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Greek island holiday guide: the Ionian islands. The Ionian islands lie off Greece's western coast in a line from Zakynthos in the south to Corfu in the north.

Greek island holiday guide: the Ionian islands

Part of the latter is closer to Albania than to the mainland. All the Ionian islands reflect the influence of nearby Italy, but Corfu also has a distinct British tinge. It was a British protectorate during the 19th century, but nowadays the UK feel is thanks mainly to its long history of package tourism. European holidays: Guardian writers share their tips – and you can too. Le Comptoir Général, Paris A 10-minute walk from the metro stop République, past the trendy young Parisians languishing along canal Saint-Martin, lies Le Comptoir Général.

European holidays: Guardian writers share their tips – and you can too

But don't look for it by name. Instead head for 80 quai de Jemmapes, where you'll probably be met by a queue and a tall, friendly Senegalese bouncer. Le Comptoir Général is a lounge bar-cum-gallery-cum-library and cinema that celebrates the creativity of poor African communities and, in a wonderfully chaotic style, curates everything from old barber shop equipment to witchcraft paraphernalia. The food is excellent. The future of travel: what will holidays look like in 2024? What does the future hold for travel?

The future of travel: what will holidays look like in 2024?

Check-in by robot? Budget space flights? Virtual holidays? Flight comparison site Skyscanner is offering a glimpse of what the 2024 holiday experience could be like with its Future of Travel report. We’ve digested the findings and come up with a few ideas that we think would benefit the world of travel. Backpacking Route in South America. Latin america routes south america | brazil | central america Want to see South America?

Backpacking Route in South America

Not sure where to start? Well if you need some inspiration then look no further. Central America: Where Best To Go Backpacking - IndieTraveller. By Marek — posted April 22, 2014 A typical street scene in a Guatemalan village.

Central America: Where Best To Go Backpacking - IndieTraveller

Central America struck me as a region with strong contrasts between countries—contrasts in terms of safety, culture, cost of travel, the landscapes, and so on. When I travelled through Central America, I often felt my excitement graph had more pronounced peaks and dips than when travelling South-East Asia or South America for instance (where there's more of a consistent throughline in terms of backpacker interest). My impression is that some places in Central America seemed overwhelmingly of interest to the adventure traveller while others were less so. There's a big element of subjectivity to this of course, though you do start to pick up fairly consistent patterns when asking travellers which places they stuck around the longest. Top Tourist Attractions 2015. With a whole host of new attractions opening this year, from world-record-beating skyscrapers to whacky amusement parks, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Top Tourist Attractions 2015

To help you decide where to visit, we’ve picked the top 9 new tourist attractions around the world. A night at the Gogglebox mansion in Sandwich. Tim Chester spends an evening with the “posh couple” from Britain’s latest TV craze Gogglebox.

A night at the Gogglebox mansion in Sandwich

Gogglebox shouldn’t work. The TV show about people watching TV shows sounds like the most meta, barrel-scraping idea in the history of 10 Stone Testicle ideas, but somehow it’s compulsive viewing, a window into the country’s living rooms, prejudices and teatime habits that’s pulling in three million viewers per week, a format that has since been sold to the States and numerous other countries. If you’re one of its legion of converts, you’ve probably longed for a night on the settee with some of the protagonists, an off-camera chit chat with Sandra & Sandy or June & Leon or Christopher & Stephen.

As it happens, you can do exactly that. Exploring Slovenia’s diverse coastline. The third part in our Slovenia In Four Seasons feature sees Senior Web Editor Tim Chester explore the country in August.

Exploring Slovenia’s diverse coastline

Check out our trips from the winter and the spring too. Think of the northern Adriatic and you’d be forgiven for thinking of Italy – of Venice, Rimini, and Trieste – or Croatia, whose abundant seaside gems stretch from Rovinj to Zadar and beyond. Stunning Slovenia in pictures. Slovenia is a small but surprisingly varied country.

Stunning Slovenia in pictures

From the wine regions in the east to the famous lakes in the west, there are countless wonderful views across the country. Photographer David Fajula took some time to photograph Slovenia in all its beauty and this is the result of his project. Bovec town beneath the Kanin Mountains St John the Baptist church on Lake Bohinj. Exploring Slovenia in the spring. The famous poet and author of the Slovene national anthem France Prešeren once wrote this about the famous Lake Bled: “No, Carniola has no prettier sceneThan this, resembling paradise serene.”

Exploring Slovenia in the spring

But after five days, over 400km, countless wine tastings and an ungodly amount of food, I have concluded that he was wrong. During my short time in Slovenia, I found plenty of places in this small but intoxicating country that will take more breaths away than Bled ever could. Of course I’m not saying don’t visit Lake Bled, it is indeed the fairy tale setting we see in brochures and on adverts, but venture further afield (which isn’t far at all in this compact country) and you’ll find sprawling vineyards in Ljutomer-Ormož, Slovenia’s answer to Tuscany, small cities flooded by culture and interesting art by local sculptors, a Roman legacy and more outdoor sports and adventure activities than you’ll have time for.

Cycling and paragliding in Logarska Dolina Photography © Lottie Gross 2014. Luxury Furniture, Property, Travel & Interior Design. Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands, Mexico.