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How to: wax paper and crayon fall leaves

How to: wax paper and crayon fall leaves
so this last week i decided to quit ignoring the elephant in the room, and acknowledge that fall is... well basically at my door step. the leaves are starting to show a hint of change and with that change came my "NO! NOT YET!" these leaves were made just like you used to make those stain glass windows with wax paper and crayon shavings. you can hang them, you can place them prettily to dress up any surface, and well you can just place them on your windows as well.WHAT YOU WILL NEED: *wax paper.*scissors*iron*towels (so that you don't ruin your ironing board)*paper towels (so you don't ruin your iron) *fall colored crayons that have seen better days *leaf template (right click hit save as and then print off. make sure you make them fit your picture screen so it doesn't cut off any of the leaf. i made mine as a 4 by 7 picture) when you have your two colors shaved on, place the second piece of wax paper on top making a sandwich. cut out your leaves. ahh the life of a crafting mom. enjoy! Related:  les arbres

Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (9) Posted by: Cathy on Sep 18, 2011 Tagged in: Untagged I like this idea because you can make it so personal. It really is the perfect gift for Christmas when family time is so important. This tutorial comes courtesy of A Yummy Mommy. Materials Needed: Modge Podge or PVA glue wooden blocks foam brush photos printed on a laser printer (slightly smaller than the blocks) cutter letters (optional) Cut all you scrapbook paper out to fit the squares and cut your pictures out. You then use your foam brush to apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the block and apply the paper and the photos in whatever arrangement you desire. Apply another thin layer of Modge Podge. It is very important that you let the blocks dry completely between all steps. Lightly sand the corners and edges (I use a 120-180 grit sandpaper) Now use a tiny teeny amount of the paint and rub it on all the edges and corners. And there you have it! If you don't want to make these yourself, they can be custom made at Inner Vision.

Fall Activities: Fall Sensory Jars | Blog Me Mom More fall activities underway when we wrap up our wonderful Fall Play Ideas series. Today is the last day and our theme is nature. If you are just joining us, you can catch up on our earlier posts here. Apple playdough recipe with real apples, edible, scented apple paint, glow in the dark window clings and homemade fall spices crayon candles. We can’t wait for full on autumn season! We are making fall sensory jars. Our wonderful collection. To make these fall sensory jars first up, she added water to a few empty, clean glass jars. She added about 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and then added yellow food color. We observed the oil settle on top of the water and had a quick discussion about that [ Got to love on the go, learn while you play thing, right? Then it was time to add the nature bits. Doesn’t this look like a fall tree in a jar? Later we added many leaves we found and ended with adding the silk leaves to the sensory jars. Here she is testing ” silk leaves are lighter than water?

Most Creative Paper Art Work Previously we shared some amazing paper art and to follow the tradition here we have selected some more. Peter Callesen the great artist shaped the paper in a way that we can`t Imagine, well that’s true a true artist can create wonders with anything take a look. also see : 125+ Amazing Examples of Origami and Paper Art Ads by Google Let’s head outdoors and check out nature! My students love to be outdoors as much as possible and they also love it when I give them little check lists of things to do. So I put together a nature checklist and we headed outdoors to give it a go… I just printed simple things for the children to do on our nature walk based on the things we have have in our own outdoor environment. We reviewed the items on our list before we headed outdoors to put our checklists of things to do in action… Our checklist included things like follow a path… And smell a flower. And we had to go down a hill… And find a bug… As the children explored the items on their nature list of to do’s, they also had fun adding their own ideas of things that would be fun to do… If you don’t have access to typing up your own check list then you can do what my Instagram buddy over at Story Yoga did and write one up or invite your students to draw pictures to create their own! Which reminds me, are you following me on Instagram yet? Available on Amazon

How To Draw - StumbleUpon Eulen aus Bierdeckeln und gepressten Blättern - Tiere Basteln - Meine Enkel und ich - Made with 9. September 2018 Material:- Pappe, Karton, Tonpapier, Kartonpapier, Toilettenrollen Arbeitsschritte: Nehmen Sie einen Karton von einem Päckchen oder eine Pappe und zeichnen die beigefügte Schablone auf. Sie können auch nach eigener Vorstellung den Körper der Eule aufzeichnen und ausschneiden. Bei der Eule in schwarz, weiß und silber haben wir den Karton oben mit einer Rundung zugeschnitten (siehe Foto unten) , sodass man keine extra Ohren mehr ankleben muss. Buchtipps: 7. Material: - Pappe, Karton oder Filz - Schaschlikstäbchen - Federn, Tonpapier, Filzstifte - Acrylfarbe oder Malkastenfarben Ihr Enkelkind kann nach seiner Fantasie eine Eule aufzeichnen oder Sie drucken die beigefügte Schablone aus.Karton oder Pappe für den Körper zweimal ausschneiden und in ein Teil mit dem Locher 4 bis 5 Löcher stanzen. Möchten Sie die Eule stecken, dann schieben Sie ein Schaschlikstäbchen zwischen die zwei Teile und kleben es fest. Buchtipps: 21. Arbeitsschritte: 17. 11. 5. ab 5 Jahre 1. 29. 15.

Its Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist | Apartment Therapy San Francisco When I first saw this painting (on the left) at my best friend Rachel's loft, I thought she'd splurged on an expensive work of art. The colors and composition are really striking, and the framed large-scale piece looks lovely hanging next to a pair of Noguchi silkscreens. When she told me how she'd really acquired it, I couldn't believe it!Turns out her baby boy Skye was the artist. In Rachel's words: "I just get a bunch of poster boards and lay them out on the ground (it helps that we have concrete floors and that I don't care about making a mess). Cool, right? If you don't have easy-clean concrete floors, a sturdy painter's tarp would protect your carpet or hardwood, and finger paints are a cinch to clean up. Since I don't have kids, Skye is going to make me a piece. Images: Rachel Ehlin

Summer Fun Camp - Nature Weaving Craft and Solar Oven S'mores Welcome campers and parents! My girls and I are thrilled to have you visit us during "Let's Go Camping" week of Summer Fun Camp 2013. I was a Girl Scout through my entire childhood and Miss Juju became a Daisy scout this past year, which makes traditional camping crafts a favorite around our house. Today we are going to share a fun nature weaving craft and a classic camping activity with a twist. Let's get started on the nature loom! To begin, collect sticks for your loom. 1/4 to 3/4 inch diameter sticks will work well for this craft. Lash the sticks together with yarn to create the base of your loom. Pull tight as you wrap the yarn in a criss-cross fashion around the two sticks, then tie it off at the back. Make the loom any size or shape you want.... you can make a rectangle or maybe a triangle.... you can get really crazy and make a trapezoid or even a hexagon! Tie a piece of yarn around one of the corners and begin wrapping it around the loom. Get creative with your loom. All done!

52 reasons why i love you | pricklypants Update January 2013: Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented and shared this post. Who knew my little craft would be so popular?? is now defunct but if you like what you see, join me over at where I blog about my life as a professional jazz musician. See you there! Renée Craig’s 28th birthday was yesterday so I decided to make him a little book out of playing cards to tell him how much I love him. You will need: a deck of cards2 binder ringssticky notesa cheap pen with dry ink (don’t use an expensive, wet ink, ballpoint kind)mod podgea paint brusha hole puncher Punch holes in all the cards. That’s it! Do you like receiving hand-made gifts?

Leaf crown :: easy autumn craft for preschool By Cathy James on September 17th, 2014 Celebrate the season in style with this easy autumn craft for preschool – make a leaf crown! Leaf crown :: easy autumn craft for preschool We started our project with some leaf printing. Once the paint had dried and we had done some cutting out, we end up with a lovely collection of leaf prints. We made a simple band out of card to be the base of our leaf crown. Then you can design your own crown. When you are finished you are ready to celebrate autumn in style. More autumn activities For more seasonal fun and learning, click through to see our archive of autumn activities for kids.