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Retail Future and Progression

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National Mirror. What's In Store For Retail In 2015. Connected devices and APIs will change retail forever, says MuleSoft: 2015 Tech Predictions. Proximity marketing networks: the future of consumer engagement? Over the past year we have seen a number of retailers in the UK begin to experiment and trial proximity marketing technologies, such as beacons and geo-fencing tools, to provide a more personalised and engaging customer experience.

Proximity marketing networks: the future of consumer engagement?

Most recently, we have seen one of the UK's largest supermarket chains, ASDA, join an impressive array of retailers, including John Lewis, Tesco and Waitrose, to trial beacon technology across a selection of stores across the country. Retail technology trends in 2015 see stores adapting to compete with online shopping. Technology in the field of retail is about to get more interesting and immersive.

Retail technology trends in 2015 see stores adapting to compete with online shopping

Most storefront-based bricks and mortar retailers have had to deal with the challenges coming from online retailers which offer discounted products, fast free shipping and easy means to return products they aren’t satisfied with. There’s still a huge advantage to shopping in store and experiencing the human touch. Dealing with a well informed and helpful salesperson, seeing and touching the merchandise and actually trying it firsthand can never be replaced by cool technology.

Breaking the travel retail industry. The plethora of brands and products vying for the attention of consumers in the airport shopping environment are a vibrant demonstration of the direction that the travel retail industry is taking.

Breaking the travel retail industry

Increasingly, companies large and small are recognising the value of the global shop window that is our international gateways, and arguably never before has the competition for space on the shelves and within the terminal area been so fierce. But despite the contest between brands in saturated product categories, and challenges economic, regulatory and in the perspectives of passengers threatening to obstruct its growth, travel retail is burgeoning as new brands continue to launch themselves into the fray. Here, three brands that have entered the travel retail market in recent years explain how innovative concepts and fresh, unorthodox thinking has enabled them to carve a unique niche in a sector so difficult to crack. Omnichannel retail trends are setting the shopping style. The most common last order date for standard delivery before Christmas is expected to be December 19, and December 22 for premium delivery.

Omnichannel retail trends are setting the shopping style

According to IMRG’s research, 22pc of retailers will be offering intime premium delivery for shoppers ordering as late as December 23. Currys PC World is even taking orders for home delivery on Christmas Eve morning for certain postcodes. “People are increasingly comfortable leaving their Christmas shopping later and later,” says Giles Longhurst, general manager for consumer insight and data firm Experian. Retail therapy: New technology outlet opens. Tech trends for 2015: The iBeacon. By Megan Dunsby Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Published: Dec 11, 2014 “iBeacon technology will give developers and retailers the ability to target consumers on a more specific level than ever before.”

Tech trends for 2015: The iBeacon

If 2014 was the year for real-time mobile targeting and location awareness, as noted in our tech trends index of 2014, then expect 2015 to see retail-tracking technology get a whole lot smarter as Apple advances its iBeacon hardware. A device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-powered 4.0 technology, the iBeacon is a transmitter which enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity, opening up a host of opportunities for retailers and advertisers. For instance, the iBeacon can help generate notifications of nearby items on sale, provide information about a nearby event, or even enable payments at the point of sale (POS) in-store so customers can make a payment entirely over mobile. How it works. Retail trends: what do shoppers want? 1.

Retail trends: what do shoppers want?

Booths Lancashire-based grocery retailer Booths is using technology from British company Paperless Receipts to issue loyalty cardholding customers with hassle-free electronic receipts. These are sent directly to customers’ cloud-based accounts, allowing them to analyse their spend by product category from their PC, smartphone or tablet device. The technology helps customers shop smarter, save money and curb the excess paper waste associated with receipts for smaller, ad-hoc purchases, such as chewing gum or an evening newspaper. However, the technology also gives Booths a wealth of data that will help it get a better understanding of its regular customers and deliver more targeted marketing campaigns to help build loyalty. Jim Cramer: Retail Is the Winner in This Current Market Environment. Business as usual: Can retailers afford to ignore the relentless march of innovation? Of all sectors to have been disrupted by technology, retail has been given the most attention over the past few years.

Business as usual: Can retailers afford to ignore the relentless march of innovation?

In an industry facing countless challenges, technology is also relentlessly reshaping every aspect of the retail experience; from where we browse and buy to the way we choose to pay and how it gets delivered. Players like Amazon and Apple have thus far been ahead of rapidly changing consumer behaviour; with the former now experimenting with drone delivery and the latter allowing people to pay in-store with a few taps of their phone. And today, traditional retailers like John Lewis, Argos, and Burberry are ramping up their efforts to start futureproofing themselves. The science of shopping: How digital innovations are shaping the future of retail. 09 December 2014 The way we shop has evolved rapidly over the past two decades.

The science of shopping: How digital innovations are shaping the future of retail

Click and collect, location based apps that send special offers to your smartphone, augmented reality that shows you what a sofa would look like in your living room – these are just some examples of a new kind of retail experience which merges social, digital and physical shopping. "Technology means that people are shopping whenever they want, wherever they want, across different devices," says Richard Braham, an advisor for digital retail and payment at the British Retail Consortium. "Consumers today demand a seamless, convenient and personalised experience – and retailers are investing hundreds of millions of pounds in order to give them that. " Biz Bytes. The retail industry has gone through some major changes in the last decade.

Biz Bytes

With the advent of the online portals, there is much more that the customer demands in today's time and age. Key highlights were discussed in the panel discussion at ET NOW and Samsung present Biz Bytes show that spoke about how technology is empowering the growing retail industry in India. Accounting for almost 14-15 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Indian retail industry is estimated to be around 500 billion dollars, currently. The Big Bang Retail Shift. With the largest population of youth in the world coupled with increased disposable incomes of the rising middle class in India has thrown open myriad opportunities for Indian retail sector to ride the wave.

The Big Bang Retail Shift

Increased lifestyle spending, availability of credit cards, and higher mobility due to increase in car / scooter owning families for whom shopping also becomes a family outing, have also helped in driving the growth of organized retailing in India. Being amongst the top 10 retail markets globally, the big bang shake out happened around the year 2008-09 when retailers shifted their focus from product-centric to customer-centric expansion and consolidation, setting up premium store locations at strategic locations which would serve as a value proposition for them. How Minimizing Inventory On Floor Can Revamp A Retail Experience [Future of Retail] We are all well versed in the benefits of shopping online. Flash sales and discount codes get combined with your ability to breeze through a retailer’s extensive line of inventory in just a fraction of the time , all the while knowing that an expedited shipping option is just a few clicks away.

Of course it has its drawbacks as well. The future of retail – live webchat. Red-letter retail day Cyber Monday broke single-day spending records this week after consumers parted with $2.29bn (£1.46bn) online. Love or hate them, Christmas season retail events like Cyber Monday are fascinating case studies of how much shopper behaviour and retail experience have changed in recent years. Black Friday, for example, saw internet traffic up 60% compared with last year, while online sales for Cyber Monday grew by 21%, with mobile sales exceeding 17% of total online sales.

Tablets, phablets, smartphones and social media all played a key part over a Thanksgiving weekend stuffed with discounts and deals. But while shoppers may be turning to online channels to get their retail fix, the high street has also been evolving. From interactive storefront windows to holograms in changing rooms, technology is changing the way we shop in-store.

Join us and an expert panel from 12:30-2pm GMT on Wednesday 10 December to answer these questions and more. Wired Retail 2014. Retailers of the future won't be like 'faceless' Amazon. Online retailers need to abandon the faceless, Amazon-like way of selling and adopt a more personal approach. That's the view of Runar Reistrup, the CEO of Depop, a rapidly growing app that combines social networks and online commerce. "Amazon is really just Walmart with an online interface. The Future of Selfridges [Future of Retail] This is the first article of a 4-part series that investigates the findings in the latest sustainability report from PCH. Also check out the second and third articles in the series. Produced in partnership with PCH – click here for the full report. In a perfect world, ‘sustainability’ is weaved into the entire life cycle of the products we consume.

It’s a method of production that considers everything from the energy source powering a manufacturing line to the communities a factory touches and eventually, the very the fabric which makes up our products. 6 ways retailers can own 2015. Getting into the brains of buyers. EEG technology will now help companies figure out what consumers really want Studying consumer behaviour is going beyond questionnaires and market surveys with Nielsen, a global information and measurement company setting up a consumer neuroscience lab in India. The lab in Mumbai with equipment to study consumers’ responses to advertisements and commercials by measuring their brain activity and tracking eye movement can help marketers understand what makes buyers tick. Seven Brands Changing America's Retail Industry With Innovation Labs. At first glance, Westfield San Francisco Centre appears to be a typical American shopping mall with the usual rotation of mass-market retailers, a food court and a movie theater.

The Future Of J.Crew. It’s official: We are living in the age of the customer. With real-time access to all sorts of information like prices, loan rates, product features and competitors, technology has empowered consumers to be more informed than ever before. As a result, companies that are meeting the needs of these empowered consumers are outpacing, if not replacing the more traditional players in their industries. How Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores Can Build Community. What makes a store experience great – Is it the array of products? Customer service? Where Image Recognition Technology Is Headed For Retailers: Cortexica Interview. Only 6 days until WIRED Retail... With only 6 days to go until WIRED's inaugural one-day event focusing on the future of retail, here's all you need to know about WIRED Retail. Bringing together business leaders, startups, tech giants and established high-street players, WIRED Retail is a full-day event focusing on the converging trends and technologies disrupting commerce today.

Taking place on November 24, 2014, the event will offer a future-facing look at the emerging opportunities for smart retailers, disruptors, investors, marketers, designers, advertisers, buyers and policymakers. The Day Before Tomorrow: How can technology enable retailers to provide a consistent, innovative experience? Keith Butters of Barbarian Group talks Future of Retail. Discover the future of retailing in the UAE to 2018. Data sets are provided for 2008 through to 2018, with actuals being provided from 2008-2013. All initial market sizing and analysis is conducted in local currency in order to ensure local trends are reflected in the data before conversion into other currencies.

"The Future of Retailing in the UAE to 2018" is based upon an extensive, cross-country, industry research program which brings together Conluminos research, modelling, and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. It provides detailed quantitative analysis of past and future trends - crucially providing retail sales data not just by channel and by product, but showing product sales through different channels. About PSFK's 2015 Retail Report - How To Reinvent The Store. Each week, with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim brings you a snapshot of five innovative ideas that are reshaping the health care industry.

This week’s innovations include a drone as an ambulance and a new Google project working to improve the early detection of disease. Be sure to check out Boehringer Ingelheim’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to stay on top of all things health. Retailers Will Invest in Customer Insights, Technology Capabilities and Organizational Re-Design, According to Second Annual EKN Future of Stores Benchmark.

'New retail' driving change. SmartCompany - Authenticity, colour and noise still keys to getting shopper attention. Fashion's new frontiers: what's next for retail? Retail Excellence Award For Patrick Bourke’s Menswear. Rivoli Group wins "Most admired Retailer of the year" in the Luxury Category at the annual Retail ME Awards 2014. Selfridges Birmingham unveils £4 million menswear department - Retail Focus - Retail Interior Design and Visual Merchandising.

Future of retailing in the Philippines to 2018 explored in new report. Consumer Expectations Driving Change in Retail Technology Deployment - Media Releases. Retail technology view from the top: Wipro's Anil Rebello. Retail in 2015: The age of uncertainty. Technology melds with retailers and provides challenges and opportunities. Young shoppers challenge retailers to create a more engaging in-store experience, finds Samsung - Retail Times.

Etsy mulls potential for permanent store in future as it preps first UK pop-up. Retail 'theatre' will encourage young shoppers to spend, says report. Will Amazon Be The Future of Brick-and-Mortar Retail? Dartford and Gravesend seek inspiration for troubled high streets. Why Apple Pay is the future. More 'Destination Boutiques' Could Enhance Downtown Detroit –  Deadline Detroit. Power struggle: Does In-Store Tech Hold the Key to the Bricks and Mortar Retail Renaissance?  Retailers challenged to make in-store experience more engaging. How 4 Retailers Are Using Digital And Mobile To Create A More Seamless Shopping Experience. Network Security and Data Protection Software Solutions content from The VAR Guy. How Proximity Marketing Is Driving Retail Sales. How Brick and Mortar Retail Can Play to its Strengths. Harrods To Expand Menswear Department.

High-Tech Shopping: Meet the Future of Retail. Tracking the Men's Movement - Retail.