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Single speed project

Crankset - Expected chainline from 103 mm bottom bracket to 107 mm bottom bracket? - Bicycles Stack Exchange. Morvelo jersey. New! Drag and drop to rearrange your apps. Sign in to try it. MoreEven more from Google Sign in Screen-reader users, click here to turn off Google Instant. Web Shopping Images Maps Videos More News Books Flights Apps Search tools Any country Any time All results Search near… About 60,900 results Cookies help us deliver our services. Learn more Got it Sponsored Shop for morvelo jersey on Google Morvelo Cacciatore ... Victor & Liberty Morvelo Cacciatore Jersey Size: Large, Colour: Pink/white Free UK Delivery On All Orders.

Century Training Goals: Cycling Tips. Eight Week Training Plan to Ride a Century The 100-mile Goal A 100-mile ride is a milestone nearly every cyclist strives to reach. The roadblock for most of us is finding the time to prepare. With only so many hours in the day, most of which we spend working and sleeping, ride time is limited. This eight-week plan will have any determined cyclist ready to hit 100 with just three rides per week: one long, one steady and one speedy.

LONG RIDE: THE MEAT In your first week, you'll want to ride 1.5 to 2 hours, or about 20 miles, and build from there. STEADY RIDE: THE BREAD AND BUTTER During these rides, aim for two to four longer efforts (15 to 30 minutes in length; 15 minutes easy pedaling in between) that increase your breathing and elevate your heart rate to around 80 to 85 percent of your MHR. SPEED RIDE: THE SECRET SAUCE Distance riders often skip speed work because they think they need volume, not intensity, to go long. Go Faster Meal Plan & Healthy Recipes. Meal Plan Bicycling's Go Faster Eating Plan Mix and match these meals and snacks to build unlimited options Each day of the GO FASTER Eating Plan, formulated by Anne Guzman, sports-nutrition consultant for Peaks Coaching Group, provides 2,000 to 2,500 calories. You'll dig into 500-calorie breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and stoke your engine between meals with energizing 250-calorie snacks.

You'll also find delicious on-bike snacks to fuel your rides. Choose from the following options to design your own daily meals (or use the weeklong calendar as a starting point) and consult our recipe guide for ingredients and step-by-step cooking directions. Breakfast Recipes Lunch Recipes Dinner Recipes Snack Recipes Preride Snack for Hard Days (30 minutes preride): 1 banana drizzled with 1 teaspoon honey Endurance Rides (90 minutes or longer): Aim for a total of 70 grams of carbohydrate per hour (280 calories) in the form of a 5 to 8 percent electrolyte sports drink and food. What Should I Eat Before A Race? Quite often I get the question “what should I eat before a race?”

In my inbox. This used to be one of my biggest questions as well. This is a reminder of how confusing the topic of nutrition can be and I’m guessing that many more people have the same question. I’m not a nutritionist, but I can offer some basic tips from what I’ve learned over the years. If there are any nutrition buffs out there reading I welcome you to add to what I’ve suggested below for this reader’s question. Dear CyclingTips,I am going to run/ride in the Xterra Duathalon late August and had a few questions for you.I am not exactly “training” for it, but I am extending my daily commute to work and back so that it takes me up to 1 hour some days, then when I get home I go for a 30 minute run.

Here’s a good article written by Monique Ryan for some good meal examples and timetables leading up to a big race. If you want to see it how the TdF riders did it in the early 60′s, watch from 3:30 onwards of this video. Richard Elliott's Blogspot: Are cheap chinese carbon frames worth the gamble? After four years and more than twenty thousand miles of cycling, I have decided to retire my trusty Trek 1.7. It has served me well, and will continue to trundle me through Warwickshire when the weather is sufficiently crap. But for sunnier and grander occasions, I want a bike that rides like it's just stolen something (lawsuit pending from Lance's soundbite department ... hopefully he's too busy).I've spoken to a number of cyclists over the years who wax lyrical about their bike collections.

When I started riding, the thought of having more than one bike seemed overly extravagent. But after seeing the pride of my fleet (of one) take on the british weather, all year round, I started to think seriously about getting another bike.Eventually I got a Charge Plug (fixie) for riding to work. I am unable to move at present but Mrs M has perched the laptop on my chest so I can have a look though the web for some bits for you. My frame only goes to a 58 maximum. Road Frame : bike MALL. FM028, 60CM, None ISP, SRAM Rival/Force, My Carbon Fibre Has Taken Its Maiden Voyage | Cycle Of Life - Fix You. Today I rode, for the first time, My New Carbon Fibre bike. Looking at the tech sheet/ Technical drawings , you would be forgiven for thinking its a Trek Madone, but its not, its a Chinese Madone, or as I like to call it, a Chi-Done :-) Since I started to cycle I always wanted a Carbon bike, but , put simply, I was too darn fat. I’m not any more, In fact I have not been for at least 6 months BUT I wanted to wait, make sure I didnt gain weight and then reward myself.

FM028 None Isp 60CM Cheap Frame Carbon With the help of a bike shop and then a good friend its now together, there are a couple of adjusters missing so its not 100% right now, but after 5 Miles today I know all I need to, lets look at some figures: Frame Inc Shipping : £325 (No Customs) Groupset SRAM Rival/Force £230 Shop Costs £40 So for less than £600 I have a brand new Carbon Bike, with pretty much the same Tech Sheet as a Madone FM028 Front Cable FM028 werneth low Like this: Like Loading... Bikes, Frames and Forks. Rapha font. Trade gothic. Homemade Carbon Fiber Bike Project. Note: If you don't like to read there are videos throughout this article. Check them out below When I first mentioned that I wanted to build a homemade scratch built carbon fiber triathlon or Time Trial bike (TT Bike), my friends looked at me like I was crazy. They’re probably right but so far it hasn't killed me yet.

And honestly, it’s a beautiful ride; smooth, light and comfortable. Of course I’m not the first that’s created a bike out of carbon fiber, but I am one of only a few that has done it out of their garage without the use of CNC machining and complex tooling methods. Materials Used The entire frame is built out of the following materials: Extruded Polystyrene 2lb per ft^3 (Owens Corning's Pink Foamular or Dow's Blue foam)6k, 11 oz Carbon Fiber- 5 Harness Satin Weave (I believe it was HexTow's AS4 carbon fiber)EZ-Poxy EZ 835 min EpoxyCotton Flox1/8" Thick Aluminum for Front Derailleur hanger A little background I know… enough talking already!

Triathlon Specific Light weight. The Jiggernaut-Bringing bicycle frame building to the masses by Mixed Media Engineering. Thanks for checking out our project! We are excited to bring you a great DIY frame building product. The Jiggernaut is an affordable bicycle frame jig that enables anyone to build a high-quality, custom bicycle. A frame jig is an essential tool for building bike frames. There are some jigs on the market today, but most are designed with the production builder in mind and are well beyond the budget of the average person that just wants get started in bicycle building. We didn’t want this hurdle to stand in the way any longer. We have designed and built a high-quality frame jig that is affordable to anyone wanting to try their hand at frame building. The Jiggernaut begins life as a half sheet of ¾” thick MDF and is CNC routed into an easily assembled, lightweight jig that can be packed flat for shipping.

Once unpacked, the jig is transformed into a 3D structure using the included fasteners.The jig is highly adjustable and can accommodate most types of frame geometries and tube sizes. Custom 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Bike Frame. If you’re really into cycling and are on this site, chances are that over the years you’ve at least toyed with the idea of making your own frame. There’s something truly special and deeply rewarding about riding something that you’ve built yourself, and being able to choose whatever custom geometry and extras that you want only adds to the appeal.

At that point you probably looked at everything that you needed to do to make a bike. And that’s when things start to get daunting. Before you’ve even thought of the bike, you need to think about the jig. Fabricating a jig with basic versatility and functionality for framebuilding takes time and patience, and the raw materials costs are at least $200 [Instructable example!].

Rapid-prototyping has pushed the costs of pre-made bike jigs from $1000s down to $300 or so [such as the Jiggernaut], but if you don’t know how many frames you really want to make, it’s still money that you aren’t putting towards your first frame. Bicycle Design - The blog about industrial design in the bike industry. How I Made a Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite Bike in my Garage, by Damon Rinard. Design | Tooling | Tools and Workspace | Making the Foam Core | Materials | General Layup | Non-Standard Layups | Secondary Operations | Finishing | Proof Testing | Road Testing | Overload! | The New Beam | Sources A) Geometry. I chose geometry that I knew I would like, based on bikes I've ridden. (For more information about how to choose frame geometry, see framebuild.htm.) This bike is a normal road bike: 59cm seat tube, 57cm top tube, average bottom bracket height, etc. To begin the full scale drawing, I plotted only the points required to hold the seat post, rear wheel, fork, etc.

I did not draw any frame tubes yet. A) The Frame Jig. She has a Dura-Ace front derailleur and I have a Dura-Ace front derailleur, so the contour of the cage is the same for both our bikes. A) Standard tools. A) The Composite. A) Basic Shape. A) Templates. A) The Bottom Bracket. Aluminum bb shell is 1.500 inches diameter. A) Bonding. The woven carbon cloth was the last layer I laminated.