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The 50 Best Full Albums Free Online The following list is of the most popular full albums available for free on youtube. Have you ever just needed something to put on while you do a task but couldn't think of what to listen to at the time? Try using this list to find the music you know and to experiment with the music you don't. Lyrics for "A Man For All Seasons" by Al Stewart What if you reached the age of reasonOnly to find there was no reprieveWould you still be a man for all seasons?Or would you just have to leaveWe measure our days outIn steps of uncertaintyNot turning to see how we've comeAnd peer down the highwayFrom here to eternityAnd reach out for love on the runWhile the man for all seasonsIs lost behind the sun Henry Plantagenet still looks for someoneTo bring good news in his hour of doubtWhile Thomas More waits in the Tower of LondonWatching the sands running outAnd measures the hours outFrom here to oblivionIn actions that can't be undoneA sailor through the darknessHe scans the meridianAnd caught by the first rays of dawnThe man for all seasonsIs lost beneath the storm And I should know by nowI should know by nowI hear them call it out all aroundOh, they goThere's nothing to believe inHear them,Just daydreams, deceivingThey'll just let you down

Uncut’s 50 best singer-songwriter albums Back in our December 2013 issue (Take 199), the Uncut team took on the emotional task of compiling a Top 50 of the most powerful, confessional singer-songwriter albums. From Tim Hardin 1 to Once I Was An Eagle (in chronological order, that is)… are you ready to be heartbroken? ________________________

Resources Tools for being Remarkable What man doesn’t like tools? Well here are the tools you need to re-build yourself as a Remarkable Man. This resource page is taken from to be published book – Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence™ – the 9 Steps to releasing the Remarkable Man within You. . I kept the references to the other parts of the book in this resource guide to give you a sense what the book is about. Let’s go right to the cheapest and most powerful tool – a men’s group, or as we call them a micro as in micro-community. 6 Things You Must Know When Buying a Vinyl Turntable Vinyl is coming back in a big way. Record sales in the first half of 2015 grew by 52%, putting the industry on course for its best year since 1994. And vinyl sales in the US are now worth more than the free music services from Spotify, YouTube, and Vevo combined.

William Basinski's A Shadow In Time is the tribute David Bowie deserves Drone master William Basinski’s new album A Shadow In Time is dedicated to David Bowie. Miles Bowe examines the record and talks to Basinski about its influences and significance. “Some old rotten things that the cat in New York had chewed up.” That’s how William Basinski described the loops that form the backbone of his towering new album A Shadow In Time to FACT before its live debut last year. 1,727 FREE ESL Songs For Teaching English Worksheets Music can be a great way to connect with your students. Even students who aren’t fluent in English often know the words of popular songs phonetically, which makes these songs ideal resources for teaching your students certain forms of grammar, as well as vocabulary. Many students are happy to work with the unusual phrasing of song lyrics, because they’re learning new meanings for a piece of music that already has meaning in their lives.

30 Albums That Define Cool Any album “list” is going to be incomplete. It’s going to be filled with albums you agree with, artists you hate and some sort of commentary that you probably disagree with. This list is no different. However, rather than ranking these in order of importance or influence, we decided to pick 30 Albums that Define Cool. It’s not a “Best of XXXX” list by any stretch of the imagination (because honestly, that would be presumptuous), just thirty albums that we think are cool. These things tend to spark huge debates, so feel free to let us have it in the comments.

Journeyman Pictures For over twenty years Journeyman has distributed and co-produced, provocative, profound and original factual content, working with the top players in the industry. We're one of the leading independent suppliers of award winning stories to the world broadcast market and pride ourselves on a position at the spearhead of the factual agenda. With a very successful catalogue covering a myriad of subjects and styles; commercial, current affairs, and feature docs, we always keep at heart a central journalistic ethic that goes to the very roots of the company. After years reporting from dangerous war zones across the world, company founder Mark Stucke began formulating a unique distribution system that would bring a greater return for the valuable copyright he and fellow producers were risking their necks to create. We operate 3 departments: documentaries, news, and footage.

The Longest Mixtape - 1000 Songs For You NOTE: PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST ON SHUFFLE.The last few years of my life have been incredible, thanks in large part to all of you - so I've been thinking of how to say thank you.As you can imagine, music has been a central love of my life since I was a teenager and over the years I've been introduced to a lot that has stayed with me. I've collected the majority of that music here – and I thought sharing it with you seemed like one way I could say thanks.I'm sure some things are under-represented or over-represented, but roughly speaking this is a musical history of my life. NOTE: PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST ON SHUFFLE.The last few years of my life have been incredible, thanks in large part to all of you - so I've been thinking of how to say thank you.As you can imagine, music has been a central love of my l...

Rush "Tom Sawyer" Isolated Guitar Track - Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog There is probably no other group that has as a fanatical a following as Rush. It seems like there’s no in-between with the band – you either love them or hate them, intensely. There’s no denying that Rush has had some huge hits though, and “Tom Sawyer” is one of their biggest.

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