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Plaintextures. Free textures and background pictures.

Plaintextures. Free textures and background pictures.

Texture Tools From Second Life Wiki The purpose of this page is to increase awareness of resources that'll help you texture better in Second Life. Texturing is a fundamental part of a building skillset, as evidenced when you put that dang plywood texture on everything. This list includes but isn't limited to: programs, tutorials, and packs of textures themselves. SketchUp texture warehouse Click on the images to view the contentSEAMLESS TEXTURES ASPHALT, ROADS, RAILS SEAMLESS TEXTURES STONE WALLS, MASONRYIncluded: masonry quoins, misc brick, stone, old stone walls, dry stacked stone, retaining wall, stone blocks Five traditional textures Five free HD traditional textures to overlay on your artworks, available in public domain/CC-0 ! They were all handmade by me, using brush and real painting . I made more of them, but this is my best-of. You can find this textures on many of my artworks. ( eg : [1][2][3] or [4] ). Usage : Paste them on the top of an artwork, set the blending mode to 'overlay' and reduce opacity to your liking.

12 excelentes bancos de imagens gratuitas Ainda que na categoria de bancos de imagens tem muitas opções para obter fotos de alta qualidade sem ter que nos preocupar por direitos autorais, sempre é bom ter uma recopilação dos projetos que mais estão crescendo nos últimos meses. Aqui temos uma excelente lista publicada faz poucas horas no Lembrem que temos também uma lista de 25 bancos de imagens gratuitas aqui, no wwwhatsnew Brasil. stock.xchng stock.xchng é um dos mais conhecidos, oferecendo milhares de imagens de todo tipo de muita alta qualidade.

10 banques d'effets sonores gratuits à télécharger : Une interface minimaliste, un moteur de recherche, de nombreuses réponses, pour une banque de données ultra fournie. Des sons libres de droits, mais peu d'informations au final sur les droits d'utilisation. : Une plateforme de partages d'effets et de boucles sonores, pas loin de 100 000 ressources. Des sons libres de droits et des conditions d'utilisation précisées ici . : Un projet collaboratif sous licence Creative Commons. Probablement la plus grosse base de données d'effets, de boucles et d'échantillons sonores. Welcome to my Repository of Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns and Design Articles. Genetica Texture Packs Genetica Texture Packs Home > Products > Texture Packs > Overview Genetica Texture Packs are high quality collections of royalty-free seamless textures. Textures are provided in a procedural format that can be fully edited in the powerful material studio Genetica, or rendered and converted into standard images using the free Genetica Viewer.

openfootage Lithographies anciennes et affichistes célebres L’histoire de l’affiche publicitaire est intimement liée à celle de la lithographie. Ce mode d’impression est inventé par un compositeur et auteur de pièces de théâtre hongrois, Aloys Senefelder (1771 – 1834), qui cherche à imprimer lui-même ses partitions musicales à bas prix. Le procédé est basé sur le principe répulsif des corps gras et de l’eau, une pierre calcaire, une plaque de zinc ou d’aluminium servant de support à l’image. Dès 1816, une imprimerie lithographique ouvre ses portes à Paris.

After Effect- créer une scène 3D à partir d'un photo High Resolution Textures Use of Texture in Design Posted by Matt Russell on Jul 4, 2013 in Textures | 9 comments Texture and design usually go hand in hand, but rather than focus on colour, we will focus our concentration on texture as a design principle – both aesthetically and psychologically. There are various forms of texture from the physical or actual texture such as that from a watercolor or an object made from leather to that of implied – for example... Read More

Las artes pictóricas This post is dedicated to Annie Swann, great friend of this blog, whose great Art of Narrative blog has wonderful fanciful images, usually from the great Golden Age of Illustration. Annie is a great fan of great illustration, great faerie art, and through seeing some work on this blog, great Beatrice Stevens art. In total candor, I found the original monotone state of this drawing a bit flat, though totally beautifully drawn. To me it cried out for some sort of tonal values to give it a bit of depth.

Planet Texture Map Collection I work in the field of advertising. One day I needed an image map of our planet for use in a rendering for a printed piece, and was suprised to discover that such a thing was pretty hard to find. So I created my own using scanned data, lots of painting, and reference to USGS digital elevation map data. Once I had completed both a bump and color map of the Earth, I turned to the other planets in our solar system, scavenging data where I could and piecing together the images I am sharing here. Above, you'll find links to pages where you can obtain high-quality texture maps of the planets for the purpose of 3D rendering.

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