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Dharma Trading Co. Homepage

Dharma Trading Co. Homepage
"I have been cursed all of my life by being referred to as Bohemian, gypsy-like and my own personal favorite.... colorful. And now, with this purchase from your company, I am doubly-doomed! Your dyes are so vivid, your Sapphire's hue so huey-bluey, your Plum so non-humdrum, that my appearance is now doubly-dazzling... alas! My long-held desire to for just once while I still breathe, blend in with the wallpaper as so many do for their entire dreary lives... shall never come to pass! Pardon me, please; I am overwhelmed! I must go now to lie on my Scheherazade-like chaise and fan myself..

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Heirloom Sewing Fabrics Sorted By Fiber Content Heirloom Fabric Index - Sorted by Fiber Content Bearissima Swiss Batiste - Our finest Swiss Batiste from Bear Threads. Great for baby gowns, children's clothes, women's dresses, blouses, etc., anytime you need a high quality batiste - when only the best will do. Bearissima II Swiss Batiste - Same beautiful Swiss Batiste as Bearissima, only slightly heavier. I used to like row-by-row instructions. They told me what stitches to make, and I made them. It was very simple. Wall Spin, The Zatista Blog Nighthawks, 1942 Edward Hopper The Art Institute of Chicago Reported by Deborah Vankin/LA Times: Among the denim-clad glamour girls and blockbuster movie stars staring down from the billboards of the Sunset Strip, images of great American artworks will be displayed this summer in what organizers are calling “the largest outdoor art show ever conceived.”

Vintage New Analog Watch Casio SWC 02 1 Module 705 FIFA World Cup 1994 USA d h m s day Trailing Plants that Make an ImpactPlantTherapy Previous image Next image Here is a short list of six popular trailing plants that have great visual impact. Do you have one you are particularly fond of using?FIRST ROW Men's Stylish Collection Casual Stretch Slim Fit Shirts Sweater MS348 d h m s Spring Cleaning Tips #4 & #5: Time to Freshen Things Up Fresh spring air: take it outside and bring it inside. Our #4 tip involves taking your home items — like duvets, wool blankets, and rugs — outside to air them out, and our #5 tip involves ways to freshen your air inside. Jump below more:Bring It Out: At the end of a long winter, your duvets, blankets and rugs could probably use a good airing out. Some of these items are hard to wash or require professional cleaning, but it's amazing what a good beat-down and airing outside on a warm, spring day will do to refresh them.

Soft Place to Land: New Eco-Friendly Doormats Roundup Previous image Next image If this year's weather patterns tell us anything, it's that there's no pattern to predict. April showers have certainly brought May flowers, but the cold, damp weather has continued long into the fairer months—at least on the East Coast. Save the brand-new parquet flooring from muddy shoes with a cheery doormat: the latest applications of eco materials allow you to really get your footing. Shown above the jump, from left to right: Green Clean Makeover: The Bathroom Cabinet You know the situation. It's T-minus eighteen hours until your lease is up, and there's one cabinet door you have refused to open until the last possible moment. This is it: time to reckon with that bathroom cabinet, where you're sure to find half-empty bottles of lotion, cleaning agents, and probably an old toothbrush or three. Here are a few tips to getting that particular netherworld whipped into shape.We find that underneath the bathroom sink is where most of our forgot-we-had-it or didn't-quite-like-it-enough-to-use-it-often products wind up. Whether it's that lotion we got in our stocking at Christmas, or the bottle of chemical-laden cleaner we bought three years ago, just before making a switch to all green cleaners. . . Chances are, there are many unused things under there.

2012 FULL Collection New Designer Sexy Men's Slim Fit Dress Formal Casual Shirt How to find the extra picture for each color?On the top of this page, below the item title, there is a field called "Colour:".Next to it, there is a drop-down list.Click the list, the whole colors list will show.Click the color, the picture on the left will be changed to related one.By this way, you can see all colors and their pictures exactly. For certain item, how to buy more than 1 in an order?1, choose the color you want2, below the "Colour:" field, there is another field called "Quantity:" 3, enter the number you want to buy4, click "Buy it now" button. How to buy different colors? How to get all items in 1 package?

Return to Origins Recycling Program At Origins, we believe the well-being of our planet is vital to the well-being of the people who populate it. And we have a responsibility to respect the world around us for future generations. Here’s what this means. Our products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices. And we use recycled materials wherever possible.