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B2 level English language practice tests

B2 level English language practice tests
Exam English ✓ Free Practice Tests for learners of English Practice tests at B2 level The following practice tests are at B2 level: FCEAbout FCE | Reading 1 | Reading 2 | Reading 3 | Use of English 1 | Use of English 2 | Use of English 3 | Use of English 4 | Listening 1 | Listening 2 | Listening 3 | Listening 4 | Listening test | Writing test | Writing 2 | Grammar test Michigan ECCEAbout ECCE | Grammar | Reading part 1 | Reading part 2 | Reading part 3 BEC VantageBEC Vantage: Reading part 1| Reading part 2 | Reading part 3 | Reading part 4 PTE General Level 3Listening test The following are multi-level exams that encompass B2 level: TOEFL Reading: Reading 1| Reading part 1 | Reading part 2 | Reading part 3 Listening: Lecture 1 | Lecture 2 | Lecture 3 | Lecture 4 | Conversation 1 | Conversation 2 | Conversation 3 Vocab & Structure: Vocabulary test | Structure test 1 | Structure test 2 | Structure test 3 | Structure test 4TOEFL Tips | TOEFL Junior | About TOEFL © Exam English Limited

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Write a complaint letter Always try to resolve a problem with a business before seeking help from the ACCC. You can do this by speaking directly with the salesperson or manager or if this fails, by writing a complaint letter or email. When writing a complaint letter you should: Cover Letter Example - Applying for More Than One Job By Alison Doyle Updated December 10, 2014. The following is a cover letter example applying for two positions at the same company. Your NameYour AddressYour City, State, Zip CodeYour Phone NumberYour Email Date NameTitleOrganizationAddressCity, State, Zip Code

B2 Lessons - ELT Connect Stress Management Lesson – Stress Management In this lesson, students discuss ways of managing stress and then work in groups to rank stress management techniques in order of importance. Students then read and summarize a technique for their partners and deduce meaning of unknown vocabulary together to recycle later in a follow up paired writing task. Teachers Notes – Stress Management When to Use 'Have Got' Is have got acceptable English grammar? When can you use have or have got in English? In this post, I answer these questions and more! I explain when you can use have or have got, the correct form of have got (hint: “Does she have got?”

Using the Passive Voice This Everyday Grammar is all about the passive voice. The passive is a verb form in which the subject receives the action of the verb. For example, "I was born on a Saturday." Most sentences in English follow the subject-verb-object pattern known as the active voice. ESL English Listening & Adult Literacy - News - Audiobooks - Songs - Radio Dramas Laurie by Stephen King Part One (25 min. at normal speed - Various speeds available) Part Two (28 min. at normal speed - Various speeds available) Laurie is a beautiful and heartwarming story. It is a story about hope and life in general. This story introduces us to Lloyd, a man who recently lost his wife. One day, her sister visits Lloyd in Florida and gives him an unexpected gift - a mixed breed puppy named Laurie.

Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom If this is your first time here, then read the Teacher's Guide to Using These PagesIf you can think of a good question for any list, please send it to us. Home | Articles | Lessons | Techniques | Questions | Games | Jokes | Things for Teachers | Links | Activities for ESL Students Would you like to help? If you can think of a good question for any list, please send it to us. If you would like to suggest another topic, please send it and a set of questions to begin the topic. Copyright © 1997-2010 by The Internet TESL Journal Pages from this site should not be put online elsewhere.Permission is not required to link directly to any page on our site as long as you do not trap the page inside a frame.

Europass - Individuals Europass helps remove barriers to working, studying or training in Europe. The Europass Portfolio If you are looking to work, study or train in Europe then Europass can provide you with the means to effectively promote your skills and competences. It is free to use and recognised all over Europe. Europass consists of five different documents, each designed to present your skills and experience in the best way possible: Curriculum Vitae the difference between much and many Lesson Eight Many & Much Now, watch this video: Countable and uncountable nouns Some nouns in English are countable - we can use them in singular and plural forms. Some are uncountable - they only have one form. We often use a/an with singular countable nouns and some with plurals.

Why is English Spelling So Strange? - Video Lesson 1. Why Is There a ‘gh’ in Night? So, first question: why is there a ‘gh’ in night? We don’t say ‘ni-guh-hut’, so why put those letters there? Actually, the letters ‘gh’ in night used to be pronounced. Improve Your Writing by Studying Critical Thinking In the Education Tips series, education experts offer suggestions about how you can improve your English skills. This week, Babi Kruchin, a lecturer at the American Language Program at Columbia University in New York City, talks about writing and critical thinking. For VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report. Developing ideas in writing is the greatest problem that students face, says Babi Kruchin. She serves as a lecturer in the American Language Program at Columbia University in New York City.

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