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Why to travel

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4 Ways Living Abroad Changes You... Forever  It was in the summer of 2002 that we first decided to move abroad.

4 Ways Living Abroad Changes You... Forever 

The kernel of an idea was already there but, during those months, we began to grow an idea into reality. One year later and our first stop was Vancouver, Canada, where I turned my back on the corporate world and returned to student life. It was tough going but got easier as time went on. And we moved on. To Ottawa and a job with the government, a new set of friends, our first Canadian house and a more settled way of life. But we were young and we grew restless. With the quest for travel and adventure still burning in our hearts, we quit Canada in search of long hot summers and a more laid-back lifestyle. Over the past 12 years, I've lived in several countries and visited countless more. I've tried to live my life to the fullest. Because living abroad is one of the most satisfying and challenging things a person can do. 10 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better. Travel is transformational.

10 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better

It changes who you are to your very core. Out there on the road, without any baggage, you encounter life in a way that’s not always possible when you are working all the time. I know I’m biased since I write about travel but my experience meeting others has shown me that travel changes you for the better. It brings out the best version of you possible. Here are ten ways travel will better your life and why you should start planning your next trip away: 12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30. If you think your time is running out and life is moving faster than you can keep up with, you’re not delusional, you’re perceptive.

12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30

Time is moving faster and you are starting to lose the race. Before you realize it, you will wake up and be 30, looking back on things you wish you had accomplished, or at least attempted, in your twenties, when the world seemed a little less serious, you had much less to lose and many more excuses. Since we have no evidentiary proof of exactly what happens after we turn cold and blue, we can only assume that we’re only here once and there are no refunds. The world is what you make it and those who take risks are usually the ones who make it worthwhile. They understand that now is not the time to be taking precautions. Because we don’t look back on our lives, especially our early youth, thinking about all the things we didn’t attempt or the rules we didn’t break. We think back to the time we surprised ourselves, our best moments of courage and spontaneity.

El consejo de mi “yo” de 31 años a mi “yo” de 21. 24 Signs You Are Completely Addicted To Travel. 20 cosas que debes hacer antes de casarte. O también… 20 cosas que debes hacer mientras estás soltero, y puedes.

20 cosas que debes hacer antes de casarte

Porque todo cambia cuando te casas, hay cosas que no puedes dejar pasar cuando estás en los mejores años de tu vida, y completamente soltero. Aquí nuestro top 20: 1) Viaja con amigos Es de los primeros arrepentimientos que tiene los casados, de no haber hecho durante sus años de soltería. 2) Sufre de “corazón roto”, por lo menos, dos veces Si no, cuando ya estés casado y viejo, sentirás que no viviste de las “emociones fuertes” de la vida. 3) Vive sólo Aunque sea por dos meses en un viaje a Sudamérica. 4) Ten un romance casual No importa cuánto dure, mientras sea intenso y loco. 5) Ten un amigo con beneficios Es una de esas experiencias que te arrepentirás de no haber tenido, si te casas antes de hacerla. 6) Consigue un buen puesto Tu carrera y tu cuerpo deben ser tus prioridades principales mientras eres soltero. 11) Toma un tour en camión Es probable que hagas amigos de por vida.

Fuente: Compartir Compartir. 51 Reasons Living In Chicago Ruins You For Life. 10 Ways Travel Will Change Your Life For The Better. 30 Things You Need to Experience to Understand How Amazing Life is. Yeah, we all get it, life sucks!

30 Things You Need to Experience to Understand How Amazing Life is

But do you really need to wallow in all things negative? If you really want people to picture you as this crazy hermit afraid of even breathing, then this article is not for you. Let’s face it: Life is amazing, life is messy, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. How else would magical things happen, or—dare anyone say—even miracles? That being said, all of us only have so much time on earth, so how do we do it all?

You don’t. 1. Yeah, yeah, this is something everyone recommends. 2. Who wouldn’t want to experience something awesome right from the minute they wake up? 3. Sounds cheesy, but it is through our failures that miracles occur. 4. It doesn’t have to be something grand like making a million dollars, but celebrate any type of success you have.