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Block drafting

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Drafting a cuff placket — em makes patterns. Or, in the case of this post, a cuff placket, which helps your hand into the garment.

Drafting a cuff placket — em makes patterns

The process of drafting a cuff placket is quite a straightforward one... Once you know how to do it. But sometimes the 'knowing how to do it' bit can be the problem. Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Pattern Notches. Alexander Wang, RST13, New York.

Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Pattern Notches

When a piece of fabric is first cut out, it has none of the markings that are seen on the pattern. For a machinist to sew these two pieces of fabric together effectively they need to know: How much value has been allowed as seam allowance? How do the two seams match to each other? PatternLab - free sewing patterns and online pattern cutting courses. Digitising - Pathfinder Australia. "Digitizing made easy" Pathfinder's digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.

Digitising - Pathfinder Australia

Digitizing is a standard feature within PathWorks®. PhotoDigitizing is an integrated option available within PathWorks®. Digitizing table (Traditional Method) Pathfinder's electronic digitizing table is compatible with most CAD systems on the market. Sizes available: A0- 36' x 48' (914mm x 1219mm)A00- 44' x 60' (118mm x 1524mm) The Logic Group Jumbo Tracer. Description Designed specifically for the CNC, CAD, Cutting and Pattern Making industries, The Jumbo Trace Digitizing System consisting of multiple digitizing tablets and Jumbo Trace digitizing software by The Logic Group can quickly and easily trace any outline, template, object, or part and create a DXF graphics file on your computer ready for use by any CNC or cutting software and machine.

The Logic Group Jumbo Tracer

Tracing objects and creating computer graphics files is fast and easy: 1. Place item on digitizing tablet 2. Circle Skirt App. Sugar Tart Crafts: Standard Measurements for Kids Clothes. Ta Da!

Sugar Tart Crafts: Standard Measurements for Kids Clothes

I'm finally ready (maybe) to get things started on a series that I'm really excited about. Drafting bodice and sleeve patterns for kids’ clothes. Circle skirt maths - explained! How many times in Maths class did/do you ever wonder when in the hell you'd actually need to know equations like this in real life?

Circle skirt maths - explained!

Well, to my dismay, it turns out that when you like to make stuff, Maths is kind of fundamental. Especially when it comes to making circle skirts. One of the easiest and quickest garments you can whip up on your machine, provided you can first figure out the radius of your waistline circumference... Ugh. Measuring Curved Paths in Illustrator. Draft a skirt block — em makes patterns. Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Maintenance. The building block for your own designs In fashion design, the pattern you start with is called a sloper, or block pattern.

Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Maintenance

It is made to fit you without any flare at the hem and it runs the length of your body from your true waist to the top of your knee. Drafting a Tee Pattern from Measurements // Stretch Yourself. This series is sponsored by Baby Lock.

Drafting a Tee Pattern from Measurements // Stretch Yourself

For over 40 years, Babylock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance. Isn’t it fun how we’re all different? Straight, curvy, plump or lean—we’re all trying to rock what Mother Nature gave us, and often it’s hard to find clothes that fit just right. Drafting - An Epilogue.

One thing to remember: there is no single correct way of drafting.

Drafting - An Epilogue

Another way of saying it is that everyone drafts differently. There is a lot of personal preference or personal style in it. Some people always like roomier drafts. Some people always make snug slopers. Some people draft big sleeve caps with a lot of ease. Different books, written by different authors, will show you different templates for blocks and slopers.

Tip: Make your sloper snug. Leggings Pattern and tutorial. In many parts of the world Autumn or Fall is here and Winter is on the way.

Leggings Pattern and tutorial

It’s time to think about wrapping up warm and adding an extra layer. Old school: A shoulder dart for nerds - Iconic Patterns. In one of my previous posts I described a shoulder dart calculation method. It is, of course, one of many, and possibly one of the easiest. Today I’d like to tell you about another method, much more complicated and for this reason much more interesting (to me, anyway). This pattern drafting method was developed by an organisation called “Central Institute of Scientific Research of Apparel Manufacturing” in ex-USSR.

Introducing the Pattern Drafting Jeans Sew-Along! - Laura After Midnight. I have been making my own Jeans and Trousers since I was about 16-ish, and I still remember the utter satisfaction- after another failed shopping trip to buy Jeans, any Jeans! - of rushing to my local Fabric Shop, buying the only Jeans Pattern available and making my first pair that very same day. They were great, I mean I’m sure they had a little wobble in the stitching here and there but even my Mum was impressed and I literally haven’t shopped for Trousers or Jeans since. Blessed with my Grandmothers huge hips, as well as height it has always been difficult to shop for clothing. Fat or thin I have always struggled however; I was to receive a rescue of sorts that same year I was 16 when I toddled off to Art School to study Fashion and Textiles… dear reader, I was introduced to the mystical art of Pattern Cutting. 20 Tips for Writing Good Quality PDF Patterns - Things for Boys.

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter. Thanks for visiting! I love that there are so many indie pattern designers around these days. Modern day sewists are really spoiled for choice! You can find patterns and tutorials to suit any taste to make almost anything you want. A Few Threads Loose: How to Draft a Trousers Pattern - A Tutorial. Hello my dear readers, This month I have really had trousers on my mind. A trip to Banana Republic where everything was lovely, expensive, and way too short for my long legs had me thinking, "I can make this! Why would I pay $100 for something that just won't quite fit right? " Grading. For such a quiet little web site, my site does require quite a bit of work – hence the silence.

I am happy to report that I’ve mostly won the battle and added lots to it in the past few weeks, both seen and unseen. There are now kits, needles, notions and a few books I’m enthusiastic about. Also had a wee sale on black Friday which was announced to newsletter subscribers only – I will continue to announce any price breaks solely there, so sign up if you’d like to be in the loop! But, back to the subject at hand… It’s been a while since I promised to write about grading, but it’s a lengthy subject and requires an uninterrupted block of time. Before we can start about grading, let’s take a quick look at patterns and where they come from.

Flat patternmaking begins with what is known as a block or sloper – these are shells which fit the body with only wearing ease added. Once a block has been perfected, it can be used again and again to create new styles by drawing new style lines. Sugar Tart Crafts: Drafting a Bodice Front. How to Make a Basic Skirt Pattern.

Using Adobe Illustrator for flat pattern drafting. I draft my own sewing patterns. I had been doing this on paper, but got tired of having to copy, cut, tape, and recopy patterns every time I wanted to modify a design. Circle skirt calculator – for the drafting of full, half and 3/4 skirts. With bonus grading worksheet! Special Sunday greetings you naked molerats! Since you’re so naked, I thought you might want to make yourselves some nice little circle skirts. And perhaps, like me, you find yourself with little mole rat patterns just a touch on the small side.

Well-suited: Pattern Fundamentals - Stretch Skirt Block. Leena' PatternMaker Tutorial Web Site. The following measurements are needed for PatternMaker women's macros. Use these instructions also when drafting patterns according to the instructions on the. Design and Sew Your Own Leggings.

Cal Patch is a renaissance crafter, with know-how spanning the fields of crochet, pattern-making, sewing, embroidery, dyeing, printing, spinning, and beyond. Pattern drafting. You need 1 18″ reversible nylon closed zipper2.5 yds. of shell fabric, 60″ wide1.5 yds. of liner fabric, 60″ wideCoordinating thread1 roll of kraft paper or pattern-making papper1 tracing wheel On a sheet of kraft paper, draw a straight line about 2″ from the edge along the length. In the middle of this line, mark point 1. Constructing the basic sloper pattern. Grosgrain: Free Pattern Drafting Calculator for Your Measurements....and my commentary on drafting patterns for dummies;-) I will admit, when I first saw the calculator (ie Excel document) it looked as confusing as a building schematic. Introducting the 'Make Your Own Pattern Blocks' Series - SEWLOFT.