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Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Poems Yarn - Wisdom Yarns. Wisdom Yarns Poems Yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool. Yarn. The Yarn Barn LLC: YARN: TOCONAO MULTY by Araucania Yarns ON SALE 30% OFF. Araucania Yarn & Wool. Yarn & Thread - Universal Yarn Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk. Coton biologique Débarbouillette crocheté bain ou douche par Yarnoo. Cover Up, Beach Covers and Free Pattern. {16} Super Bulky Men’s Crochet Slippers Free Pattern. As promised, a little later than intended, I present to you the men’s version of my super bulky slipper.

{16} Super Bulky Men’s Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

Don’t forget to add it to your Ravelry Queue! Materials: Bernat Blanket yarn Hook size N 9.00 MM Men’s Size 11 Slippers R1: MC slst in circle, ch2, 9dc slst to join. (10) R2: ch 2 dc in same, 2dc in ea. around (20) R3-10: Sc in ea st. (20) R11: sc in 15 ch 1 turn. (15) R12-20: sc in ea across. ch1 turn. (15) Fold rs in, slst or sc together down the row just worked. Sc around the top (where the foot goes in). For non-slip use puffy paint on the bottom. These are size 11 but you could easily modify the pattern to work for your size by taking away rows or adding them. Crochet Products and Patterns for Children and Adults.


Free knitting and crochet patterns. Free Afghan Crochet Pattern Link Directory. The Laughing Willow: Surface Braid Hat - free pattern! ETA 11/18/2010: Thanks to a comment from Sirdar (am I to believe that's actually a representative of Sirdar yarn fame?

The Laughing Willow: Surface Braid Hat - free pattern!

- how cool!!) , this stitch has a name! Well, a couple of names it turns out. Free Patterns. Moogly. Sue's Crochet and Knitting - Free Patterns and more. International Yarns and Latch Hook Kits. Crocheted linen belt with black embroidering. Little Doolally: Winter Woodland Scarf. Hello!

Little Doolally: Winter Woodland Scarf

This week I have a real treat for you. Week 2 Scavenger Hunt Block. Gentle Ridges: Quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern. It's no secret that homemade dishcloths make great gifts.

Gentle Ridges: Quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern

Both crochet and knit varieties last forever, holding up through repeated beatings in the washer and dryer, not to mention what they go through in the kitchen or bath. Since they are inexpensive to make and work up quickly, they are also a great item to crochet or knit in bulk to sell at church bazaars and craft fairs. Crochet Project Roll Tutorial. From Lara: I often have small crochet projects on the go that I transfer from handbag to handbag.

Crochet Project Roll Tutorial

This crochet project roll keeps all the bits and pieces that you need together. It fits four crochet hooks, a pair of snips or small scissors, a tape measure, safety pins (for row markers), a needlebook for yarn needles, a pen, and has room for a pattern if it’s folded into four. Since making it I’ve found that it wraps nicely around a ball of yarn or work in progress. I have used ¼ inch seams throughout, but this doesn’t have to be too precise. 1. 2. 3. 4. 12. #Crochet Roll Up Hook Needle Holder with Liner #TUTORIAL Crochet Hook Carrier. Sweetheartcrochet. The Sitting Tree: Free Crochet Pattern: Organic Cotton Flower Hat. It's been a little chilly around these parts this week {like break out the fleece chilly} and my poor little niece came to visit without any warm clothes.

The Sitting Tree: Free Crochet Pattern: Organic Cotton Flower Hat

What's a knitting auntie to do? Why whip up a quick organic cotton crochet flower hat, of course! {try saying that three times fast} Off to the stash I went in search of a hook and a skein of soft blue cotton to match her eyes. Easy Peasy Woman’s Winter Hat {Pattern} This hat is really easy!

Easy Peasy Woman’s Winter Hat {Pattern}

I am happy to share the pattern with you guys. It’s a perfect time of year to start making some warmer hats. Hats, Hat Patterns and Free Crochet. Free Crochet, Crochet Patterns and Unique Gifts. Ravelry: 28-25 French-sleeve Vest, free crochet pattern by Pierrot. Follow link, look under 'Vest' Crochet Hat Pattern #2 Free Crochet Pattern. Hats, Children and Cute Hats. Hope - Womens Hat. Sandy Slouch Hat (free pattern) This Housewife Life: Trinity Stitch Scarf ~ FREE PATTERN. Materials: * one skein of worsted weight yarn (250 ish yards for average scarf, more for longer length) I used I Love This Yarn!

This Housewife Life: Trinity Stitch Scarf ~ FREE PATTERN

By Hobby Lobby in Red Tweed for the tutorial. The other pictures are Hobby Lobby ILTY! In Seablue Tweed and Grey with Agean Stripes tassels. * N hook* yarn needle for weaving in ends*scissors Special stitch explanation:Trinity Stitch: sc in first sc, insert hook in same sc and draw up a loop. Here we go! Chain 25 Now we begin the trinity stitch..... Crochet Concupiscence for Creative Crochet Art and Crafting. Crochet and Crafting with Linda Dawn. Crochet Stitch Tutorials. How to Read a Crochet Pattern. By Jean Leinhauser Once you’ve learned the basic crochet stitches, you’ll want to start your first pattern.

How to Read a Crochet Pattern

(If you need assistance with learning basic crochet stitches, visit There are hundreds of beautiful designs available for you to make, but for a beginner, they may look scary because they are written in what looks almost like a foreign language. That’s because crochet patterns are written using many abbreviations and terms, which save space and make patterns easier to read. So the first thing you need to do is become familiar with the abbreviations and terms. Some of them are easy to understand, like these that represent basic stitches: Print these out and mount them on a card to keep handy while you work. With the abbreviations terms at hand, let’s look at a typical pattern.

Whatever way the pattern is to be worked, the very first thing you must do is make a slip knot on your hook. Here is how to make a slip knot (See Figure 1 & 2). Or Ch 15. Return to top.