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Yarn Bombing

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Yarn bombing. Yarn Bombing. The Knit Wits yarn bomb Wolverton. Yarn bomb. Yarn Bomb Art & Culture Project . Activities for Kids: Adventures In ... Pin It Okay, before we begin today’s Camp PBS Parents project, let me just come right out and say, this is a bit of a wacky idea.

Yarn Bomb Art & Culture Project . Activities for Kids: Adventures In ...

A bright, crazy, wild, wacky idea. It’s a lesson in culture. It’s a lesson in art. It’s yarn bombing! Let’s start with a little background… About Yarn Bombing Pin It American artist Magda Sayeg, is often credited as the mother of the art movement that combines textile and guerrilla street art. Should our public spaces be cozier? To help kick off the conversation, ask them what they think about yarn bombing.

Yarn Bomb Away Pin It I’m no knitter and I can only crochet the tiniest bit, so I’ve tried to deconstruct this project to make it easy for everyone. Since I’m not one to have my kids go completely guerrilla (yes, I’m a conformist at heart) I figured we should start with a few rules: 1. Once you’ve talked about the history of the yarn bombing movement and laid some ground rules, it’s time to turn the kids loose and let them channel their inner artist. Yarn bombing. Yarn bombing, yarnbombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

Yarn bombing

Method and motivation[edit] While yarn installations – called yarn bombs or yarnstorms – may last for years, they are considered non-permanent, and, unlike other forms of graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. Nonetheless, the practice is still technically illegal in some jurisdictions, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously.[1] Yarn Bombing. 25 Amazing Yarn Bombs. Yarn Bombing. Wikipedia describes yarn bombing as "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk.

Yarn Bombing

" Knitted, crocheted or woven pieces are sewn around inanimate public objects such as bike racks, light poles, telephone boxes and abandoned buses. The purpose is to bring some beauty and wonder into otherwise drab and everyday surroundings. It is less damaging than painted graffiti and costs next to nothing (a pair of scissors and a few minutes work) to be cleaned up and taken away. Some find it to be pointless and no better than any other form of vandalism, but it can be easily argued that it does cause people to stop and take a fresh look at their surroundings. Larger groups such as Knitta Please and Knit the City often do large scale projects, but smaller tags can be easily created and installed by lone artists. KNITS FOR LIFE. We make, install, maintain, and remove the vast majority of our work and almost always get permission to install.


We have never “gotten in trouble” or been asked to remove a new yarnbomb. Our yarnbombs do not damage flora and fauna. Yarnbombing is not a waste of time. Download hi-res images of our work from these Flickr sets or contact us. All images are approved for free cultural works (CC BY 2.0). To commission new work, contact us. View our portfolio here. String art by Lorna Watt.

How to Yarn Bomb: Tips & Tricks from a Pro. Have you seen trees and statues covered with brightly covered yarn in your neighborhood and wondered how it was done?

How to Yarn Bomb: Tips & Tricks from a Pro

Or have you seen photos of knitted or crocheted statues online and dreamed of becoming your town’s next yarn bomber? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll reveal how to yarn bomb in five steps. Photo via of Oakland Art Enthusiast. The 104-Year-Old Street Artist Who Yarn-Bombed Her Town ... 121K 752Share1 Grace Brett might be the oldest living street artist in the world.

The 104-Year-Old Street Artist Who Yarn-Bombed Her Town ...

The 104-year-old grandmother of six is a member of a knitting club known as the “Souter Stormers,” who recently yarn-bombed the towns of Selkirk, Ettrickbridge, and Yarrow in Scotland. The “Stormers” spent nearly a year secretly planning the project, which was part playful prank, part street art installation. The mischievous knitters took to the streets this month, covering fences, benches, and lamp poles all across the towns in elaborate knitted art.

Watch London Kaye Yarn-Bomb the L Train. Yarn bombing. How To Yarn Bomb. I get asked all the time "How do you yarn bomb exactly?

How To Yarn Bomb

" So here's a How To guide on yarn bombing. This is just from my personal experience. Everyone does it differently. Everyone needs to find their own flow. Also keep in mind that I only crochet my yarn bombs. Start with something small like a small pole piece or a granny square and then you'd be done in no time and won't be discouraged with such a large time consuming project. 2. 4. If using only sewing, you run the risk of the piece not staying tied securely to the object. Sewing a tag onto a horizontal object like a banister is fine as it will generally stay well. 8. 9. More helpful links:What You'll Need To Take When Yarn Bombing Things To Remember About Yarn BombingIdeas For Yarn Bombs To Make Luv Bali. P.S. Yarn Bombing. Crochet. Yarn bombing. Yarns, Graffiti and Knitting. Yarn Bombing/ Art - Pinterest. Yarnbombing / Guerilla Knit and Crochet on Pinterest.

Yarn bombing and street art on Pinterest. Crochet Art, Easy Yarn Crafts and ... Yarns, Crochet and Knitting. Yarn Bomb Ideas and Stitch Patterns on Pinterest. Yarns, Knitting and Statues. Yarn bombo.