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Coming soon Vote for your favorite applications to become Bitnami packages on our wishlist page. We will add the most popular apps to the Bitnami application library. Photo Sharing,Video Sharing,Media sharing,Java,PostgreSQL,Ant,Apache Maven,Tomcat,Apache,dspace DSpace 303 votes Bug Tracking,Developer Tools,Project Management,Python,MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Setuptols,psycopg2,Apache,apachebloodhound apache-bloodhound 99 votes Bug Tracking,Project Management,Ruby on Rails,Bundler,MySQL,Phusion Passenger,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Thin,RMagick,chiliproject ChiliProject 84 votes CRM,CMS,Collaboration,ECM,Java,JBoss,MySQL,Tomcat,Apache,centraview CentraView 4 votes CMS,PHP,C,JavaScript,lighttpd,MySQL,PostgreSQL,Python,SQLite,Backbone.js,Backbone.Sync,VIE,jQuery,GLib,D-Bus,Memcache,APC,Apache,midgard Midgard 3 votes Blog,Forum,Photo Sharing,Project Management,Wiki,Collaboration,Java,MySQL,Tomcat,kablink Kablink StatusNet

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Softaculous Auto Installer What our customers have to say We wanted to make it easier for our customers to update their website applications as this is critical for their website security. Since the switch from Fantastico to Softaculous our customers have been continuously expressing their satisfaction with the immediate update availability offered by Softaculous and we have seen a rising numbers of application updates happening. For our team at SiteGround it is also very important that the communication with the Softaculous team is very easy and thanks to their API we are able to automate and customize the software installation and update processes on our servers, which was impossible before. We know now that the migration of all our 1100+ servers was worth it! Nikolay Todorov, CTO Show All

Installation - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans Install Composer Laravel utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. So, before using Laravel, you will need to make sure you have Composer installed on your machine. Bluefish Editor : Download Official Bluefish releases and documentation The latest stable version is Bluefish 2.2.10 which can be downloaded from our download server in Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany: Alternatively some files are also available through Sourceforge: Pusher libraries Pusher API libraries Sending and receiving messages using the Pusher API requires libraries. In this section you’ll find libraries for a variety of platforms. Pusher libraries are divided into 2 categories:

jCryption 3.1.0 - openssl, javascript form encryption I've released jCryption 3.0.1 with a critical security bugfix for the PHP example.Everyone who uses jCryption and just copy/pasted the example provided in the repo should immediately update their code. The JS just received some minor changes. Credits goes to David Tomaschik of the Google Security Team for pointing that out. Preface (tl;dr) I started jCryption in 2009 as a jQuery plugin for encrypting form data in javascript mainly because there was no plugin doing exactly that.

Developer's Guide - Google Web Search API (Deprecated) Note: The Google Web Search API was officially deprecated as of November 1, 2010. Per our deprecation policy it has operated for more than three years past its deprecation date. Its last day of operation will be September 29, 2014. We encourage you to investigate the Custom Search API, which may provide an alternative solution. This documentation is designed for people familiar with Javascript programming and object-oriented programming concepts. There are many Javascript tutorials available on the Web

Smartphone Remote Control with Node.js and Nick Anastasov Wouldn’t it be cool to use your smartphone as a remote control? It turns out it is not difficult at all! You don’t even need to know how to write native mobile apps – your phone has a fully capable web browser with support for web sockets, which opens a lot of possibilities. EXSLT - Dates and Times Implementer Page: date.htmlModule Package: EXSLT - Dates and Times covers date and time-related extension elements and functions. Many of the functions in this module use strings in the formats specified by the date and time-related data types defined in [XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes]. Mind Map Additional commands are available on the context menus. The layout is controlled by moving the nodes closest to the tree's root node. When one of these nodes is moved horizontally to the other side of the root, all of its children will be sent to Layout.doLayout with a new direction, causing text to always be moved outwards from the root.

Panels Flexible by design, panels can be used for navigation, forms, inspectors and more. Jump to section Panel examples Left panel examples API - - Bitcoin and Crypto-currency Exchange Platform The following APIs can be used for auto-trading in a program. Notice: please set Content-Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded in your HTTP request header if it's not the default value. Click here to obtain a Key and Secret. Use the the Secret as a passphrase to sign the POST data in SHA512 encryption.

The Best Free Books, Videos, Tutorials and More for Learning jQuery Martin Angelov jQuery is undoubtedly the most popular JavaScript library on the web today. It is used by 70% of the top websites and is becoming a defacto standard in web development. If you are looking for a programming job, knowing the library is a big plus. Things have progressed as well in terms of the quality and availability of teaching material. In other words, now is the best time to learn about web development!

CSS current work & how to participate Ex­pla­na­tion of col­ors & status codes W3C indicates the maturity of specifications by a status code. The CSS working group uses the following, from least to most stable: