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Curved Folding - foldable=makable

Curved Folding - foldable=makable

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Grasshopper Modules - Proxy Wiki From Phylogenesis, FOA 2003 The following Grasshopper modules were created in consultation with FOA's Phylogenesis, in particular the taxonomy of forms found at the conclusion of the book. Grasshopper is an exciting and evolving modeling platform - the following examples attempt to develop a range of geometric examples to explore its form-making potentials. Andrew Payne, a GSAPP alum, has created a comprehensive primer on Grasshopper that can be found here. You should have this handy for reference. Helpful Modules socializarq ‘‘ by SOFTlab “Parametricism” has become a byword of sorts for “indulgent” formmaking, or “form for form’s sake”. Yet inherent within parametric design is the ability to mass customize and localize individual components within the architectural form, thereby making more and more complex shapes that much easier to fabricate. This–the ability to increasingly realize complexity at architectural scales–is, no doubt, a significant development for the making and experiencing of architecture.

Software License The following software systems (Freeform Origami, Origamizer, Rigid Origami Simulator) are proprietary software provided under the following license. The user is allowed to use the software if and only if both of the following conditions are satisfied. Before using the softwere, please contact me in advance. (Non-Commercial Use) The use of the software is non-commercial.

Acrylic Glass Folding Heater 16 October 2010 Author: Giorgos Lazaridis Acrylic Glass Folding Heater The project began at the 7th of August 2010, and finished at the 30th of November the same year. I ran many experiments and discovered different ways to dissipate heat from water. Computational design CTM.08­ – Unpredictable Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the Screen 24 Jan -­ 2 Feb 2008, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse / [DAM] Berlin Workshop / Exhibition / Performance Generator.x in collaboration with Club Transmediale and [DAM] presents Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the screen, a workshop and exhibition about digital fabrication and generative systems.

Computing Kaizen Studio Toys Studio Toys Computing Kaizen Columbia University GSAPP Advanced Studio VI Interested in Processing and architecture? KingKong RoboFold presents the KingKong folding simulation and panelling design plugin for Grasshopper. Design: Fold panels using curved folding and control panel distribution on surfaces with a range of attractor systems. Download the software, manual and example files from: Manufacture: The results of design using the KingKong facade tool are produced by RoboFold. Automake Automake is about combining generative systems with craft knowledge and digital production technologies to create a new way of designing and making objects that blurs the boundaries between maker and consumer, craft and industrial production. Automake’s product creation process in relation to traditional craft and industrial processes. Automake was developed as a research project that aimed to investigate the potentials of using generative systems to digitally design unique one-off works and produce them using a range of rapid prototyping/manufacturing technologies and CNC equipment. We have created form building software that is designed to be extremely user friendly and allow anyone to design their own craft/design works.

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