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10 of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines to escape the winter chill. Cut off from the main Southeast Asian overland route by the South China Sea, The Philippines was often overlooked as a major travel destination.

10 of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines to escape the winter chill

Now times are a changing and many visitors are becoming increasingly curious about the unspoilt dazzling beaches, year-round sun, laid back lifestyle and excellent opportunities for diving, island-hopping and surfing. Our guest blogger Gem Muzones who is one half of the travel blog Travels With a Hobo – was born and raised in the Philippines, so in a country formed of 7,107 islands this she’s expertly narrowed it down to just 10 of her favourite beautiful beaches… Puerto Galera, Mindoro Located in the heart of Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera makes a perfect marine sanctuary for diving.

The UNESCO-protected site is 130 km south of Manila and greatly boasts of beautiful white sandy beaches. How to get there: It is relatively easy to get to Puerto Galera from Manila. Boracay, Aklan El Nido, Palawan Samal Island, Davao City Coron Island, Palawan. 7 Reasons to Live in the Philippines - OpenWorld Magazine. Ever considered living in another country besides your own?

7 Reasons to Live in the Philippines - OpenWorld Magazine

Guest blogger Gem Muzones from Travels with a Hobo shares several reasons why you should consider an extended stay living in the Philippines. Travel blogging is my life, well, at least much of it. As a traveler, I feel a certain kind of high sweeping over me as I head to a new, unfamiliar destination. 10 Bucket List-Worthy Things to Do in the Philippines. Best hikes in the philippines. Guest Post by Gem Muzones – Co-Founder and Writer @ Travels with a Hobo For most of us who hustle throughout the week, we want to escape the noise of the city by looking for new places to go or activities to try after a stressful work week.

best hikes in the philippines

If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous escape near the city during the weekends or if you’re a tourist visiting the country, why not try mountain climbing? The Philippines is blessed with a multitude of hiking trails, from beginner-friendly hiking spots to massive awe-inspiring mountains. 4 Incredible Wonders In Palaui Island. Just beyond the tip of Luzon is Palaui Island, a small island that is full of surprises.

4 Incredible Wonders In Palaui Island

It’s no wonder why they chose to shoot not just one, but two seasons of the reality television show Survivor on this place off the coast of Cagayan. Palaui Island oozes with such natural beauty that looks way better in person than on TV. If you’re lucky enough to be there, here are 4 of the many places that will make you want to get stuck on this exceptional island for a really long time. 1. The 3 Treasures of Apo Reef Natural Park. “Treasure Island”—now that would be the perfect nickname for Apo Reef Natural Park.

The 3 Treasures of Apo Reef Natural Park

After the long but enjoyable boat ride (you will see a couple of dolphins and dozens of flying fish along the way), the destination is worth the straining journey as the island holds numerous hidden gems that the explorer in you would love to seek out. The dazzling scenery from the top of the lighthouse is an overview of what you have yet to experience, like a gigantic map that marks the location of these so-called treasures. Here are three wonderful discoveries that you’ll see only on this island. 4 Awesome Things You Must See in Malasimbo. The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival has been home to eccentric music and art that showcase not only Filipino culture but how both crafts have evolved all around the world.

4 Awesome Things You Must See in Malasimbo

For six strong years, it has been the perfect platform for musicians and visual artists to express their passion and creativity as well as to impress a discerning crowd. From jazz, techno, and indie-folk to well-executed combinations of these genres, the music is anything but bland and boring. The art, on the other hand, is dynamic and diverse with a flavor distinct from the concerts and exhibits that we have today. No doubt, art lovers and partygoers alike will have the time of their lives when at the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival.

Discover Your Inner Juanderer: Follow Dave’s Adventure. Juanderlust is in full gear and our Chosen Juan, Dave Agbayani, is now journeying across the Philippines to discover 80 amazing places in 80 days.

Discover Your Inner Juanderer: Follow Dave’s Adventure

From known sites to hidden gems, Dave will definitely experience a lot in this exciting adventure. Dave is currently doing what most of us can only dream of: hassle free and all-expense paid trips to so many places. He gets to see and experience some of the things that remains unmarked on our bucket lists. But don’t envy Dave—instead, use his journey to encourage you to discover your inner wanderer (or Juanderer) or as reference for your upcoming travels. 7 Helpful Travel Phrases To Use When Going Around the Philippines. Tagalog is the Philippines’ most popular language.

7 Helpful Travel Phrases To Use When Going Around the Philippines

And with over 25 million native speakers across the entire country, you’ll be fine if you can speak Tagalog when traveling around the Philippines. Juanderlust First Stop: Malasimbo Festival 2016. Juanderlust is finally kicking off on Friday, March 4, 2016 with the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2016.

Juanderlust First Stop: Malasimbo Festival 2016

Our Chosen Juan, Dave Agbayani, will be a correspondent at the music festival where he will take pictures, interview people, and simply enjoy himself in one of the most unique and sought after music festivals in the country today. Headlined by renowned jazz musician Jacob Collier from the UK, The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival will surely not disappoint as it delivers another year of great music and a slew of great artists—Korean world music group GongMyoung will be returning for their 6th Malasimbo appearance, while local artists will be there as well like SINOSIKAT?

, Crwn, Reese Lansangan, Lustbass, the Brat Pack, and more. HOTEL TOUR: Azumi Boutique Hotel. The Azumi Boutique Hotel is located at 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park Phase III, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

HOTEL TOUR: Azumi Boutique Hotel

The hotel's overall theme and ambiance is all about safety and cleanliness, making it a true home away from home for everyone. Rent Your Own Private Island in Palawan. Do you like the beach but hate huge crowds or the presence of other people? Do you ever wish you could discover a deserted island with beautiful sand and water and have it all to yourself? Look no further because the island paradise of Ariara in Palawan could be your next travel destination. HOTEL TOUR: The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences. The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is located at 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. It is right in the center of the Makati Central Business District as well as a busy residential area, making it the perfect place for either a business stay or a much-needed weekend staycation.

The Picasso has a distinct white facade, which can be seen a mile away. You are welcomed with warm service at their stylish lobby. 10 Insights on Philippine Travel from the Juanderlust Top 10. and announced the Top 10 semi-finalists for Juanderlust on January 12. These 10 semi-finalists were picked from a pool of about 800 entries from 13 countries via their video auditions and essays stating why they should be the “Chosen Juan,” who will be rewarded with the chance to travel around the Philippines for 80 days all for free. The winner will come from this pool after they complete a final task somewhere in the Philippines (for Philippine-based semi-finalists) or in their home country (for foreign-based semi-finalists) by the end of January. The final winner will be determined by a professional set of judges on the first week of February. Below are some snippets of their essays that highly reflect their diverse backgrounds and unique personalities.

5 Best Tambayan Places in Metro Manila. Metro Manila is the busiest and most progressive region in the Philippines. It has modern establishments, high-risers, and the poshest commercial and business areas. With so many places popping out, it can be difficult to find the perfect hangout spot in this sprawling megacity. We interviewed some of the people who were born and raised in Metro Manila to know what are some of its best tambayan places. Juanderlust: Meet the Top 10 Contenders. Juanderlust has reached its final leg of the race. After a grueling four-month search, we are down to our Top 10 contestants hoping to become the Chosen Juan, who will be tasked to explore the Philippines in 80 days. We're only one step away from deciding which of these Hopeful Juans will win, but before that, let us get to know our contestants. 1. David Agbayani, 22, Philippines"I believe that this will be the perfect opportunity for me to be that voice, to be that bayani I was destined to be–confidently handsome, with a voice.

" 2. HOTEL TOUR: Meranti Hotel. If you are still looking for a place to stay this upcoming holiday season, why not check out Meranti Hotel? Tips for a Budget Barkada Trip. Traveling can get really expensive, but one way to ease the burden is to do it with a group. You may think that with more people, you’ll end up spending more, but with the right planning and proper allocation of responsibilities, you can enjoy a getaway with spending only a fraction of what you would have, if you decided to go solo.

Here are a few tips to help plan your budget barkada outing. Joins #iBlog11.’s Guide to Antique. Biyaheng Norte: 5 Places to Visit During the APEC Holiday. The APEC Summit brings several world leaders together to discuss economic growth, but it also brings with it a set of several holidays. Juanderlust to Turn Up the Heat in UP Cebu. The University of the Philippines, Cebu (UP Cebu), will be having their annual Cookout on November 13, 2015. 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Baler. When people ask me what my plans are for the coming weekends, this answer almost always comes out of my mouth: "Baka mag-Baler ako (I might go to Baler).”’s Guide to Bacolod City and Masskara 2015. Bacolod is known as a peaceful city, and it’s often dubbed as the City of Smiles due to how friendly its citizens are. Travel Tip: Best Times to Travel Around the Philippines. 5 Ways to Answer Questions Every Traveler Is Tired of Hearing. As a frequent traveler, your thirst for wanderlust can never be quenched and you find yourself constantly on the go, always going on journeys and seeing the world. But while you might enjoy life as a traveler, whether or not you’re backpacker, it can be hard for others to fathom your wanderlust and they can sometimes ask you some pretty annoying questions.

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