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Dictionnaire Français-Anglais en ligne - Larousse

Dictionnaire Français-Anglais en ligne - Larousse

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Get help with the keyboard on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch iOS supports multiple languages and dialects, offering international keyboards and dictionaries. You can use the built-in keyboards in all apps, and you can change between multiple international keyboards. Customize your keyboard French phrasebook French phrasebook French (français) is a Romance language originating in France but spoken in many other parts of Europe including Southern Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels), Western Switzerland, Monaco and Luxembourg. French has an estimated number of 250 million speaker worldwide, 76 million of these are speaking French native. In North America, French is spoken primarily in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and parts of Manitoba but is present in almost every other province in Canada.

Oxford French Dictionary Acclaimed by language professionals from all over the world, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary leads its field.The dictionary is based on the statistical evidence of vast electronic data banks of real language, both written and spoken, making it the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date dictionary of French and English available today. This latest version has even better coverage of the language, with improved treatment of acronyms and EU terminology, as well as thousands of new words in both English and French. NEW!