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Patterns and Textures

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Why don't you talk to dia about it? Kyle Brush. With Discovery, 3 Scientists Chip Away At An Unsolvable Math Problem. There are now 15 known convex pentagons, or nonregular pentagons with the angles pointing outward, that can "tile the plane.

With Discovery, 3 Scientists Chip Away At An Unsolvable Math Problem

" EdPeggJr/Wikimedia Commons Jennifer McLoud-Mann had almost come to believe that her last two years of work had been for naught. "It had gotten to the point, where we hadn't found anything," she said. "And I was starting to believe I just don't know if we're going to find anything. " Armed with an algorithm, McLoud-Mann, along with her husband, Casey Mann, and David Von Derau — all of the University of Washington, Bothell — had been trying to help unravel one of math's long-standing unanswered questions. How many shapes are able to "tile the plane" — meaning the shapes can fit together perfectly to cover any flat surface without overlapping or leaving any gaps.

But it gets a lot more complicated when dealing with pentagons — specifically convex, or nonregular pentagons with the angles pointing outward. This time it was different. And this is what he came up with: Mayang's Free Texture Library. Buy Every Texture Buy every texture on this website for only $33.

Mayang's Free Texture Library

Bulk Downloading Please don't try to download every texture, our server will automatically block you. The download limit is 20 textures every day (per IP address - you may be sharing this with others). If you need lots of textures, please buy them. Questions Please see the FAQ or email Will. Authors William Smith, Mayang Murni Adnin. Other Projects Will and Mayang's other projects include, Will's PhD blog. Free textures, texture tutorials and texture inspiration collections from the web. 10 Websites for Excellent and Free Textures for Graphic Designers. The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns. Advertisement Photoshop users can save themselves a great deal of time and end up with better results by taking advantage of readily available freebies, such as brushes, patterns and shapes.

The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns

With the wide variety and (often) high quality of resources available, whatever you need or are looking for is in most cases already available somewhere. The only problem is that the vast quantity of freebies can make it difficult to track down what you need. Hopefully this collection of excellent Photoshop patterns will help. The resources featured here are all available as downloads in PAT format, which can be placed in Photoshop. Skull Patterns Two skull patterns from Go Media using an image from one of its vector packs. Carbon Fiber A carbon fiber pattern. Patterns from PunkSafetyPin This set of 15 patterns from a deviantART user offers more than 30 other packs of patterns. Grunge Pattern Set Nine large and high-quality grunge patterns.

Skulls and Hearts Three different gray, white and pink patterns. 200+ Beautiful Seamless Patterns Perfect for Web Design. 113 shares Seamless patterns are a great way to add a big impact to a web design without a lot of effort.

200+ Beautiful Seamless Patterns Perfect for Web Design

Here are 223 of them that are absolutely beautiful. Whether you use patterns to fill the entire background of your site or just a specific area of your design, you will definitely find these useful. GypsyGarden (1 pattern) Pattern 2 (14 patterns) Patterns 2 (6 patterns) Textured Stripes (6 patterns) My first photoshop pattern (4 patterns) pattern part1 (9 patterns) Patterns .24 (33 patterns) Lace Patterns: the prelude (6 patterns)

Download Free Repeat Patterns. Squidfingers / Patterns. Free textures for your next web project. Nothing like a field of beautiful flowers. Download Download These lovely water-colorful dots will make your designs pop. Download More leaves from another angle. Download Download Look at all these bubbles! Download Download Download Tiny little flowers growing on your screen. Download Subtle oriental tiles pattern, with a mystic vibe.