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2020 Energy

2020 Energy

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You Have The Power Understanding energy and energy solutions is necessary if current and future generations are going to help solve our energy challenges. Being armed with a greater understanding of energy allows us to be better decision-makers and to make wiser choices in our personal lives, as well as in our communities. Energy-related decisions usually require the work of many experts to address economic, political, environmental, social, and other factors. But in this interactive, the decision belongs to students. Use or adapt these prompts to engage your students in the interactive:

Nearpod Blog This post was previously published on Megan Endicott’s blog, Endicott Spot. Finding ways to maximize the potential of every moment of class time, reach each and every student, and engage them in a meaningful activity seems like the most difficult task in the world. Luckily, the team at Nearpod is consistently working to improve their product to reach learners of all ages and abilities in ways that inspire imagination and curiosity. As a member of the Fulton County Vanguard team, I have the opportunity to work with the teachers in my elementary school as a coach to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom. Nearpod is the tool my teachers gravitate toward, from kindergarten through fifth grade. At the beginning of the school year, I participated in one of Nearpod’s incredible “webinears” in which they unveiled an exciting new feature, Virtual Field Trips!

What if there were no bees? It's a beautiful day for a picnic, but minutes after you spread a blanket on the grass and unpack an impressive selection of sandwiches, fruit salad and a show-stopping cherry pie, you discover an uninvited guest. A bee is making the rounds, buzzing around your head and scaring all your friends. You're about to swipe at the winged interloper with your shoe, but then think better of it. It's a good thing, too, because bee populations are dwindling. Consider these United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) survey results, based on 21.7 percent of the 2.6 million bee colonies in the United States.

Blog Regular readers no doubt have noticed that I haven't posted anything new in the past few months. I've been pretty busy with the holidays, home projects, and adjusting to a new job, and haven't had much time or motivation to devote to writing. Good news though: I have started on a long-overdue refresh of the Packet Life design and code base. When I originally debuted Packet Life, I ultimately wanted it to serve as major community hub, so I built in features like the wiki and discussion forum. Although Packet Life has grown quite popular over the last few years, these areas of the site have seen little activity. Acknowledging that there are more active and useful sites out there which serve these functions, I've decided to chop off some of the bloat in favor of focusing on the blog and the site's other more popular features.

Developing games (Preliminary) The topic you requested is included in another documentation set. For convenience, it's displayed below. Choose Switch to see the topic in its original location. Windows 8.1 offers new opportunities to create, distribute, and monetize games. Learn about porting your game and preparing a game for the Windows Store. Start developing your Windows Store game GeoGames GeoGames challenges players to Build Planet Earth and Map Countries and Cities using fun graphics and sound effects on an animated 3D globe. The game focuses on cognitive concepts, such as spatial relationships (where the continents are in relation to each other and to the oceans), nesting (how a city is a unit within a country, a country is a unit within a continent), and how countries, continents and oceans have vastly different sizes (scale.) Designed to help educators teach and assess students' geography mapping skills, GeoGames can be played as a group activity or individually. Each level of the game is graded easy, medium, or hard. Players can track and record their completion times using the automated game timer as well as print customized maps that reflect their progress at each level.

Pre-writing - Inspired Writing - How To Video Build a Wall to: generate topics to write about, starter sentences, small moments, interesting adjectives.... Include images, links, video to better describe/explain what you added to the community wall. Top 10 Eco-friendly Substitutes for Plastic All newborn mammals survive on it. Without it, there would be no ice cream. There's really no denying the value, or pleasure, of milk. Now scientists say it could help to produce a biodegradable plastic for furniture cushions, insulation, packaging and other products. Yep, researchers are revitalizing the idea of converting casein, the principal protein found in milk, into a biodegradable material that matches the stiffness and compressibility of polystyrene.

Aerodynamic Drag - Craig's Website at Aerodynamic DragFrom Introduction All objects have a certain amount of aerodynamic drag. Kodu Game Lab An overview of Kodu. (Click to play) Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills.

Klondike - Rush for Gold In the summer of 1897 two ocean going steamers landed on the west coast of the United States. One ship, The Excelsior, landed in San Francisco and three days later The Portland landed in Seattle. Down the gangplank of these two ships went a rag-tag group of men and women carrying sacks of gold. Some walked down the docks with $5,000 worth of gold while others had over $100,000 worth. The miners told of the rich claims they had staked one year earlier on a series of small creeks flowing into the Klondike River.

Passive Voice & Active Voice: Top 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories - ESL Video Synopsis of English / ESL Video Wake up from the matrix & see the truth about UFOs. Teach intermediate learners passive voice & active voice using this eye-opening ESL video about UFO conspiracy theories. Title of English / ESL Video Top 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories Improved Data Set Shows No Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ National and international studies have shown that the Earth is warming, and with this warming, other changes are occurring, such as an increasing incidence of heat waves, heavy downpours and rising sea levels. In its Fifth Assessment Report in 2013, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that the temperature of the Earth increased at a rate of 0.22 Fahrenheit (0.12 Celsius) per decade from 1951-2012. It also found that the rate of warming from 1998-2012 had slowed to 0.09F (0.05C) per decade. This slowdown in the rate of warming, called a “hiatus,” was initially perplexing to climate scientists.

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