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Pattern Drafting & Draping

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How To Add Butterfly Sleeves To A Top Or Dress. Today I'll show you the easiest way to add butterfly sleeves to a top or dress.

How To Add Butterfly Sleeves To A Top Or Dress

We all have one top or dress that we always wished had sleeves. In this tutorial I am using the Tina top I shared with you two weeks ago. I have to admit I prefer the top sleeveless but that is just me. If you read the comments below the majority of you wished the top had sleeves. Normally flutter sleeves are seen on a V-neck or wide round necklines since the shape of the sleeves tends to make the upper chest area wider.

I am an hourglass (but lately hmmm… the hourglass is becoming rather a peanut in shell kind of shape…) wide shoulders and a bust that is the same width as my hips, the waist was 10″ smaller, now it is 7? Video: How to Take Four Different Body Measurements.

Lingerie and underwear pattern drafting/modifications

For Print.Nancy Coffey 'Innovative Pattern Cutting' by Nancy Coffey. Practical dress design by Teodor Niță. Richardson, keith designing and patternmaking for stretch fabrics by tallerbioarq. Pattern cutting / View all - Learn how to make patterns – Cut Up Studio. A Few Threads Loose: Making a Kimono Sleeve Dress from the Woman's Institute. Pages Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

A Few Threads Loose: Making a Kimono Sleeve Dress from the Woman's Institute

Throwback Thursday: How to add seam allowance to a sewing pattern — In the Folds. The other, which I have used for this tutorial, only show has a line for every 5mm.

Throwback Thursday: How to add seam allowance to a sewing pattern — In the Folds

If I am using a 1cm / 1.5cm / 2cm seam allowance, then this is definitely the one I reach for, as there are a lot fewer lines to get confused by! Before getting started Before getting started, have a think about the seam allowances you plan to use. I know some commercial patterns use the same seam allowance on every seam, but I think you are much better off changing the allowance depending on the seam. This will help you get a much cleaner and more professional finish. The seam allowance required will have a lot to do with the fabric you are using, and how you will be finishing the seams too. The skirt series — In the Folds. Design Your Own Sewing Patterns. Share this: The feature I wrote on designing your own fabric proved so popular I decided to write one about getting your craft or sewing patterns printed.

Design Your Own Sewing Patterns

I interrogated UK pattern printing SewPrint to find out more. Is there a particular format patterns have to be designed in? Any recommended software to use? It all depends what type of pattern you are designing. For larger garment patterns it is better to get them professionally graded digitally. Commercial Pattern Archive - FAQ. Can I visit the Pattern Archive?

Commercial Pattern Archive - FAQ

Yes, we are open to researchers by appointment Monday through Friday from 9a.m.-4:30 p.m. The Commercial Pattern Archive is located in Special Collections in the University of Rhode Island Library. To schedule an appointment, please contact Joy Emery by e-mail at or by telephone at (401) 874-2713. For directions and parking information, please visit the University Web Site. How are the patterns dated? Design Your Own In-seam Pockets    Pockets are delightful details that seem to make every garment just a little bit better.

Design Your Own In-seam Pockets   

Whenever I’m ecstatically showing off a recent make, I always save the best for last,“…and it’s got pockets!” There are all kinds of in-seam pockets, but there are a few that you will see more frequently than others. I will walk you through how to draft a classic in-seam pocket, an inserted pocket, and—my favorite—the diagonal pocket. More Free Printable French Curves + Hip Curves.

If you’re looking for printable French curves or hip curves with measurement marks, here you go.

More Free Printable French Curves + Hip Curves

I made both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) curves. The inch/centimeter marks are not numbered, so you can decide where you want to start numbering and add the numbers yourself. The pdfs have multiple pages – there are mirror image curves in case you need a curve facing the other way, and the French curves come in three sizes. On my inkjet printer the scale only comes out right if I print on the highest quality print setting, so watch out for that. Cómo interpretar y dibujar un patrón chino gratuito. Vestido o top muy fácil - yo elijo Coser. Cuando buscas patrones de ropa por internet descubres que la forma de de hacer ( o al menos de transmitir) esos patrones no es la misma en todas las culturas.

Cómo interpretar y dibujar un patrón chino gratuito. Vestido o top muy fácil - yo elijo Coser

Patrón gratis: vestido globo. Copiando el diseño japonés Moyuru - yo elijo Coser. Ya hemos hablado otras veces de los PATRONES JAPONESES y, si hay algo que defina a la moda japonesa es la originalidad escondida en los diseños cómodos y engañosamente simples.

Patrón gratis: vestido globo. Copiando el diseño japonés Moyuru - yo elijo Coser

Applying Golden Section Concepts to WW2 Suits « 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. I’m making the View 2 Jacket from Advance 2960 for Sherry’s RTW Tailoring Sewalong.

Applying Golden Section Concepts to WW2 Suits « 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

Thanks to miserly cutting, I (probably) have enough fabric left to make a slim skirt. I already have an a-line skirt with an inverted front pleat so I won’t use the pattern’s skirt. Besides I feel a desire to stretch my drafting muscles a little. Some of you may remember my first post on Golden Ratio and how it may apply to sewing: “Sometimes in the course of garment construction or design, the sewist must make a seemingly arbitrary decision about… length, {or} depth… A poor judgment call on one of these seemingly random decisions can render the garment dowdy or ridiculous… The ancients faced a similar problem in architecture, and artists often turn to the golden ratio in their work.

Since then, I’ve applied the concepts to several projects- Maria Jeans and the Moderne skirt length among them. Let me walk you through my work the other day as I puzzled this out. Well-suited: Pattern Puzzle - The Pocket Drape. Last Saturday we all enjoyed a fab conversation about the #PatternPuzzle. As a bonus Julie's friend, Lynn Hoffman, shared a fashion history connection with our puzzle and an 1880's polonaise jacket. When posting the sketch of the puzzle I included images of the historic reference. It is interesting to see how Lynn made the pattern shape connection with the drape and waterfall of these historic garments.

The design for this puzzle is in fact 15 years old. I developed the design forecast project pictured below back in 1998. The image below is the one offered to our #PatternPuzzle fans on Saturday morning. Asymmetric skirt. This is the first adaptation from my Basic Pencil skirt pattern I made a few weeks ago. It’s all about showing you how easy it can be to start from there and create the skirt of your dreams. Stretch fabrics and fit. Recently, I received an email from Carole. Carole just got herself a brand new Wiggle skirt pattern and she had a question: “Does this pattern really need a fabric with 50% stretch? Would it work with a fabric that has 20% stretch? Would I have to use a larger size to compensate for the difference in stretch, or add some ease to the pattern?” What an excellent question. IJFTR%2036(4)%20366-379. The Ultimate Knitting Experience. Standard Yarn Weight System.

Know Your Knits. Be My Baby Pattern. Wrap yourself up in the Be My Baby's warm embrace this winter. This non-bulky sleeve-sweater hybrid has the simple shape and form of a scarf and at the same time the practical functionality of a sleeve. Super cozy and comfy, the Be My Baby is ridiculously multi-functional. Pair it with a top for effortless style on milder days or wear it under your winter coat to stay extra warm. The Be My Baby sleeves are knitted using Sugar Baby Alpaca and the scarf section is knitted using a combination of Sugar Baby Alpaca and Shiny Happy Cotton This design requires: 8 x Balls of Sugar Baby Alpaca, 4 x Balls of Shiny Happy Cotton, two pairs of needles.

For the love of it: Women on farms take knitting online - ABC Rural. Updated Women spanning four generations of the wool industry are fulfilling their love of knitting by taking part in a home grown online venture. I imagined they would tell me I had rocks in my head Annabel Scott, founder, Wool with Love "Wool With Love" is the brainchild of Yass New South Wales born and bred farm girl Annabel Scott, who now resides on her own family farm, just outside of Cootamundra. Frustrated that she could not find any woollen clothes for her young children, Mrs Scott wondered if she could empower older women living on nearby farms to knit jumpers which could be sold online to the masses.

Queanbeyan's guerrilla knitters get crafty. QUEANBEYAN is set for a warm and woolly makeover this October as a group of not-so-renegade residents gear up to 'yarn bomb' the town. Queanbeyan resident Lori Mancell is organising a 'yarn bomb' which will see parts of the town covered in knitted creations. Photo: Kim Pham. Public artworks and outdoor structures will be be covered in colorful displays of knitted or crocheted wool for a limited period as part of the 'yarn bomb' The project, titled 'The Great Queanbeyan Stitch Up', is set to coincide with the Queanbeyan River Festival on October 17. Queanbeyan local Lori Mancell is heading the community project and said they were looking at sites including the Sensory Garden.

She estimates they need a minimum of 175 metres of knitted material to cover the traffic thoroughfare. "I wanted to create something happy, fun, warm and fuzzy. SO MUCH YARN, SO LITTLE TIME!: Socktoberfest feature: The Latvian Twist Cuff. How to make a Latvian Twist cuff. I think this is a beautiful detail on socks, and would look equally as lovely on gloves or a hat. For this particular project, I am using 3 colours and a knit 4 twist repeat. You could use whatever colour combination and make your twist longer with more stitches knit inbetween, or shorter with less stitches knit inbetween.

The cuff is worked back and forth on long needles (or circs) then switch to your double pointed needles or magic loop and join in the round. Cast on with CC1 (contrast colour)With main colour, knit 2 rows. How to Knit the Scallop Pattern Stitch. This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the Scallop Pattern stitch. Sew Steamboat Blogs. Here’s an interesting, yet troubling fact: since our country was established in 1776, there have been only 21 calendar years (out of 239) in which we have not been engaged in some sort of war activity.

In my last article, I described how women during the American Revolution pitched in by knitting to help th. Silver Reed Knitting Systems. Electronic Knitting Systems. Calculate your yarn. Ever wondered how? Here's a free guide. 1940s Knitting Patterns. Call that a knife? – Solid gold creativity.

Block drafting

Measurement Conversions. Zero Waste Pattern Development. Transformational Reconstruction. Pattern Alterations. MarvelousDesigner. Sewing Patterns, PDF Sewing Patterns, Sewing Videos. Sewing Patterns, Easy Online PDF Sewing Patterns and Sewing Videos, for Beginners, the Best Sewing Pattern Downloads. Unless otherwise stated, all patterns are drafted in sizes 6-22 This is probably about the simplest form of garment you can imagine for your wardrobe. However it is the most useful and you will never tire of making it. The Jeans Sewing Pattern is easier to sew than you think. It is probably takes less time to sew a pair than it does to watch my video! One of the very best coat designs. The man's cut shirt. Dixie DIY: indie pattern company. Fashion Designer's Carry All. Easy DIY Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial. Today’s project is one of my favorites yet. MakeMyPattern. Parisian ladies' tailoring system for designing... Шьём легко и просто.

Сшить юбку. Много идей и выкройки юбки. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников. 25 Modelos de Blusas e Blusões-Gil Brandão. Sugar Tart Crafts: Peanut Swaddler Tutorial. The Haslam System of Dresscutting 1929. Translate. 1942—Modern Pattern Design—Table of Contents (Short)—Pattern Designing. Rhonda's Creative Life: Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. Textbook V10 (En) - GRAFIS Software Dr. K. Friedrich. How to Use PDF Sewing Patterns (with downloadable checklist!) - Coletterie. INNOVATIVE PATTERN CUTTING FOR GRADUATES + PROFESSIONALS 2013 by Innovative Pattern Cutting @ CSM. … it ain’t rocket science. How to Use Quarter Scale Patterns in Design. Modelista.

Sabrina - Student Designer: "How to Calculate Your Bust Dart Size: The Formula that Takes the Guess-work out of FBAs and SBAs" COME SEW LUTTERLOH WITH ME. … it ain’t rocket science. In the mood for Couture. Draping and Moulage - The Cutting Class. Vintage Chic: Quick & Easy Summer Wardrobe Patterns 1948. Tailoring (women's) [from old catalog]

Key line system of garment cutting. The national garment cutter book of diagrams. G... Instruction book...designing, pattern drafting,... The science of grading patterns for men's, boys... Garment Design, Pattern Drafting, Software & Grading Services. Мастер-класс - The basic pencil skirt pattern. 1920sHomeSewing-074.png (PNG Image, 923 × 1133 pixels) - Scaled (79. 1920sHomeSewing-072.png 918×1,300 pixels. Rhonda's Creative Life: Sleeves On Saturdays. Pattern Drafting with Cal Patch ~ Creativebug Subscription Giveaway - Sew Mama Sew. Lutterloh. Russian Pattern Drafting Site. Vogue Guide_Pattern Grading. Adjusting block for stretch fabrics. Dress Design Draping and Flat Pattern Making. Friday Freebie: Fundamentals of Patternmaking II.