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Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan

Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan

Top 10 Free Online Mind Mapping Tools As the name, mind mapping means that to draw your mind or ideas as a map, which are well-known for brainstorm, exploring your brain for many ideas. For mind mapping, you can just use a pen and one paper, but it will be funny and easier if you are using below tools, which are all available for you to create mind maps online for free without anything to download or install. 1. Bubblus Bubblus is very simple and easy to use, you just need to enter and drag. The mind maps can be exported as image, XML or HXML files, and you can also share the mind maps with your friends or embed them into your blogs. 15 Useful Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools Concept mapping and Mind mapping software are used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information. It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning/study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note taking. It is also a popular planning technique with applications across all business sectors and industries. It is used by individuals, corporate teams, students and teachers alike for various purposes.

Technology is taking us beyond the digital limits - Converging Trends going mobile Our fate lies in technology Today I was on Google+ and was stream surfing, and something there always seems to catch my eye, so what I do is simply comment on the latest catchy, trendy thing, and make sure to give it a +1 as well as share it with folks. "Ummm, hold up for one second here", what is all this I'm talking about here. thunks « @ TeacherToolkit Fancy a TeacherToolkit Thunk? ‘Thunks’ originate from the award-winning author, Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking. Thunks are simply another way of looking at a simple question, whether that be the way it is phrased, or the literary vocabulary of its content. Ian’s ‘Little Book of Thunks‘ can be purchased here.

Knowledge Management (KM) CIO Ogilvy and Mather Updates Knowledge Management System for the Social Age Wed, February 26, 2014 - Yuri Aguiar, CIO at Ogilvy and Mather, says a new social, intranet-based portal manages the company's content and has become 'a vital and vibrant place for our employees around the world to quickly find each other and the information they need to do their jobs.' Full Story » Box Gives Enterprise IT More Visibility and Control Wed, December 11, 2013 - Box is adding features to its content management and document-sharing platform to give administrators the capability to manage permissions, access and control over how Box is used in the enterprise.

Mind Mapping Software - Create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking. Edraw Mind Map Maker gives you amazing ways to create great-looking mind maps for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking. Edraw Mind Map is a free mind mapping maker with inbuilt templates and examples which makes it very easy to use. You can easily conceptualize your visualization on computer and organize your work by using this maker. It comes with various embedded features like smart drawing guide which makes mind mapping quite simple; supporting big size and multiple page mind maps; inbuilt themes, effects, styles; automatic alignment, compatibility with MS office and PDF, being easy to share and much more. You can also make notes, attachment and build hyperlink. Free Download Mind Map Maker and View All Templates and Examples

Chemistry Blog » Blog Archive » Organic Chemistry Reactions Mind Map Well… this oughta cover it. I was reading comments to my reddit submission of the many oxidation states of carbon, and Aa1979 asked if the functional groups could be arranged logically according to actual chemical transformations. I replied that would be too reaction dependent… alcohols can be turned into a great many things (chlorides, alkenes, ketones, acids, aldehydes…), then aldehydes themselves could be turned into a great many things (alcohols, alkenes, acids, imine/enamine, acetal…). Tips on How to increase hub traffic Categorizing & Groups This is the final set of tips I'll be adding here, but I'm sure there's loads more, because the web is vast. There's really no single method or grouping of methods that will work to improve your hubs traffic, using many varying methods is actually the best in my book. The topics section can give you an idea of what this all means as well. Make sure to give your new hub the best category it can be placed in, that's including sub-categories as well.

‘Post It Note Pedagogy’ – Top Ten Tips for Teaching & Learning The Ultimate Low Cost, High Impact Teaching Tool? The humble post it note – sometimes you don’t need to invest in a fleet of iPads, interactive whiteboards or Visualisers to make the learning visible and to have a positive impact upon learning. Some of the best things in life are simple…and yes, cheap! The post it note is so flexible, easy to use and multi-purpose that it most surely must qualify for the ultimate low cost, high impact teaching tool. Not only are they cheap and flexible learning tools, the very nature and size of them (varied as they now can be) encourages, even demands, a precise and concise use of language.

Knowledge Management Software Manage company knowledge baseOrganize enterprise wiki serverProvide immediate, 24/7 supportLaunch self-service web help deskEliminate repeat support requestsCollaborate on documents and content onlineCreate online help quickly and easily with Knowledge Management Software According to Ernst & Young consulting agency research, Knowledge Management Software usage enables up to 30% savings on customer support and increases up to 50% decision-making quality, staff agility, and company reaction speed to changes of market needs. New products development cycle decreases by 20% in average. Key Advantages of web-based Knowledge Base Software Usage 15 Great Mindmapping Tools and Apps Mindmapping is the process of drawing up diagrams that show relations between various ideas, tasks or information. For many of us this shows to actually be a way of taking notes that can be more useful than just writing down keywords or sentences like we do on a to-do list. By drawing mind maps you actually visualize your tasks and how each task can influence each other in a better way, making your brain remember more easily and/or come up with new ideas. The Tools There are various tools for mindmapping out there, both free and paid versions.

untitled Innovation can be as simple as combining two tools such as iMindMap and ThingLink which were not initially designed to work together. Discover how to turn your mind maps (or any other image) into attractive, interactive and sharable online content using rich media tags from ThingLink. I was looking for an easy way to embed sound and video in my exported mind maps and make them more interactive on the web. My preferred mind mapping software has not feature this option (yet). But recently, I discovered a very simple tool to do it on top, just in a few clicks.

Online Success - Aiming to achieve high personal goals in life Educational Success & Achieving an Online Education Many people think that they need to get a college degree to succeed today, but that's no longer the only requirement, because things are getting increasingly difficult, so it takes improved strategy today, in having technical know how as well. Education is one of the most important elemental factors of success, but isn't as important as activating that knowledge obtained from learning, to the degree of gaining real hands on work experiences. Make sure to get experience in any work force, volunteer program, internship, or social community to get started on such hands on experiences. Usage of your intelligence is paramount, to the survival of our species, and also your future potential for success in any area of life. Education can be attained in many ways today.

Taking the ‘temperature of learning’ in lessons: a few tried and tested strategies ‘Progress’ appears to be the buzz word in schools at the moment, especially during lesson observations. The new Ofsted framework specifically looks at how teachers enable students to make progress in lessons and over a series of lessons. I believe progress is only as good as the learning objective you measure it against, so making sure your learning objectives are clear and differentiated is vital.

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