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Tapad 12 types of new content to attract your audience Hubspot spread the word that there are now more companies blogging than there are companies not blogging. And as I look at the strategy documents we’ve been creating for clients this summer that definitely seems to be the case. Clients are looking for that blog consulting component as part of their SEO audit or larger link building services. Whether it’s the effect of Panda, Google+ or simply a more competitive market, businesses are looking toward new content as the key in helping them to build a brand, to foster a flowing conversation and, of course, to demonstrate their authority on a particular topic. But no one said fresh content had to be a 900-word blog post or another badly crafted infographic. When coming up with this month’s editorial calendar or putting together your content creation goals, why not consider some additional content types? Below are 12 new content flavors to help you attract your audience. 1. 2. One company that’s rocking the marketing webinars is Hubspot. 3. 4.