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NOM2MERDE The Scariest Story There was a short period of my early life that was punctuated by truly unfortunate nightmares. I'd go to sleep feeling safe and warm. Then I'd awaken several hours later and somehow be completely convinced that my closet was inhabited by fire monsters. I'd flee to my parents' room because, like most six-year-olds, I believed that my parents possessed some magical ability to ward off homicidal, fire-breathing monsters that were easily eight times their size. I don't know exactly how I thought they would be able to protect me from the monster, but as far as I was concerned, my parents were forcefields of safety and that fire monster could go fuck itself. As I lay there between my parents, I felt a gigantic flood of relief. Inexplicably, the feeling of complete immunity to danger made me extremely energetic. I didn't need sleep; all I needed was safety. It was intoxicating. And in the morning, despite having slept very little, I'd wake up feeling recharged and ready to rampage. Then I had an idea.

Albino animals Does being completely white make them less cute? On the contrary, unlike albino humans I think these critters are even cuter than their “custom” colored kin. It’s clear that animals aren’t protected from genetic anomalies any more than people are, but at least most of them are not discriminating. Reddit Stumble Classical Sculptures Dressed As Hipsters We first wrote about Caillard and Persani’s hipster sculptures over a year ago, and since the new works by this duo are just as hilarious, we couldn’t let them go unnoticed! Whatever they say about not judging a book by its cover, we still do it. French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani illustrate that with their Street Stone photography series, were they dress ancient Louvre’s sculptures into something more trendy and up-to-date. To create these photo manipulations, Caillard first photographed the sculptures and then had his friends strike similar poses, wearing such hipster accessories like the Ray Ban shades, flannel and denim shirts and shorts. The results are not only hilarious, but also show that clothes have an enormous impact on the way one is perceived. Website: |

The 10 Best Game Engines of This Generation Webster's Dictionary defines a 'game engine' as 'the word you've entered isn't in the dictionary,' but if it were to define it, it would probably explain that a game engine is used as the overall architecture to develop and run a game – it gives developers tools to create the disparate elements of a videogame and then pull them together to create a functioning whole. From the renderer to the physics system, sound architecture, scripting, AI and networking, game engines either natively power every aspect of a game, or they allow other specialised middleware to slot into the game's framework. In any case, game engines are the workhorses of modern videogame development. As you'd expect, there are plenty of engines out there, from very well-known names like Quake and Unreal, that developers and publishers can license at considerable expense, through to in-house proprietary engines created by studios specifically for their own titles. RAGE Engine RAGE's strengths are many. CryENGINE

Should I Work for Free? here's a beautiful four minutes in which Harris calmly and concisely eviscerates Christianity : atheism Woolly sheep pigs arrive at Essex zoo Tropical Wings Three rare woolly pigs – or sheep pigs – are settling into their new home at Tropical Wings Zoo in Essex, but many visitors think they’re sheep. And who can blame them? The three pigs-in-blankets – Buddy, Porsche and Margot – have been brought to the zoo to breed, to help stop the rare animals going extinct. And they’re certainly hogging the limelight. From sheep pigs to zenkeys and ligers: The world’s weirdest animals They are officially known as Mangalitzas and are native to Austria and Hungary, but do have a genetic link to the Lincolnshire curly coat, which roamed British fields until they went extinct in 1972. “At first sight people think they are sheep,” said Denise Cox, education co-ordinator at the Essex sanctuary. “It is not until they turn around and you see their faces and snouts you realise they are in fact pigs. Our exclusive top-five countdown of the best pigs ever. If you want to buy one then be prepared to dig deep, because they’re pricey beasts.

This cat is the chosen one Manichaeism Manichaeism taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness. Through an ongoing process which takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light whence it came. Its beliefs were based on local Mesopotamian gnostic and religious movements.[5] Manichaeism was quickly successful and spread far through the Aramaic-Syriac speaking regions.[6] It thrived between the third and seventh centuries, and at its height was one of the most widespread religions in the world. An adherent of Manichaeism is called, especially in older sources,[9] a Manichee, or more recently Manichaean. History[edit] Life of Mani[edit] Manichaean priests, writing at their desks. Mani, an Arsacid Persian by birth,[10] was born 216 AD in Mesopotamia (Iraq), which was ruled by Persia,[11] then within the Sassanid Empire province of Asuristan. Influences[edit] A.

Reasons Tumblr went down You Are Solving The Wrong Problem via New Week Nudibranch! - Blue Dragon image credit: image credit: image credit: the doubtful guest image credit: | Dan | image credit: redbubble.comHabitat: around the world in temperate and tropical waters I’ve decided to start a tradition that every Monday I will post a new species of nudibranch. This particular one I’ve chosen to feature is commonly known as a Blue Dragon nudibranch. So what do you think? edit: reader Gabriele has pointed out another common name for this nudibranch – the Sea Swallow! Be sure to check out the Home page for more crazy creatures!

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