 1980 SB4059 Build Specification « My TI Raleigh SB4059

I tried my best to recreate a build specification that was sent by Gerald O’Donovan to a customer in 1982. As my bike was built in 1980, there are a couple of items that don’t exactly match. There are also a couple of small differences due to the age and growing rarity of components. L'EROICA Home Page. L'EROICA REGULATION. PEZ Rides: De Rosa "Barloworld" King Xlight - PezCycling News. When I first mentioned at my local bike shop that I was doing a road test on a Team Barloworld De Rosa King Xlight and meet the great Ugo De Rosa himself, the instant reaction was that I was getting in “cycling terms” an audience with the Pope.

PEZ Rides: De Rosa "Barloworld" King Xlight - PezCycling News

As I pulled up at the entrance of the De Rosa factory just north of Milan, I could have been entering the Vatican itself, for this is one of the most hallowed names in the world of bike building. I was here to pick up a Team Barloworld King Xlight Team replica (assembled to my spec!) For our test over the next couple of weeks, culminating in a trip down to San Remo to ride “the Tre Capi” the final climbs of the spring classic. L'EROICA REGULATION. L'Eroica Britannia. The best of Cinelli, shipped worldwide - Winged Store. Bottom Bracket Overview - Bicycle Parts at discount prices / the Buyer's Guide / Bicycle Parts at their finest! / Professional Bicycle Source / Bike Pro. There are only a few parts on a bicycle where bearing friction develops and the parts wear out.

Bottom Bracket Overview - Bicycle Parts at discount prices / the Buyer's Guide / Bicycle Parts at their finest! / Professional Bicycle Source / Bike Pro

They are headsets, bottom brackets, pedal bearings, hubs, chains, and to a lesser degree rear derailleurs. Each time they wear presents an opportunity to upgrade. In general, it's best to get the finest bearing parts you can afford to buy, so you get the longest product life. Bottom bracket spindles provide the cone races for bottom bracket bearings and are made in three ways; forging only, forging and polishing, and machining from billet. The least expensive way is merely to forge the spindle. The forging and polishing type of spindle is, in color, either Black with Silver in the bearing surface areas or all Silver (possibly nickel or chrome plated).

Billet machining is the process of taking a single piece of the metal and removing pieces of the metal (machining) until you are left with the shape you want. Bikes & Frames. Pinarello Montello Cromonero Pinarello Montello SLX road bike, Cromonero paint, pantographed Super Record groupset.

Bikes & Frames

The Rules. We are the Keepers of the Cog.

The Rules

In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list. Chapter12.pdf. Campy headset stack height. Colnago features to assist dating 1960s-1970s. "Outlined below is the most comprehensive (to date) Colnago Super timeline beginning in ~1969 and going up through the mid/late 1970s.

Colnago features to assist dating 1960s-1970s

There are still numerous blanks and some conflicting thoughts - all are presented below. I've done the best I could based on all the snippets of info provided so please, no flames if you disagree or if I got something wrong; a simple note to me with your info will get it added/included to the info below. I will update the list and send out as appropriate. Also, do keep in mind that "dates" are subject to variation, no one believes that Colnago made these changes on January 1st of each new year and therefore use them as a guide to the year of manufacture or availability.

" "A few CR members have wrote to advise that the standard production bikes were fairly consistent but that Colnago frames could be special-ordered at any time and thus could include any number of details that might seem atypical... graphics, custom paint, chrome, etc. " Eroica Cicli. Blog|For sale|Gallery|Terms & Conditions|Contact & Links|Privacy Policy. Home. Performance parts specialists.

Speedbicycles. Speedbicycles. No. 466 Cilo Hugo Koblet Switzerland, 1952 Professional road bike from Cilo. Type HUGO KOBLET with Reynolds 531/Nervex framework #55459 finished in Cilo team green. Equipped with 2nd Campagnolo Gran Sport, Stronglight/Simplex crankset, Weimann 730/500 brakes. 5-speed freewheel. The Hugo Koblet model based on the Champion du Monde type but with bar end shifting like Hugo preferred to use. Very original condition with signs of use and age. Cunningham Cycles ~ Le Soir Classique Encore. Posted on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 11:01 pm (PST) Hope all had a good New Year and that adequate libations were ingested and that ALL rode their bikes on NYD just because you had to.

Anyways, likes I wuz sayin’ about those lovely bikes in Fritz collection, another very rare piece is a 1983 Pinarello Prestige we had ordered for a special customer. Our fortunate working relationship with Pinarello allowed us to bring in this lovely custom geometry (try that now) example with a Campag 50th group, resplendent with 24K gold plated forks and stays and jet black paint. Some of the original parts have been changed but it was great to see it emerge in this collection. Giovanni Pinarello was always so accommodating and the bike came exactly as ordered and flawlessly finished. Of all the bikes we sold at my old shop the one that remains (to my mind at least) the absolute coolest was a very special Colnago.

Progetto Pista Vintage: Saronni Tipo Giro d'Italia (by Colnago) frame kit for sale. SARONNI TIPO GIRO D'ITALIA (by Colnago) FRAME AND FORK EUR 300.- Seat tube length (centre - top) = 57 cm Top tube length (centre - centre) = 555 mm Price excl. postage. Mailing list archives. © 2009 SPEEDBICYCLES.COM. MATRIM Smart repair specialists. Bumper scuffs Scratches Plastic repairs Dashboards Burn repairs Leather repairs Window tinting Wheel refurbishing Door panels. Ciocc - Difficult Name, Great Bikes. I was recently reading a thread about converting vintage bicycles into fixed gear bikes on one of the vintage bike forums. Campagnolo Tips and Trivia. Cunningham Cycles ~ Le Soir Classique Encore. Pics/bike/Catalogs/ Buy Road Bikes & Parts at Ribble Cycles. Peloton. Garmin Connect - Upload, Analyze and Explore Running, Cycling and Outdoor Activities. Track Wheels, Frames & Bikes. Highonbikes. Track Wheels, Frames & Bikes.

Trofeo Città di Loano - Area Stampa. The Bicycle Info Project. ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL: Columbus Steel, Tubing for Frame Building. My latest project was a frame built with Columbus EL-OS (Over Size) steel tubing. Columbus steel tubing has long been the preferred steel tubeset for Italian framemakers. Bikes - Planet X Bikes. Retrospective Cycles. Retro bikes. Revelo. The place for bikes. Miselanea. Campagnolo Record Bottom Brackets. The official Campagnolo web site - Bicycle Parts and Components Cycling. Bridgwater Cycling Club - Somerset Cycling Group Website Home. The Rules. L%27Eroica-2012.

Rapha. VINTAGE ROSSIN ARCHIVE. Retrobike. Colnago Saronni. The official Campagnolo web site - Bicycle Parts and Components Cycling. CBT_Italia bike at VR 03. Daccordi bicycles. Fixie a l' atelier des vélos. Vintage F.MOSER LEADER Road Racing Bike Campagnolo Italian lightweight classic. Please read the full listing. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. You will enter a binding contract. Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation. Ray Dobbins Bike Photo Gallery. Battaglin racing bikes - online bikes shop - bici da corsa made in italy, vendita diretta bici. Manufacture of bicycle frames and forks Tommasini Bicycles. Campyoldy - Campagnolo parts and accessories for 'vintage' cycles. Colnago, main. Ernesto Colnago confirms the oldest known Colnago bicycle This is an Ernesto Colnago track bike from the period 1957/1958.

Campagnolo. Classic Lightweights. Hilary Stone The site for Classic and Vintage bicycles and their parts. Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary N-O. Road Bike, Cycling Forums. Vintage Lightweight Pricing Guide Geminiani to Motobecane. Vintage Bicycle Parts at Vintage Lightweight Pricing Guide Atala to Fuji. Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Gear Calculator. Building a Bicycle Wheel. If it's Old School, It's in. Renovation Price List - Argos Racing Cycles. Eroica Cicli, Italian vintage bicycles. The Veteran Cycle Club (V-CC) home page. Universal Cycle Centre. Delta Brakes. Lightweight Classic Vintage bicycles. Cycle Products at Wiggle. Controltech Bike. Distributors. Literacy. Vintage Lightweight Pricing Guide Olmo to Zeus.