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Bougies Eternelles

Bougies Eternelles

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Hexagonal Stacking Boxes The inspiration for this week’s project comes from the Japanese stacking octagonal box kit shown above. We previously used a similar technique to demonstrate a business card box with traditional elegance. We now present a surreal modern makeover for Japanese papercraft boxes by using (recycling) paperboard packaging. We follow the same basic construction techniques, but simplify it by eliminating the paper coverings and decorations. In their place, we use paperboard from cereal, cracker and cookie packaging. Shelf chained to the ceiling See that original and fun idea. It seems a shelf on the wall, right? Actually is subject, like any ota shelf, by brackets to the wall. But we have added a colorful chains hanging from the ceiling, and produce the effect that is the shelf that hangs from above. I think a very original idea, I think I could be perfectly in an entry or small hall.

More Pallet Board & Nursery Pot Planters Tree pots from a nursery are cheap. Pallet boards are FREE. Put them together to make pretty planters for your garden this season! Ugly black planter pot from our local nursery. Needs some help! Moss Acres: Moss Starter Home > Moss Products > Moss Starter Moss Sampler Set A sampling of our four varieties of moss, this set includes: - 10 square feet of Hypnum moss - Clump(s) of Haircap moss (approximately 1 sq. foot) - Clumps of Rock Cap moss (approximately 1 sq. foot) - Clumps of Cushion moss (approximately 1 sq. foot) Shipping via UPS Ground ($14).

18 Incredibly Easy DIY Tutorials To Make Wonderful Home Decor You That Must Try If you are willing to change something in your home decor, but you don’t have big budget, you need to think about adding some interesting decorations which will be focal point in your interior design, and will add fresh and pleasant feeling. But if you don’t want to spend a big amount of money for buying some decorations, you can opt for DIY decorations. In the following collection you will see 18 Incredibly Easy DIY Tutorials To Make Wonderful Home Decor You That Must Try. Here we are presenting you various tutorials how to make interesting home decoration with just a little money and a little creativity. So, look at the following tutorials and find the best DIY home decorations for your interior. Have fun!

Tissue Paper & Paper Flowers Tutorial I debated sharing this tutorial for a couple-o-reasons. Reason 1. It's a craft that has been around since before I was born and reason 2... it's a craft that has been around since before I was born. I feel like I might be a 100 years old at this point. DIY: Outdoor seating « BE HAPPY… be me Autumn is around the corner and it’s probably my favorite season. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit outdoors at twilight and just chill? I want to share this outdoor seating project my sister did in one weekend. It’s quite simple, plus it’s cute and functional! Before & After: A Cool Twist Beautiful, aren’t they? These wall-mounted succulent gardens exist because a.) I have an unquenchable desire to collect rusted industrial elements and b.) a friend named Vickie Perez. It’s because of the former that our deck is loaded with rusty ol’ bits and bobs from machines that stopped running ages ago … some so antiquated we’re not sure what function they served. And it’s through knowing Vickie that I was able to imagine these vintage rotary fan covers as planters. I first posted about Vickie’s amazing work turning old toys and other items into planters here, and reviewing that post inspired me to create the project.

Moss Acres: Transplanting moss Home > Moss Information > Transplanting Moss Preparing the Area and Transplanting Moss The critical elements here are a clear, bare, compacted surface that is free of leaves, weeds, and other debris. The soil surface should be gently scratched with a rake to slightly roughen the soil area (dug into slightly for Haircap moss to compensate for attached soil). Following a spray treatment for pH adjustment, the soil should be made damp, and the moss itself should be pressed out flat. 15 DIY crafts to make right now It's cold, it's raining and quite frankly, it's utterly miserable outside at the moment. So stay in! But then it hits you. It's not that great inside either. You're young, so you haven't got all of that furniture and all of the little decorative trinkets that accumulate over time, and if you have, you haven't got nearly enough.

Tutorial for strips roses I came across a new kind of rose at Creating Keepsakes blog. They remind me of these ones I made with ribbons. (Click here to see that tutorial)You will need cardstock or double sided patterned paper. Don't use the flimsy kind. You want it to be a bit sturdy. DIY: Rolling Underbed Wood Storage Cart - Jenna Burger I’ve been busy-busy on finishing up the details for my boys room makeover. This room has taken quite the turn from it originally being a boy/girl, sister/brother shared bedroom, to a full-on boy hangout haven! Even though my little guy is only 7 (just shy of 8), I feel it’s a space he can grow with (until I get my hands on it for another makeover, hehe). So my latest and greatest DIY project in the room is something that holds stuff that I often refer to as the ‘bane of my existence’… TOYS.

DIY Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes How to Create a Family Heritage Christmas Tree Transformation of the old material – handmade bottle DIY Dog Food Station with Storage

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