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Crack a Combination Bike Lock in Under 30 Seconds

Crack a Combination Bike Lock in Under 30 Seconds

The Best Twenty-Minute Workouts by Stew Smith Do you want to jump start your New Year with some great fitness ideas that you can incorporate into your fitness routine? If you are like many Americans, getting the time to exercise is challenging. But, this article is proof that you can fit fitness into your schedule on just about any "busy" day in your life. The other day, I was emailed the following question: I only have about 20-30 minutes a day to exercise. The superset is a great way to workout if you have limited time. Pushup/Crunch Superset:Repeat 10 cycles of: - 10 regular pushups- 10 crunches- 10 wide pushups- 10 crunches- 10 tricep pushups- 10/10 Left/Right crunches Leg / ab Superset:Repeat 5 cycles of:- 20 squats - 20 crunches- 10 lunges per leg- 10 crunches - 20 calf raises- 20 crunches Running or Walking! How much running or walking can you do in 20-30 minutes? Running4 Mile Track Work:- Jog 1 mile in 7:00-8:00- Three sets of 1/4-mile sprints in 90-100 seconds- Jog or walk - 1/4 mile Spartan Run: Swimming?

Göbekli Tepe By Charles C. Mann Photograph by Vincent J. Musi Every now and then the dawn of civilization is reenacted on a remote hilltop in southern Turkey. The reenactors are busloads of tourists—usually Turkish, sometimes European. Before them are dozens of massive stone pillars arranged into a set of rings, one mashed up against the next. At the time of Göbekli Tepe's construction much of the human race lived in small nomadic bands that survived by foraging for plants and hunting wild animals. Archaeologists are still excavating Göbekli Tepe and debating its meaning. At first the Neolithic Revolution was viewed as a single event—a sudden flash of genius—that occurred in a single location, Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now southern Iraq, then spread to India, Europe, and beyond. After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones. Inches below the surface the team struck an elaborately fashioned stone.

Telomerase: the Ultimate Medical Breakthrough by Gary Vey for viewzone (2012) A couple of weeks ago the results of an experiment were published that offers a glimpse into the future of the human race -- a future when there is no more "getting old" and, most significantly, no cancer. But to fully appreciate what has happened, you will need to get the background story first. It is a natural desire to want to live a long life. We now understand exactly what causes aging and death -- on the molecular level. About a decade ago, it was discovered that the ends of the DNA molecular strands had a long series of meaningless code ("TTAGGG" in the language of DNA enzymes) that kept repeating and repeating. For humans, this means that most of our cells have a fixed length to their telomeres that shorten each time they make copies of themselves. Telomeres are actually chains of molecules. When a cell divides, the spiral DNA molecule must split in half and reassemble a copy of itself. The Holy Grail (enzyme): Telomerase The Cancer Problem Notes:

A fascinating interview with China’s biggest rock star Cui Jian would probably be the first person to lament that he, at 51, is still the biggest name in Chinese rock music, and that his music last occupied the cultural zeitgeist in a dramatic 1990 concert tour. That's the impression he gives in this revealing interview with Vice, anyway. Whether you think Cui's cynicism is misplaced or not, his thoughts on the state of Chinese are revealing. Cui, often called the father or grandfather of Chinese rock, is careful when discussing the Chinese government, with which he has a complicated history. A scholar of Chinese pop music, Jonathan Campbell, has said, "I can't think of someone who has ever been more worthy than Cui Jian for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." In this interview, Cui says that he's tried and failed many times to secure permission for another big show, but he stops short of complaining or criticizing. Here are, in order, "A Piece of Red Cloth," "Nothing to My Name," and my favorite, "Fake Monk":