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Lekala Sewing Patterns - Site

War : ended. | The Tiny Tailoress I am very happy to show you today my new Pauline Alice’s Carme blouse. Happy and relieved, because boy, it has been HELL. I felt at war with this garment. I had to fight the pattern, that was way to big for my petite figure (remember my first attempt?), then I had to fight my fabric, which was thin, and also very loosely woven. Anyway, it is done now, and I am very (surprisingly) happy with how good it looks in the end. Je suis ravie de vous montrer enfin ma nouvelle blouse Carme de chez Pauline Alice. Mais passons, ce qui est fait est fait, et je suis étonnement contente du résultat. Petite : Get the Yoke rightLe plastron pour les petites. I started grading the yoke on paper, adding as much to the front piece as I had subtracted from the yoke piece. I think I cut close to 2 inches away from that yoke piece… I’m 5′ , to give you an idea. J’ai commencé par grader le plastron sur le patron, ajoutant autant sur le devant que j’enlevais à l’empiècement. Sheer fabric / Transparence Like this:

Truly Victorian Small Sewing Space Tip #5: Multi-Purpose is Your Friend - Andrea's Notebook Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 5. Multipurpose is your friend. If you’ve got a sewing desk, put a cutting mat on top and make it a cutting table as well. Professional lingerie patterns and sewing supplies — Make Bra Today I’m experimenting how a georgette fabric works as a bra and brief material. A primary reason why I picked up this particular fabric from the fabric store were these beautiful roses. A lot of them in different sizes and shapes, bringing a real challenge to the design. Freedom to choose the most beautiful ones. I love this part of the process. And, roses. The Georgette Fabric Let’s examine the fabric a little more detail. Preparing the Cup Cover Georgette fabric is easily fraying and therefore it is wise to minimize the amount/length of seams if possible. Decorating the Briefs It’s difficult to use a non stretch fabric as a brief material because garment must be so highly elastic. The Result The rose gardener’s bra and brief set looks rather pretty, feels great when wearing, but what happens when the set will be washed the first time?

Small Sewing Space Tip #4: Hide in Plain Sight - Andrea's Notebook Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 4. Fold up, fold down, store away. Your sewing space is visible to your friends, neighbors and family so think about functionality when in use AND when it’s not in use.

Independent Sewing Patterns for the Plus-Sized Sewist - The Finished Garment The Big List of Plus Size Independent Pattern Designers Am I plus-sized? I don’t know. It all depends on what plus-size means. So I’ve put together a list of sewing patterns companies that make things a bit bigger (plus-size, curvy, full-figured?) This list was last updated on August 3, 2014. Women Men For each company, I’ve listed the largest size they carry (in their own sizing terms, which vary quite a bit) and the largest bust/chest size in inches, since it is a measurement that is universally listed. Since the average bust measurement is 40″, according to Size USA, I’m listing everything above. Women Independent pattern companies bust 41″-43″ Independent pattern companies that go up to size EUR 46, US size 20, bust 41″-43″. Independent pattern companies bust 43″-45″ Independent pattern companies that go up to size EUR 48, US size 22, bust 43″-45″. C’est Dimanche – Maximum size: 44 bust 43.5″Blousette Rose – Maximum size: 48 bust 43.5″Das Milchmonster – Maximum size: 48 bust ??? Men Related

Small Sewing Space Tip #3: Think Outside the Box - Andrea's Notebook Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 3. Think outside the box. Get creative with your space! Sewing School Lazy picnics in the park, long walks on the beach or balmy evenings out with friends: there’s nowhere this breezily stylish summer frock won’t take you! For this fantastic free pattern, we’ve teamed up the lovely lasses from Pattern Runway, a new boutique pattern company with all kinds of stylish downloadable sewing patterns. Wear this little number with flats, with hats, with sunnies and with headscarves – dress it up or down for any occasion and enjoy sporting this seasonal staple all summer long. We made ours in a light, breathable cotton from The Fabric Store, but it also works well in lived-in linen or beautiful, draped silk – play around with different pattern options like stripes, polka dots, printed or plain. And the best thing about this fantastic frock? Download the instructions here. Download the pattern here. Download the instructions here. Download the pattern here. Hey there, short stuff! Download the instructions here. Download the instructions and patterns here.