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Coming soon Vote for your favorite applications to become Bitnami packages on our wishlist page. We will add the most popular apps to the Bitnami application library. Photo Sharing,Video Sharing,Media sharing,Java,PostgreSQL,Ant,Apache Maven,Tomcat,Apache,dspace DSpace 303 votes Bug Tracking,Developer Tools,Project Management,Python,MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Setuptols,psycopg2,Apache,apachebloodhound apache-bloodhound 99 votes Bug Tracking,Project Management,Ruby on Rails,Bundler,MySQL,Phusion Passenger,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Thin,RMagick,chiliproject ChiliProject 84 votes CRM,CMS,Collaboration,ECM,Java,JBoss,MySQL,Tomcat,Apache,centraview CentraView 4 votes CMS,PHP,C,JavaScript,lighttpd,MySQL,PostgreSQL,Python,SQLite,Backbone.js,Backbone.Sync,VIE,jQuery,GLib,D-Bus,Memcache,APC,Apache,midgard Midgard 3 votes Blog,Forum,Photo Sharing,Project Management,Wiki,Collaboration,Java,MySQL,Tomcat,kablink Kablink StatusNet

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Higher Ed in Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Vol. 10, No. 1, March 2014, Aimee deNoyelles, Janet Mannheimer Zydney, Baiyun Chen. Abstract Asynchronous discussions are often utilized in online courses to provide a venue for students to openly communicate and build shared understanding, and for instructors to skillfully facilitate the process. While discussions can be invaluable toward creating and sustaining an online community of inquiry (CoI), they are not effective if not optimally designed. It is the authors’ position that it is helpful to identify research-proven online discussion strategies and conceptualize them into the CoI framework, which has been extensively studied and validated. This framework posits that there are three interrelated presences – social, cognitive, and teaching – that must be perceived by members in order to facilitate a successful educational experience. than hosting A polyglot, multicloud PaaS, with continuous deployment built in. At we believe your code should just run. Monoliths? Microservices? Hyper-V Remote Management: Workgroup Vista Client to Domain-Bound Server » Danny Thorpe So here I am configuring my dev machine in Redmond from my laptop in my home office in Santa Cruz. I’m all VPN’d and security card authenticated up the wazoo, installing this and configuring that on the dev machine via Remote Desktop. (Praise be to RD!) I get Hyper-V set up on the dev machine so I can create and destroy virtual machine configurations with impunity while developing and testing on beta stuff. I create a new VM in Hyper-V, allocate some RAM and HD to it, and tell it to boot off the network so I can install a stock Vista configuration from corpnet (corpnet does have some pretty cool services now and then). It boots up, and I can see in the little thumbnail that something is alive in there.

HTML5 Latest Published Version: Latest Editor's Draft: Previous Versions: Editors: Robin Berjon, W3C Apps Like MooseFS & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today - □□□□□□□□□ MooseFS is a fault tolerant, network distributed file system. Created by Core Technology, Inc. MooseFS is a fault-tolerant distributed file system. It spreads data over several physical locations(servers), which are visible to user as one resource. Find Top 10 MooseFS Alternatives

25+ Best Bootstrap Editors & Builders Bootstrap is a front-end framework that was created to build responsive web designs much easier. The purpose of bootstrap is to give a very firm foundations for your responsive web development. You are still allowed to customise the files to build great custom websites. Bootstrap has several advantages, the first thing is it work well with browsers. For most of the front end developers, browser compatibility is a headache bootstrap eliminates this issue. Another advantage is It is open source and well supported by a great community.

Configuring and Understanding Zsh There are many boring tasks we repeat day after day: creating, copying, moving or searching files, launching again and again the same tools, docker containers, and whatnot. For a developer, the shell is a precious asset which can increase your efficiency over time. It will bring powerful tools at your fingertips, and, more importantly, it will allow you to automate many parts of your workflow. To leverage these functionalities, you’ll need a powerful and flexible shell. Today, I would like to present your next best friend: the Z shell, or Zsh. If you look at the documentation (around 450 pages for the PDF version), Zsh can feel daunting. Hey, Scripting Guy! How Long Has My Server Been Up? - Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog Hey, Scripting Guy! Everyone at work has the idea that our network is unreliable. However, I know that our servers are seldom down. How can I prove to them that I know my stuff?-- HB

Open Source How to Contribute Do you have an idea for improving Zimbra? Have you developed a great mash-up? Zimbra is excited to take contributions that advance the quality and innovation of its collaboration platform. Our principal reason for open sourcing Zimbra Collaboration is our hope to grow a thriving community around this technology. 64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information Julie Greller’s blog A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet features some great content for teachers. Posts are sorted by subject and grade level, and there’s also a link to some free ebooks. In this post, she offers a list of links to resources for digital storytelling. 100+ Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves part I 100+ Digital Storytelling Tools…part II

sans titre The first time you open your terminal and write rails new the sheer number of files and folders that are created can be overwhelming. You may even work on numerous Rails projects without ever opening many of these folders - so what exactly are they? What are they doing behind the scenes? Well, the truth is that you don’t need many of them and Rails has several flags built into the new command which will allow you to create a new project without some of the built-in defaults of Rails (to learn more just type out rails new —help). That said, for most projects you’ll be running rails new and creating a beastly project folder. Optware/ipkg on Synology DS211+ ModdingNote that the following covers the DS211+ device, which is characterized by being based on the Marvell Kirkwood mv6282 ARM core (1.6Ghz version of 1.2Ghz mv6281). AFAIK the content of this blog entry should be equally applicable to all DS211 variations, but you should consult the Synology wiki for your device to be certain. While quite feature rich out-of-the-box, developer types will likely want to make their NAS do even more, either out of a real need or just to tinker. For instance, I eventually plan to connect my USB weather station and generate live charts. Because of the modding desire, Synology has a faily comprehensive wiki about the subject. To make a long story short, ease of modding is greatly assisted by the possibility of installing Optware package manager.

Open source software architects provides enterprise development lessons and tips In the secretive and profit-focused world of proprietary software development, the open source community stands as the champion for doing things differently. The application architects and the midnight-oil burning software developers who make open source software (OSS) work believe that the driving principles of open source software success are the FACTS: The creation of consumable parts is a side effect of using the right approach to build software. Raymond Augé, Senior Software Architect at Liferay Freedom Accessibility Collaboration Transparency Sharing