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S Free Texture Library

Universe :) » Photoshop Brushes I was quite out of it going here and there, doing this and that. What’s good about that? There are some new ideas, some new things to do…and some new free stuff. This time we gonna start with some crappy looking borders (more…) Free Hi-Res Old Grunge Paper Textures | fudgegraphics | for love It’s time for another high resolution texture set. This time it’s all about grunge paper textures taken from old books. As a bonus there’s even a nice book cover texture for you to download. Due to the enormous size (about 7MB each) of the textures I will not offer a single zip file containing all the images. Download Old Grunge Paper Textures:

Article | Valleys In The Vinyl | Textures, Inspiration, & Exploration BANG!  The Anatomy of Explosions MUNITIONS - the Atomic Bomb Cont. Fission bombs use an element like uranium-235 to create a nuclear explosion, the fuel must be kept in separate subcritical masses, which will not support fission, to prevent premature detonation. The two or more subcritical masses must be brought together to form a supercritical mass at the time of detonation. The bomb known as Little Boy (left) was the first nuclear weapon used in warfare dropped on Hiroshima by the B-29 Enola Gay. The Fat Man bomb was the second nuclear weapon used in warfare and was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. Fission bombs worked, but they weren't very efficient. 300+ Resources to Help You Become a Photoshop Expert Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most powerful graphics and photo manipulation software on the market. You can do virtually anything with Photoshop, from fantasy image collages to complete website designs, and everything in between. Although while Photoshop is incredibly powerful, it can also be incredibly complicated, especially when trying to perform advanced functions. Below are over 300 resources to get you on your way to Photoshop mastery. There’s everything from cheat sheets to brushes to tutorials to action scripts, as well as collections of even more resources and tools. With the resources below, you should be able to do just about anything possible with Photoshop. pCheat Sheets and Reference Guides Keeping cheat sheets and reference guides at hand can speed up your design process and make you a more efficient designer. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts – This site offers a collection of cheat sheets for keyboard shortcuts for each version of Photoshop (as far back as Photoshop 5).

Time-Savers: 400+ Stock Images, Retro Vectors Stock images can save you many hours of work on illustration and allow you to focus your attention on the important task of designing. Finding the right vector for you, however, is a completely different matter, and can sometimes take just as long as creating a vector image yourself! That's why in this post we have rounded up a total of over 400 retro-themed vector images which you can use in your own projects. When creating larger vector illustrations such as t-shirt designs or large poster advertisements, it is sometimes beneficial to use stock images for part of the design, rather than creating something entirely from scratch. A selection of free retro vector image packs, ranging from vintage boomboxes, floral background patterns and disco balls. Boomboxes (21 Vectors) Floral Pattern (1 Vector) Retro Polka Dots (1 Vector) Pattern Set 1 (26 Vectors) Pattern Set 2 (20 Vectors) Vintage Radio (1 Vector) Retro Art (8 Vectors) Retro Electric Tower (1 Vector) Fifties Cadillac Pattern (1 Vector)

Free Download: 10 High Quality Textures Today, we are glad to release an exclusive set of 10 high quality grunge textures for free for your web and graphic designs. These textures come as JPEG files in sizes 3000×2250 and 2500×1875 pixels. These textures by are released exclusively for CreativeFan as a royalty-free icon set. All textures are free and you can download and use them for your individual or commercial projects. Enjoy the textures! You can download the pack here: Here’s just a few samples of the textures in this pack: Advertisement sIBL Archive Installation Each thumbnail links directly to an archived sIBL-set. Watch out, these are big downloads. Click to download, then expand the zip achive as a folder and place the folder in your sIBL-Collection. Starter's sIBL-Collection Including 4 sets: apartment, empty room, backlot, office-eden Update Pack Already collected the sets as they came out monthly? License All sIBL-sets on this page, including the images within, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Remember: Do what you want with them, but always mention where you got them from...

Amazing Textures 500+ Free Exquisite Vintage Textures and Backgrounds The scariest thing about time is how fast it goes. It’s so fast that most of us doesn’t even know what we’ve missed, and before we know it, they’re all gone in a blink and all that is left are vintage images of the past which will just oftentimes, bring nostalgic feelings of the good ol’days. Sorry, I just can’t help feeling nostalgic this new year prompting me to gather some good ol’stuff like this round-up of 500+ free exquisite vintage textures and backgrounds that you can download and use right away without the hassles of going to antique shops or searching in your granma’s attic. These are all free, but please make sure your read each of their terms before using. 8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong This old book texture pack contains eight huge hi-res textures, each about 3000px on its longer side, on transparent backgrounds. 5 Vintage Sheet Music Pack by Neonescence A set of five dirty sheet music textures that produces interesting results. 8 Vintage Textures from Jodys Photography

Stripes 44 Digital Scrapbooking Free Download - gray green orange pink purple paper image commercial use | Digital Scrapbooking 2.0 Designed By About Me Hi There! I’m Marisa Lerin and you’ll see me around at Pixel Scrapper a lot. I started this site in 2010 soon after I discovered a new love in digital scrapbooking. I’m originally from Minnesota, USA, but spent a good chunk of my childhood living abroad (in Bolivia and Hong Kong). I have no official training for what I’m doing, since I decided very wisely (haha) to study physics in university. If I manage to stop digital scrapbooking you will probably find me watching TV, reading or baking.

CGArena releases 300 free animal reference images Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker Fleas to meet you: one of over 300 varied reference images of animals and birds available on CGArena. CGArena has added over 300 photographic reference images of birds and animals to its online library. The material, which is free to use, spans the usual range of dogs, cats and livestock, plus a fair range of birds and more exotic creatures. (Who knew that tortoises’ armpits looked quite like that?) Resolutions vary from image to image, but most of the files we tried were at least 4,000 x 3,000 pixels or greater, which should be plenty large enough for most purposes. Visit the CGArena animal reference image collection Tags: animal, bird, CGArena, free, high-resolution, photographic, reference images

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