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Ideas for Using iPads for Digital Storytelling

Ideas for Using iPads for Digital Storytelling
By Sam Gliksman The following is the first of a series of excerpts from Gliksman’s book iPad in Education for Dummies. The digital aspect of storytelling raises the art to a new level of experience. The emergence of technology and digital media has resulted in some significant departures from the traditional role of storytelling in education: Stories have become media-rich experiences. Billions of mobile devices are in the hands of people worldwide, and an ever-increasing percentage of those devices contain video cameras, still cameras, and microphones. Reading and writing remain crucial educational components. When you think of storytelling from a traditional perspective, you might conjure up any of these images of Danny Kaye telling a story to a group of children seated on the ground; a kindergarten teacher reading a book to a group of young students; a parent reading a bedtime story to a child. Then we reached the information age. Related Related:  Reading

Read & Respond - Scholastic Shop Overview Now fully in line with 2014 Curriculum objectives Raise literacy and attainment through a deep and active reading of best-loved children’s stories from acclaimed authors. Read & Respond takes growing readers into the heart of over 70 timeless titles, chosen to inspire genuine delight. Each teacher resource book focuses on a popular children’s story, bringing it alive in a cross-curricular way. Read & Respond is an ideal alternative to scheme or extract-based reading, letting children discover the joy of reading whole stories and novels. “Reading and writing for enjoyment are two of the most powerful ways of getting children reading. Each resource book includes: Plot, character and setting activities Speaking and listening activities Guided and shared reading sessions Extended writing projects Cross-curricular links and creative exercises Differentiation ideas and assessment guidance Photocopiable activities Shop now! Series structure Read & Respond Read & Respond Interactive

iPad and Technology in Music Education The Best Children’s Books of 2014 by Maria Popova Intelligent and imaginative tales of love, loneliness, loyalty, loss, friendship, and everything in between. “I don’t write for children,” Maurice Sendak scoffed in his final interview. “It is an error,” wrote J.R.R. This is certainly the case with the most intelligent and imaginative “children’s” and picture-books published this year. Once in a long while, a children’s book comes by that is so gorgeous in sight and spirit, so timelessly and agelessly enchanting, that it takes my breath away. Dubuc’s warm and generous illustrations are not only magical in that singular way that only someone who understands both childhood and loneliness can afford, but also lend a mesmerizing musical quality to the story. As an endless winter descends upon Lion and Bird, they share a world of warmth and playful fellowship. Dubuc’s eloquent pictures advance the nearly wordless story, true to those moments in life that render words unnecessary. “Yes,” says Lion. Summer passes slowly, softly.

Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics Technology Up to Speed: Movie Shorts and Reading Strategies Hello friends! Monsters University, what a great movie. But, the short, "Blue Umbrella" really affected me. Not only did it make me feel sad for inanimate objects, but it also made me do some metacognition. I realized I was predicting and inferring the entire time. I realized this was a gem for introducing and practicing important reading strategies. This first google doc link is to a list of animated shorts. The second google doc link is to a list of graphic organizers to use with each short.

untitled Ziptales Online Reading Library “Kids just love it. It makes literacy fun.” Brett, TAS “Excellent content in stories.” Michele, NSW “It’s wonderful to use.” Anne, NT “Fabulous resource!” Maggie, VIC “Children really enjoy it.” Dale, VIC “I love using it.” Yvonne, VIC “It really engages our kids – they absolutely love it.” Veronica, VIC “Fantastic. Di, NSW “Great for everyone!” Dianne, VIC “Ziptales is very popular with our school.” Tony, NSW “My class love using it. Rachel, VIC “Simple to use, colourful, loads quickly, great range of stories.” Mark, NSW “We love Ziptales and thoroughly recommend it to all schools!” Gail, VIC “Fabulous! Robyn, QLD “Students in the middle years still love hearing stories and they receive a great example of what stories can sound like.” Kate, VIC “Very handy for reluctant readers!” Wendy, NSW “The stories are excellent for students who require extra reading practice.” Kirsty, VIC “Excellent reading resource!” Tracy, WA Jane, VIC Daryl, NSW “The children look forward to their Ziptales time. Jo-Ann, SA Paul, VIC Peter, QLD

Great Little Readers - Home The Reading Tumble Back in the day, when I first started teaching, when it came to reading time, the best I knew was do a story with a group of kids, then send them off with a worksheet. Sometimes I was lucky enough to have a worksheet out of a book that went with the series. Sometimes I hated that worksheet and made my own. Sometimes I had to make the worksheet because there was none. It used to take me hours on a Monday to set up my reading programme for the next week!! And the programme was boring with kids finishing at different times and not enough to keep them busy that meant any good learning was taking place. The great thing about teaching is that it is an evolving thing. So I had been out a while in the real teaching world. I think this is suitable up to Year 5, but if I have a Year 5/6 or higher class, I tend to go into a contract type system to give them more responsibility and autonomy over their learning. Above is a picture of my Reading Tumble board. Punctuation is pretty worksheet based.

Great Little Readers - Worksheet Samples Great Little Readers Sign In Register or view worksheet samples We have over 1000 resources ! We have over 1000 resources online, this is just a small sample showing a range of different levels and learning intentions. If you would like to see more, please Contact Us, or Subscribe your School and we'll be in touch shortly ! Our New Alphabet Range Samples - Alphabet a - Generic M4.pdf Samples - Alphabet b - Generic M4.pdf Samples - Alphabet c - Generic M4.pdf Samples - Alphabet d - Generic M4.pdf Samples - Alphabet e - Generic M4.pdf Over 1000 printable worksheets to match the books in your book room. Samples - If You Meet a Dragon ...M4.pdf Samples - Night is a blanket-The story of Rona 2 G1 O9.pdf Samples - Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers P2 L23 6.pdf Samples - A Puzzle for Scruffy R1 M11.pdf Little Bulldozer B2 T4 - sample.pdf In the Pond M4 - sample.pdf Don't you laugh at me B10 - sample.pdf Not my tent R7-sample.pdf People and Places T7 sample.pdf Rubbery Arms and Baggy Bodies G2 S10 sample.pdf