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Mason Jar Craft Storage!

Mason Jar Craft Storage!

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Flaren stealth cat litter box Pet Furniture Published on March 11th, 2009 | by Jules IKEAHacker More cat litter problem solvers. This one is from Jon and I do like how discreet it is. “Our new apartment didn’t have a good cubby to hide away the cat box like our old apartment,” says Jon, “so we decided to hide the litter in plain sight. It’s an easy 4 step process: Happy Valentines Day! This year I made this adorable gift for my boyfriend. On a deck of cards, I thought of 52 reasons why I love him soo much (I could have easily come up with 1000 <3) I typed them out and cut them up. Some cards I glued the white paper on and cut out patterned hearts. The other cards I backed the white paper with the same patterned paper and glued them on. Both designs looked great together.

Redecorating by Repurposing Ladders and Suitcases! This summer is going to be ALL about thrifting! Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets… here I come! Wine cork bath mat Inspired by CB2's bamboo bath mat I’m evidently on a hot-glue kick lately. This bath mat requires just three materials: shelf liner, hot glue, and 175 wine corks. How did I gather 175 wine corks, you ask? Worth Pinning: Powdered Donut Snowmen My cousin posted a photo of mini-powdered donut snowmen she made for her kids. Since I was home from work today using up vacation days and preparing for my kids' classroom holiday parties, I grabbed a package of mini-powdered donuts and a package of powdered donut holes to go with the 4 other treats being delivered by 1pm. No oven required for these snowmen (unless you make your own powdered donuts). It was -14F this morning! The oven could have helped heat the house. Supplies: powdered mini-donuts, powdered donut holes, wooden skewers, candy corn (my cousin used an orange jelly bean), gumballs and/or gumdrops or any round candy, mini-chocolate chips for the eyes & mouth (I piped black frosting), licorice ropes for the scarf (I piped frosting instead).

Ikea PS locker into litter box Hiding the cat litter is really no big feat. All you need is a metal cutter and a steady hand to cut a hole, big enough for kitty to crawl in and out. Ben says, “My girlfriend recently moved into my loft with her cat and her great dane. I needed a solution that would both hide the litter box from view and keep the dog out of the cat’s food and litter. I first bought the Ikea PS cabinet, which perfectly fits the alcove inside my front door.

Creative Kismet » Blog Archive » little guiding stars Since the new year has started I’ve been trying to think of ways to be more kind to my self. Especially when that nasty gremlins try to creep in and stump me. I remembered this origami star video on You Tube and had to get them involved in my plan. I thought it would be fun to make a whole bunch with kind words and “you are….” phrases inside. I made 60 of them, enough to last me the whole year if I open one a week, plus a few extra just in case. I used 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper and cut 1/2 x 12″ strips, then followed the video HERE*. Never Lose Those Keys Again! That is right… I said it. Who knew key holders could be so functional. And so pretty!

Gift Bags From Newspapers When I bought something at a store recently, the clerk handed me my purchase in a bag made from a newspaper. I liked it very much and had to make some more—thus today's DIY recycled newspaper project: gift bags made from the Wall Street Journal. You can vary the dimensions, of course, but here's what I used to create a bag that's 5" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3" deep. Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other. This will be a two-ply bag for extra sturdiness. Cut out a rectangle that's 15.5" wide and 8.25" tall. 8 Crazy Cat Beds: Amazing Ideas Your Pet Will Love Cat bed or conversation piece? We say, why not both? Here's a few hot hangouts for your cat or kitten guaranteed to get a few laughs. By Reader's Digest Editors

DIY Ribbon Wands Posted on August 9, 2010 by Christina Looking for a unique wedding send-off? Try ribbon wands! You can make them yourself for under $1 each and they are a nice little take home gift for your guests (your flower girls will LOVE ‘em!!) DIY - Tutorial - How to make a leather bow cuff bracelet You will need : - A piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4") - Scissors - Leather glue or super glue - Thread - A snap button 1. Cut an oval piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4"). You can make it longer or smaller, depending on the size of your wrist. 2.

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