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Julie ♥ adore

Julie ♥ adore
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pepito mi corazon Le Provocateur de Sourires | Le magazine des bonnes nouvelles Les HappyVintage Safran de Cotchia, Safran Belge, stage safranier, visite quidée, bulbe à safran, (crocus sativus), fleur de safran, produits dérivés - Safrandecotchia site officiel, Ferme Leonard Sur le chemin de la maison amour du temps daydreamland | creative vision A Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home DAY 1 - Beach Decor Blog, Coastal Blog, Coastal Decorating 14 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 13 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 0 Buffer 0 14 Flares × Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home! G’day! I’ve been quite over-whelmed by the huge response I have had to Love Your Christmas Home! …when I first was thinking about Loving Your Christmas Home after I had had, over the course of a few days, email after email about the perfect Christmas and how to be so super-organised I would have checklists of checkslists and a clean and tidy bathroom cabinet ready for the Christmas matron to inspect , I decided to put out a little note in my newsletter to see if anyone else would be interested in not a purrrrfect Christmas with every single thing done and dusted but Christmas with a calm loved home and a mama, while not super-woman and definitely having forgotten things, who was actually having quite a nice time herself too this year. Boom, lots of you felt the same, heaps and heaps of you (thank you!) Love Your Christmas Home Mission love Sarah

Plank Wall Love Heellluuuurrrrrr to you!!!! I hope you had a great weekend! I know for some it was the last weekend of the summer and I hope you enjoyed it. We have one more week left and it is going to be a busy one! I also hope my friends and family on the East Coast stayed safe from the path of Irene. If you have followed me for a while you know the love affair I have for plank walls. If I could, I would plank my entire house!! Overboard, maybe. Just look at how beautiful they are!! They just make me ooohhh and aahhhhh!!!! Look, you can even do a plank by your plank walls!! Hardy har har!! Sorry about that. :) Anyway where was I? Oh, for my sons room I wanted to do something on one of his walls to make it feel beachy and cottagey. I took inspiration from this photo on Pinterest. And I came up with this. I used 1 x 10's that were 6 feet long. I nailed them to the wall and then took 1 x 2's and made the vertical pieces. For whatever reason I didn't take photos of the process. Bad blogger!!! Speaking of yummy plank walls,

{Fabulous Friday} Hello everyone!!! Guess's FRIDAY!!!wootwoot!!I just get so darn excited about Fridays! Do you remember last week.... Sooooo......I'd like to welcome.........Michelle from Emerald Cove! ps....stop on by her blog....she's doing a Simple Daisy give-away and offering 20% off your purchase of Simple Daisy jewelry with the code.....EMERALD20 drum roll please Hello to you!! Source: are so many amazing things about Michigan. I love how Lake Michigan is so open and seems endless like the ocean.The amazing sand dunes to climb and explore. The gorgeous sunsets that paint our skies every night. The fresh water lakes that are scattered all over that fill our summer dayswith sunshine and children's laughter. Sandy shorelines and sparkling water.Like Heather, I also love to craft with the beautiful treasures that thelake gives us.I LOVE DRIFTWOOD!! Lot's-o-driftwood!! I used it along with some empty clam shells from Glen Lake to make this