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Touring sites. Future - Can you really get fit in 60 seconds? It’s called 'High Intensity Interval Training', and it can supposedly do wonders for your health – all with just a few minutes per week.

Future - Can you really get fit in 60 seconds?

BBC presenter and doctor Michael Mosley was sceptical, but as he discovered when he tried the exercise for himself, there’s scientific evidence that supports it – so long as you do it right. Watch the technique in the video above. (Needless to say, you should always consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your lifestyle.) This is an original short video co-commissioned with Britlab. For more great Britlab stories, visit their youtube channel.

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EV6. Mapping. Gusset, Chute Disc Brake from only £35.99. Free UK Delivery. Bikerumor - All the best cycling news, tech, rumors and reviews. Tektro Lyra Mech Disc Brake. Stock Levels & Dispatch Dates All products on our website show an estimated dispatch day – Please note that this is an estimate only.

Tektro Lyra Mech Disc Brake

The estimated dispatch day depends on whether the item is in stock in our warehouse or if it has to be ordered from our suppliers. Before 3.30pm, a dispatch day of “Today” means that the item is in stock here and it will normally be dispatched that same (working) day. After 3.30pm, the estimated dispatch day will automatically change to the following working day. We place daily orders with most suppliers and normally receive shipments the following working day (possibly a day later in busy periods). Our website calculates the rolling delivery time to us for each product and the estimated dispatch day is calculated on this basis.

Overseas Orders We do accept orders from overseas (except USA** below) and in most cases, payment can be accepted by credit card, debit card or PayPal. **USA. Shipping and Handling. Composants vélo cycle plateaux, cassettes, bidons, visserie pour Route et VTT - Spécialités TA - Bienvenue. Unsupported Handlebar-Mounted Bags. I get a lot of reader questions about front bags, and particularly about whether I've found a good way to carry a bag on the handlebars without using additional support.

Unsupported Handlebar-Mounted Bags

Short answer: In my experience, it depends on the bike, on how much weight is being carried, and on how the bag is attached to the bars. These factors interact with varied results. On roadbikes, I have tried carrying unsupported loads on the handlebars using several methods. Bags attached with straps are appealing, because they do not require permanent hardware installation. However, on longer and/or faster rides I find it difficult to keep them from sliding along the handlebars, no matter how tight the straps and how light the load.

The KlickFix adapter is mounted on the handlebars and remains there when the bag is detached. Of course, it is not clear whether having the weight lower and supported by a rear rack would make any difference on the specific bike I rode. Cane Creek 110 Integrated Headset : Bikes. Acros AH-114 Principia - Balfa UK. Sugoi RS Rain Glove. Tubus Cosmo Rear Rack. 3 years, 6 months ago 0points 0out of 0found this question helpful.

Tubus Cosmo Rear Rack

Was this helpful? Answers Answer: What do you mean by a 29" wheel? 1 year, 7 months ago by Risca, Gwent Additional information about TimmF could not be loaded. -1point 0out of 1found this answer helpful. Was this helpful? Top 500 Contributor A 29" MTB wheel is the same size as a 700c (aka 28") road wheel, which is the standard size. So to answer your question, yes this should fit fine on most 29" wheel mountain bikes as the rack has plenty of clearance over the wheel, even with a mudguard - Just fitted one of these onto my Orbea AOS 700c urban bike with fat 35mm tires the other day so I know this from direct experience.

Be aware though you may have fitting issues if you have disc brakes or no mounting points. See here for more info about wheel sizes and the confusion regarding the term 29" wheel. 2 years, 7 months ago. Showers Pass Roadie Pant. Ride Features Reflective Water resistant Windproof Ride Style City Road Touring Trail.

Showers Pass Roadie Pant

Wet weather cycle clothing and gear. Wet weather cyclist (copyright Jamie In Bytown) We're in the midst of the worst storm in 20 years according to news reports, so riding in the rain looks inevitable for the foreseeable future.

Wet weather cycle clothing and gear

Few cyclists take pleasure from riding in the rain, but if you're commuting on a daily basis, or just keen to stick to a training schedule to prepare for the summer, you're going to have to face the rain. Fortunately there are lots of very good rain-specific cycling products available these days, from waterproof jackets. to mudguards and overshoes. We've rounded up some of the best wet weather clothing and gear that will hopefully make riding in the rain a little less unpleasant. Waterproof jacket It goes without saying really, but a good waterproof jacket should be an investment no serious cyclists turns their nose up to. Dhb's Minima S Waterproof Jacket is ideally suited to prolonged rides in heavy rain Mudguards The mudguards you can fit depends on your bike.

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