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Outside-In vs. Inside-Out Thinking. Joseph Ruiz sur Twitter : "@AviLambert exactly - most important is the mindset - focus on customer experience #bizheroes"... 10 things companies with loyal customers do. Customer Centricity Slogan or Experience? 5 Traits of Customer-Focused Companies. How do you personally define a customer-focused company?

5 Traits of Customer-Focused Companies

I’m not talking about a company that claims to be customer-focused but one that genuinely obsesses over improving their customer experience. Year after year, we hear of companies of all sizes wanting to focus more on their customer experience. While some actually use the appropriate resources to be more connected to their customers, others continue to give lip-service to it.

After all, it’s very easy to say you are customer-focused when, in reality, you’re not. For nearly a decade, I’ve studied the operations of companies across dozens of industries to make sense of it all. The CEO is the Flag Bearer. What’s Wrong With Customer Experience Strategy. Three guidelines for a great customer experience - Customer Analytics. In the Social Age: Customer Experience Must Come First. Guest Post by Ted Coiné “If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is.”

In the Social Age: Customer Experience Must Come First

—Jan Carlzon When Jan Carlzon, former CEO of SAS, said those words, social hadn’t been invented yet. In fact, most of us had never heard of the Internet then. But the sentiment behind those words has never been truer than in the Social Age. Why Online Retailers Are Starting to Care About Your Feelings. This is for the Digital Business Model insight center When I was growing up in suburban Cleveland, the mall was everything.

Why Online Retailers Are Starting to Care About Your Feelings

It was where I hung out with friends, earned my first paycheck, and exercised my newfound independence. 2015 Customer Experience Trends and Tips. What Customer Service is All About. The concept of “great customer service” has become an industry in and of itself.

What Customer Service is All About

Nordstroms, Zappos, and Southwest Airlines have all built their brands on providing great customer service. There are hundreds of books and thousands of blog posts written on the subject. And, there are even companies that will train your organization on how to provide the best customer experience. But, at the end of the day, customer service is based on good ol’ common sense. It’s about being helpful and nice to your customers. How to Build an Instant Social Media Following For Your Company. This post was originally published by HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes on the LinkedIn Influencer blog.

How to Build an Instant Social Media Following For Your Company

Follow Ryan on LinkedIn: Social media can impact how and where we spend our money. More than three-quarters of US consumers, for instance, report that their friends’ social messages directly influence their buying decisions. The Top 10 Countries With the Best Customer Service : Total Customer. Traditionally we associate good customer service with the United States.

The Top 10 Countries With the Best Customer Service : Total Customer

They champion loyalty, high standards, and good service at establishments. However, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, there’s been a slide in just how happy American consumers are with the service they receive when shopping. It’s a point four per cent slide in six months, dropping from 76.6 in Q4 2013, to 76.2 in Q1 2014. And while that may not sound like much, it’s actually the largest drop in the twenty years hat ACSI has been monitoring American customers. Google Search Update Gives a Boost to Local Businesses.

A new update to the search engine has improved page rankings for local business owners.

Google Search Update Gives a Boost to Local Businesses

August 14, 2014 If you own a local business, your Google search ranking might be improving. Google has apparently refined its search-engine algorithms in recent months, and, in the process, given local businesses a higher Google page ranking. Dubbed the “Pigeon update” by SEO experts, the latest changes particularly favor local businesses that use Google marketing tools and business listings, such as Google+ and Google My Business. Why Should I Care About Customer Experience Marketing?

Source: 1st Financial Training There are three ways to grow your business: 1.

Why Should I Care About Customer Experience Marketing?

Get more customers 2. Sell more to existing customers 3. Focus traditionally has been getting new customers in the door. unfortunately it’s a revolving one. 7 Ways A Customer Journey Map Can Improve the SoLoMo Experience. Improving customer experience to increase sales... Meet Generation C: The Connected Customer. InShare976 Marketers, educators, parents, it seems that almost anyone in the Generation X or Boomer demographic is scratching their heads trying to figure out Generation Y aka the Millennial. After all, it’s the first generation to seemingly possess digital prowess as part of their DNA. And, it’s the first generation to receive both a birth certificate and a social profile or presence upon delivery into this world.

A study published in 2011 by security company AVG and Research Now surveyed 2,200 mothers from around the world and found that 81% of children under the age of two currently have some type of digital footprint. 92% of U.S. children have an online presence created for them by the time they are 2 years old. In many cases, a digital presence is born before the child, with sonograms (23%) actively published and shared on social networks and blogs. With every day that passes, Gen Y becomes far more important to the economy than we can realize. HOW TO: Use Social Media to Create Better Customer Experiences. Maria Ogneva is the director of social media at Nimble, a social relationship management solution that transforms your entire community into business opportunity by leveraging the best of customer relationship management, social media and communication tools.

HOW TO: Use Social Media to Create Better Customer Experiences

You can follow her on Twitter at @themaria or @nimble, or find her musings on the company blog and her personal blog. It’s no secret that customer experience is one of the cornerstones of an effective business strategy. In all honesty, it should have been all along, but many companies chose to hide behind corporate walls and only talk to customers when it was convenient for them instead of when the customer needed them. Redefining Customer Experience: CRM, VRM and “Disruptive Technologies.”

Last Thursday morning, Bruce Kasanoff and I did a webinar for CustomerThink’s Thought Leadership Webinar series titled “Disruptive Technologies vs.

Redefining Customer Experience: CRM, VRM and “Disruptive Technologies.”

Customer Experience: What You Must Do Now to Prepare.” The impetus for this webinar was a series of ever more engaging conversations Bruce and I have had over the last few months on the future of customer experience. It’s no secret that the ways customers interact with, and gather information about, companies is changing. Businesses or consumers, they demand more…and get it from more places than ever. But Bruce and I believe that our world is at the early stages of yet another shift in technology, where innovations and the disruptive forces they unleash are going to affect almost every industry (and most businesses), if they haven’t been affected already.

Yet as significant as these changes are, the real story is how control of the customer relationship is shifting from companies to customers. How Zappos makes social media a part of its company culture. This post was written by SmartBrief technology editor Susan Rush. When it comes to social media, just gets it. Social media is not just a business strategy, it should be part of the culture, said Zappos’ Thomas Knoll during the “Social Media in Action: Philosophies, Strategies and Tactics That Consistently Win” panel discussion at the International Consumer Electronics Show on Friday.

12 Customer Experience Trends for 2011. The Cost of a Negative Customer Experience. A friend of mine recently bought a new car. In itself, this isn’t noteworthy since we all have friends who have bought new cars. The interesting thing is the large difference in customer experience he had throughout the process. (To protect the guilty, I’ve used generic names, but if you’re interested, write me a note directly and I’ll let you know who the offending Lexus dealer was.) Dealer #1. Good People Aren’t Good Enough.

Don’t miss the point… subscribe here. Social Media vs Institutions ? George Benckenstein ? Interactive Marketing Strategist.