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Professional Network
Sign in Amaia found a new job on Viadeo. Amaia, consultant. James found an internship on Viadeo. James, student. Graham was contacted by investors on Viadeo.

GetGlue: Check-in To Entertainment Social Network for Entertainment Discover what to watch, share what you're watching with friends and fans, and get updates from your favorite shows. ASMALLWORLD Forgot Username / Password? Interested in Membership? » First look at future of work: Yammer and Salesforce Chatter have new competition: Convofy At Rackspace we’ve been trying to decide between Yammer and Salesforce Chatter. These systems are like Facebook or Twitter for working with your coworkers. Just when we thought we figured out the new “social enterprise” market along comes Convofy. Action Method Competitors Competitors Box Online document storage solution with community features and integrated mashup partners for editing, signing, faxing, and more. Record and share video live from your mobile phone At Skype, we know and love that technology continues to evolve. Today, people carry smartphones around in their pockets instead of being tethered to a desk, allowing people to stay in touch on the go. Skype has likewise evolved to help people stay connected from anywhere on any device, and we’ve continued to see growth on Skype for mobile devices. In fact, we’re honored that Skype is consistently rated as one of the top mobile apps on iTunes, the Google Play Store and the Windows Phone Store. We’re always hard at work evolving Skype for mobile, and have continued to add new features, such as group video calling.

11 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Experience If there's one thing that ties all your digital experiences together, it's your browser — let's presume it's Chrome. Maybe you use it on mobile in addition to desktop. It gets to know you, and you, it. But everyone has a few tricks up his or her sleeve. Rapportive Connects Gmail Inbox & Address Book Gmail and Google Contacts users no longer need to exit an email message to look up the sender's contact information. Gmail add-on and social intelligence startup Rapportive has an update that connects a user's Gmail inbox to his or her Google address book. Rapportive, the Y Combinator startup that uses the right-hand side of email messages to display the sender's social profiles, Facebook updates, LinkedIn info and the like, can now grab relevant contact details from Google Contacts and display them alongside each email message. "Any photos, phone numbers and occupations in your Google Contacts will be seamlessly integrated into your Rapportive sidebar," Rapportive CEO Rahul Vohra writes of the integration. To use the new features, users can select the "Connect my networks" option from the Rapportive drop-down at the top of their inbox and then click "Sign in with Google" to make the connection between Google Contacts and Rapportive.

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The Connections Between Social Networks and Cloud Computing Everyone is talking about “the cloud.” But what does it mean? Business applications are moving to the cloud. It’s not just a fad—the shift from traditional software models to the Internet has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. How Secure Is My Password? Entries are 100% secure and not stored in any way or shared with anyone. Period. As Seen On

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