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Travel - How To Information
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Travel Austin is an enticing Texan mix of cowboy boots and progressive attitudes Holidays Willie Nelson lives on a nearby ranch, Sandra Bullock owns a couple of restaurants, and Matthew McConaughey came to Austin as a student and never left Travel Information 123 lastminute travel Teresa Fritschi, Last Minute Travel and LMT Club Guest BloggerRead more of Teresa’s posts on her blog at: I recently received an email from my friend Ken at Last Minute Travel and LMT Club – “Would you like to be our #TravelTweetChat guest for this week, the topic is travel and romance…” to which I replied, “Yes, I’d love to!” 11 months of meeting (all kinds of) men through OKCupid, years of thinking (and writing) about ‘happy endings’ as well as the promise of new beginnings, passion, intimacy, tenderness, romance, words to convey longing, reuniting, and love, exploring the world (largely alone) – maybe he wasn’t so far off with his subsequent words of “We need an expert on love and travel, that’s you!” So to help you plan your Valentine’s Day travels, it’s time to roll up my sleeves! Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu, made in France, c.1475. is there a better city in America for sharing with a best friend of either sex? Helene Berman straw hat

Travel Articles Packing Some people pack heavy. Some pack light. Read More Saving Money Money, or lack thereof, is the biggest excuse we hear from people for why they don’t take a big trip. Read More Passion We know you’re passionate about travel or else you wouldn’t be here. Read More 196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 1 We made it! Read More Overland A big part of long-term travel is traveling overland. Read More Latest Traveler Articles Traveling with Friends All too often I have heard people lament their group of friends for letting their travel plans fall through due to getting “complicated.” Read More Pros and Cons of a Gap Year Have you pondered taking a gap year to travel? Read More 5 Best Spots to Volunteer in Asia Overwhelmed by all the volunteering possibilities in Asia? Read More Six Steps to Build a RTW Itinerary with Emirates Creating a round the world trip itinerary can be frustrating, challenging and exhausting. Read More Thank You! Thanks for becoming a BootsnAll Member! Read More Read More Read More

Naked in front of strangers: a Japanese Onsen experience On my second night ever in Japan, I had my first public Onsen experience. I had arrived at Nozawa Onsen, a beautiful little village in Nagano, and was looking forward to some snowboarding the next day. Following our agreed ‘try everything once’ motto, my wife and I decided we would walk down to one of the local Onsen. Spoilt for choice in Nozawa, we decided upon the Onsen with the most traditional architecture. It was called Oyu. Firstly, let me say that the weather outside was about 0 degrees, so getting undressed seemed like a crazy thing to be doing, even in a small enclosed bath-house. As custom decrees, I soaped myself down away from the Onsen edge, and washed myself off. So there I was, back sitting on the cold stone edge. Luckily however, one of the young Nihonjin must have taken pity on me, and showed me by example a solution to my problem. Tags: GaijinPot, Japan, Nagano, Nozawa, Onsen, Snowboarding

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