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TEFL resources and lesson ideas

TEFL resources and lesson ideas
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Learn about ENGLISH GRAMMAR and HOW TO WRITE BETTER Learning English - Home Réaliser un film avec ses élèves en utilisant les téléphones « Faire faire un film dans une classe par les élèves, cela permet d’avoir un projet, c’est très valorisant et constructif pour le groupe ». Entretien avec Benoît Labourdette. Bonjour Benoît, pourriez-vous vous présenter ? Je suis cinéaste, expert dans le domaine des écritures et de la médiation numérique et fondateur du Festival Pocket Films. Pourquoi faire faire un film dans une classe par les élèves ? Faire faire un film dans une classe par les élèves, cela permet d’avoir un projet, c’est très valorisant et constructif pour le groupe. Quels outils utiliser ? Je suggère d’utiliser les outils les plus simples qui soient. Si un enseignant se lançait dans l’aventure pour la première fois, quels conseils lui donneriez-vous ? Je lui donnerai le conseil d’être à l’écoute de ses élèves, de prendre le moins de place possible lui-même dans le projet, de ne pas donner la prééminence à l’écrit. Comment en savoir plus sur vos travaux, vos activités ?

Exercices éducatifs Forrest Gump: Lessons On ESL Lessons FORREST GUMP POSTER 1. SIX WORDS: Look at the poster and write down six words (more if you like) that you think of as you look at it. Share the words with your partner(s). Why did you choose them? 2. Forrest Gump is a 1994 (1) __________________ romance film. F_rr_st G_mp _s _ 1994 _p_c c_m_dy-dr_m_ r_m_nc_ f_lm. ForrestGumpisa1994epiccomedydramaromancefilm.Itwasbasedon the1986novelofthesamenamebyWinstonGroom.Thefilmwasdirecte dbyRobertZemeckisandstarredTomHanks.Thestoryportraysseveral decadesinthelifeofForrestGump,anaïveandslowwittednativeofAlaba ma.Thefilmshowshowhewitnesses,andinsomecaseschanges,someo fthemostimportanteventsofthelatterhalfofthe20thcentury.Onecritic lovedthefilmandwrote:"Hanks'performanceisabreathtakingbalanci ngactbetweencomedyandsadness,inastoryrichinbiglaughsandquiet truths....whatamagicalmovie." DISCUSSION (Write your own questions) Write five GOOD questions about Forrest Gump in the table. Write your own movie review. 1.

Film Education | Home FILTA - Film in Language Teaching Association For sale, baby shoes, never worn: Hemingway probably did not write the famous six-word story. Photo by AFP/Getty Images Quote Investigator is a terrific website that examines the provenance of popular quotations, which, as you may have noticed, frequently get misattributed online. On Monday, the site’s proprietor, Garson O’Toole, looked into a six-word fiction supposedly written by Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” David Haglund is a senior editor at Slate. Hemingway’s authorship of the classified ad-inspired short-short story is frequently described as a “literary legend,” which, to be fair, is a perfectly accurate way of putting it. Ernest Hemingway died in 1961, and the earliest published evidence known to QI connecting him to this tale appeared in 1991. The case for Hemingway does not get stronger from there. There was an ad in the Brooklyn “Home Talk” which read, “Baby carriage for sale, never used.” That note was reprinted in multiple newspapers. Is that 1917 article, written by one William R.

Metric Conversion charts and calculators Describe an Imaginary Place or Strange Land Summer is a season of travel, a time of sandy beaches, hypnotic sunshine, stamped tickets, and the excited laughter of children visiting out-of-the-ordinary places. Summer vacations—and the summer months—fill our minds with those moments of wonder and imagination so natural to childhood and keep us connected to our own children. But sometimes the household budget doesn’t stretch quite far enough for exotic adventures. What to do? Go anyway! Here’s how! Start with a Map Gather your family around the kitchen table with paper, pencils, pens, and an atlas. Set Your Imagination Loose It’s time to describe an imaginary place! What color is the sky? Are there trees or flowering plants? Place yourself there. What kind of person—or wonderful being—could you allow yourself to be there? Create Your World As ideas shape themselves around your kitchen table, have your children create colorful maps and illustrated “travel guides” of their visionary worlds. Enjoy your magical travels this summer!