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Finger Knitting How-to

Finger Knitting How-to
You know how I just wrote about how I like getting a handmade gift more than just about anything. Well, this is anything. Sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday, knitting with my kids . . . that beats gift-getting for sure. It is a gift itself. We just sat there side-by-side, for about an hour, feeling the warmth from each other’s bodies, listening to music from my computer and basking in each others company as the sun streamed through the windows. Ahhh . . .the experience was so delightful, it was hard to peel myself away to take the photos. The two kiddos are finger-knitting, which I’ve written about before and again, but it continues to be a favorite activity. You end up with a long coil of knitting like this, that curls itself into a sort of tube. My son is using a finer and less expensive yarn, here. They really do enjoy the process. Some day, I’ll make a coiled rug from the pieces. Materials: Any yarn An eager kiddo Time: However long you want! Now, we’re going to head back again.

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10 Amazing Mandala Crochet Creations The mandala has spiritual significance for a lot of people but it doesn’t have to be specifically a spiritual thing. It can be a visually pleasing and meditatively relaxing geometric design. Crochet mandalas appeal to me because of their natural aesthetic appeal that is enhanced with the lovely color and texture of crochet work. Not sure about it? Take a look at these ten amazing mandala crochet creations and then let me know what you think: 1. Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY Here we go! I’m so excited to kick off this series of finger-knitting projects. For the first project, B proffered his largest ball of finger-knitting for us all to try weaving a rug! This project is super-fun and easy to do. personal picture {clocks} ***Update: I was recently asked if you just keep the board the same size as the picture, and the answer is yes. :) Inevitably because of the cutting there will be a tiny bit of spacing you can see which is why we painted it, as well as to make the sides uniform as you don't want them to be brown mdf. Unless you do, than that's ok too. ;) Sorry, I would have emailed you the info, but there's no contact. :) I was also asked how I got the numbers to be perfect on the board, I used a template of a clock online. Just google clock template. I put that in a layer on photoshop and marked with the paint tool where each number was, then I put my own in.

Free Crochet Pattern – Easy iPhone Sleeve « Roses n Lilies Here is a sample of some of the iPhone sleeves I have made, to give you a little inspiration. They were all made using my free pattern. The pattern is very easy, and you can use any yarn you choose. An experienced crocheter will whip this up in a very short time. It would also be a great first crochet project for a beginner. DIY Black Lace Candles Camilla at Family Chic says her DIY black lace candles are the perfect touch for Halloween. But I could certainly see these fitting in many homes year 'round. Or what about an evening wedding...that would be divine! My suggestion? Dig in your existing stash to find something to re-use, or visit your local thrift store. I'm sure you'll find both lace and votives!

How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom June 25th, 2008 Email 1322 users recommend Arm Knitting How-To Photo Tutorial Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here to learn how to arm knit. I think you’re going to love it! You don’t need to be a knitter at all, though if you are, it will be familiar right away. If you aren’t, I’ve provided lots of detailed photographs to make it super easy to follow and learn. superhero ornaments When I was a kid, my mom had a Christmas tradition of giving my brother and I each a new ornament every year. They were always very fitting of our personalities and hobbies. It was something I looked forward to the most every holiday season. When we’d put our tree up my mom would hand a small package to each of us and, even though we knew it was an ornament, the excitement was almost too much. My mom never stopped giving us ornaments, it didn’t matter how old we got.

Brown Slippers « Crochet (Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) I’ve just finished making these slippers. Making crocheted slippers is my addiction. Huge addiction. One of the best things in life. They are super cozy. DIY Shrinky Dinks for Adults Here’s a cool DIY that puts the shrinky dinks you used as a child to good use! Why should kids have all the fun? All you need to get started is shrink plastic (google for sources), a pair of scissors and stamps to apply your design. Crochet Swirls (Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) This is a little crochet swirl. You might have seen me using it in this project. And since I gave you a pinky swear promising I’d show you how it’s done, here it is. But before I start, I’d just like to let you know that I am no crochet guru. Not by a long shot.

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