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Maker of 3D printed Blade supercar predicts flatpack future for auto industry. Nov 22, 2016 | By Nick Divergent Microfactories boss Kevin Czinger believes his 3D printed Blade supercar, one of our top 25 3D printed cars in the world, can provide a blueprint for car manufacturers and bring the "flatpack furniture" production model to the automotive world.

Maker of 3D printed Blade supercar predicts flatpack future for auto industry

Czinger is the brains behind the Blade supercar, a vehicle that offers a new approach to car design. The key principle of the vehicle is a modular chassis that is constructed from carbon-fiber tubes that slot into 70 3D printed aluminum nodes. These connector blocks combine with the lightweight carbon fiber of the car body to give the Blade a rigid structure. It also means that the car could be assembled in Czinger's proposed $5 million microfactories, situated close to prospective customers, which would reduce transport costs and reduce emissions produced during the manufacturing stage. “Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars,” said Czinger. Maybe you also like: Dutch hotel's 3D printed, cutting-edge conference center nears development.

Nov 21, 2016 | By Nick A Dutch hotel is closing in on the funds it needs to produce a high-tech 3D printed conference center that can recreate the ambience of New York’s Central Park and other iconic locations.

Dutch hotel's 3D printed, cutting-edge conference center nears development

If everything goes to plan, it will be the first 3D printed, zero-footprint building in Europe. De Slaapfabriek Teuge is a boutique hotel with just 12 rooms. Despite its modest size, however, the hotel has become a favorite amongst business leaders in the Netherlands. Now, the hotel wants to capitalize on its burgeoning reputation with a 90-square-meter conference center that will be 3D printed from the ground up. Thanks to Dutch crowdfunding platform NLInversteert, which differs from the likes of Kickstarter in that investors provide loans and expect a return on their investment, hotel owners Arvid and Marjo Prigge have already raised more than $108,000 (€100,000) of the total $398,000 (€375,000) they need. US Marines test Invent3D printer in the field. Oct 27, 2016 | By Nick The US Marines have started testing additive manufacturing in the field and it could pave the way for the military to carry 3D printers as a matter of course.

US Marines test Invent3D printer in the field

Marine Wing Support Squadron 372 (MWSS-372) is serving as the testbed for 3D printing. Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert Neller has issued an interim policy on additive manufacturing in the field that suggests that 3D printers could soon be standard issue. The advantages are obvious. The Marines and other military units are often deployed in remote regions and there is a limit to how much equipment they can take along for the ride. A 3D printer could be one of the most powerful weapons in the Marine Corps’ arsenal as it means they can create thousands of different components on the fly and keep all their equipment and vehicles performing at their peak. LLNL researchers use 3D printing to advance target production for material strength tests.

Oct 23, 2016 | By Tess As 3D printing technologies advance they become increasingly viable for applications within various industries, from healthcare, to aerospace, to transportation, and defense.

LLNL researchers use 3D printing to advance target production for material strength tests

Fortunately, there are a number of research labs, companies, and organizations who are working on this front, continually developing and improving additive manufacturing processes. Recently, for instance, researchers from the United States’ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that they were exploring the use of 3D printing for the production of “on-demand” targets for the testing of different material behaviors. The research, led by one Juergen Biener, while still in its testing phase, has already shown how 3D printing can improve and speed up target production.

The primary advantage of 3D printing the foam targets for target production has been the time factor. As Biener explained, "When something in target fabrication goes wrong, it could take us two months to replace it. NASA challenges students to design 3D printable medical tools for astronauts going to Mars. Oct 28, 2016 | By Tess NASA’s Future Engineers program has just launched its fifth space innovation challenge: the Mars Medical Challenge.

NASA challenges students to design 3D printable medical tools for astronauts going to Mars

Like its pervious challenges, the online education platform is asking students K-12 to put their minds to work to create innovative 3D printable models that could be used by astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). This time around, however, Future Engineers is calling for 3D printable models of medical or dental objects that could help astronauts to maintain their physical health while they are on long three-year missions to Mars. Organovo travaille sur la bio-impression de tissus de foie humain. Le laboratoire américain Organovo, qui travaille depuis plusieurs années dans le domaine du bioprinting, annonce le lancement de recherches sur la fabrication de tissus de foie humain par impression 3D.

Organovo travaille sur la bio-impression de tissus de foie humain

Une innovation médicale qui pourrait à terme devenir une véritable alternative aux transplantations, alors qu’environ 17,000 américains sont actuellement sur liste d’attente pour une greffe du foie. TOP 10 des applications de l'impression 3D dans le domaine militaire. Micro Commuter : L'utilitaire imprimé en 3D par Honda. 3D printed heart helps develop lifesaving catheter. Nov 11, 2016 | By Nick The Bio-Inspired TEchnology research group at the Delft University of Technology has used a 3D printed model of a human heart to develop a new catheter that will save lives.

3D printed heart helps develop lifesaving catheter

The team, led by engineer Awaz Ali, worked with 3D printing company Materialise to additively manufacture the heart model which the catheter is being tested on. The 3D printed heart, based off of real world data, is equipped with a vast array of sensors that can detail any contact between the catheter and the surface of the model. 3D printed cat tongue mimic could have applications for soft robotics industry. Nov 22, 2016 | By Tess If you’ve ever been licked by a cat, you’ll know that their tiny tongues are actually quite rough, with a texture comparable to that of sandpaper.

3D printed cat tongue mimic could have applications for soft robotics industry

Unlike sandpaper, however, a cat’s tongue is abrasive because its surface is covered with tiny backwards facing spines called papillae, which have a number of useful functions for the cat, such as efficient grooming, scraping meat from their prey’s bones, and more. Recently, cat owner and mechanical engineering doctoral candidate Alexis Noel decided to explore the physiology of a cat’s tongue with the help of 3D printing to see if its spine composition could be appropriated for other applications such as soft robotics.

Noel’s research, which was largely conducted at the Hu Biolocomotion Lab at Georgia Tech, was presented at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD), which is being hosted in Portland, Oregon. Why is this research important? Maybe you also like: New 'Landfillament' lets you 3D print with trash. Nov 22, 2016 | By Benedict North Dakota materials company 3D-Fuel has introduced “Landfillament,” a new 3D printing material made from recycled waste.

New 'Landfillament' lets you 3D print with trash

To create the material, municipal solid waste (MSW) is subjected to pyrolysis, which produces a char byproduct that can be used as filament. Australia to open state-of-the-art biofabrication institute for 3D printing implants. Nov 21, 2016 | By Tess Australia’s Herston Health Precinct has announced that it will be opening a new biofabrication institute on its premises.

Australia to open state-of-the-art biofabrication institute for 3D printing implants

Dubai teen wins award for 'mind-controlled' 3D printed bionic arm. Nov 21, 2016 | By Benedict Rishabh Java, a 14-year-old boy from the UAE, has scooped the ‘Best Innovative Project’ prize at the first Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad. Scientists have developed a zero-gravity metal 3D printer for space. Nov 22, 2016 | By Tess With the International Space Station’s Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in full swing, the concept of having a 3D printer in space is becoming increasingly familiar. Despite these advances, however, there are still a number of hurdles and challenges that must be met in order for additive manufacturing to be used to its full potential in the cosmos. Metal 3D printing, for instance, remains a difficult task, but one that could prove essential for maintaining equipment and creating parts necessary for journeys to Mars. 4ekolka : un véhicule électrique et imprimé en 3D.

Après la Strati du constructeur Local Motors mais aussi Peugeot et son partenariat avec le constructeur Divergent, l’impression 3D montre peu à peu son potentiel dans le secteur automobile. Retour sur le salon 3D Print Lyon 2016, l'impression 3D en médecine... Poietis et l'Oréal collaborent dans la bio-impression de cheveux. Top 10 des objets imprimables en 3D pour votre animal de compagnie. OWA 3D : le premier filament PS recyclable et recyclé. Un filament d'impression ultra-résistant pour Volumic. Des pâtisseries uniques grâce à l'impression 3D. Bien que l’impression 3D n’en soit pas à ses débuts dans le domaine de la gastronomie, la pâtissière Dinara Kasko utilise cette technologie afin de réaliser des créations aussi uniques que gourmandes. Originaire d’Ukraine, Dinara est diplômée de l’Université d’Architecture de Kharkov et utilise son expérience en modélisation 3D pour imaginer des pâtisseries aux formes complexes qui cassent avec les codes classiques.

TOP 10 des scanners 3D low-cost. 3D printed shoes: has this designer found the perfect model for making, marketing, and selling them? Nov 18, 2016 | By Tess With companies like Adidas and Nike getting on board with 3D printing, it is difficult to deny that additive technology has an increasingly important role to play in the footwear manufacturing industry. As we’ve seen, from small-scale designers to established companies, 3D printing has offered a revolutionary way to create new designs and unprecedented customization. Importantly, the technology has also offered a viable alternative to large-scale manufacturing practices, which have significant footprints in terms of material and energy waste. Of course, while 3D printing technologies themselves are quickly becoming more advanced and more viable for the footwear industry, one of the biggest hurdles is reconciling how to efficiently adopt the tech for the commercial market, for the consumer.

Kevin Pagdon 6-step retail experience Shoe ​customization. 3D printed parts improve interiors of luxury helicopters. Nov 8, 2016 | By Benedict Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), a leader in customizing high-end helicopter interiors, is using industrial 3D printers from Roboze to create end-use parts for its designs. The company is using advanced materials like PEEK for parts that will be installed on forthcoming helicopters. Interior of a MAG helicopter. Top 30 3D printed Halloween costumes, props, and decorations. Oct 26, 2016 | By Tess Halloween is without doubt my favorite time of year, with the leaves turning bright red, pumpkins glowing on porch steps, and all scary and spooky things taking center stage (not to mention all the candy!).

In the spirit of the season, we thought we’d once again put together a list of the very best 3D printed costumes, props, and decorations that are out there for 2016 to help make your Halloween as creative, DIY, and maker-friendly as possible. 3D printed Halloween costume & prop Best 3D printed Halloween costume & prop #1: Chaos Space Marine Mask. 3D printed organs on a chip could one day put an end to animal testing.

Oct 24, 2016 | By Nick The heart-on-a-chip is entirely 3D printed with built-in sensors that measure the contractile strength of the tissue, providing scientists with new possibilities for studying the musculature of the heart. CREDIT: Johan Lind, Disease Biophysics Group/Lori K. Sanders, Lewis Lab/Harvard University Researchers from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and the Harvard John A. IFPEN unveils world's first 3D designed and printed chemical reactor. Scientists have made a tiny model of the universe that you can 3D print at home. TOP 5 : Interview de Joe DeSimone, Carbon3D, Le futur du transport automobile..

Sony s'intéresse de près à l'impression 3D. Démocratiser la bio-impression avec le projet biotINK. Daihatsu intègre l'impression 3D dans sa chaîne de production. Un véhicule électrique ultra-rapide grâce à l'impression 3D. Une semelle imprimée en 3D pour les Liquid Speed de Reebok. General Eletric veut acquérir les fabricants SLM Solutions et Arcam. La mort de Lucy expliquée grâce à l'impression 3D. Des bâtiments imprimés en 3D pour rebâtir l'Irak. Vos Pokemon préférés transformés en sextoys grâce à l'impression 3D.

Eram : des talons de chaussures imprimés en 3D - Les imprimantes 3D .fr. TOP 5 des vidéos de la semaine : Visite des ateliers de Local Motors, la plus grande sculpture réalisée avec un stylo 3D... Révolution industrielle sur le marché de l'impression 3D - le Parisien. Une semaine d’impression 3D #36. Une semaine d’impression 3D #35. Concours : faites le plein de bobines et accessoires OPtimus® Brazilian Airforce adopts 3D printing to test viability of new aircraft parts. TOP 10 des applications de l'impression 3D dans le cinéma. 3D printed stylish LCD shutter top makes an impact in Shenzhen for SexyCyborg. Moscow scientists pioneer 3D printed polymeric skull implants that are absorbed into the body. Smithsonian Museum to unveil 3D scan of the iconic Space Shuttle Discovery. Conseils d'experts : Comment choisir son filament ? L’impression 3D couleur, on vous explique tout ! Peugeot signe un partenariat avec Divergent 3D sur l'impression 3D métal.

La bio-impression : Un marché en croissance de 36% d'ici à 2022. Earnotz : l'oreillette personnalisée et imprimée en 3D. Nano-Racing scales down racing with 3D printed drones that fit in the palm of your hand. Cancer survivor gets world’s first 3D printed face made using a smartphone. New Balance releases 40 pairs of new MS066 3D printed sneakers in collaboration with Concepts. ASU's 3D printed heart models featured in CBS's new medical drama 'Pure Genius' Dutch Hospital adopts novel system for 3D printing surgical models. New Adidas sneaker made from ocean plastic and developed with 3D printing goes on sale this month. This beautiful green guest house has all 3D printed light fixtures. Maki Sugimoto 3D prints educational organ replicas with realistic textures using Bio-Texture Modeling.

3D printed vertebrae surgical guide helps Indian doctors treat ten-year-old scoliosis patient. China successfully 3D printed its 1st pressure vessel cylinder prototype for a nuclear reactor. Bioniks wants to give Pakistani children 3D printed superhero prosthetic hands. StringKing calls on lacrosse players to up their game with 3D printed heads.