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Registry of Open Access Repositories

Registry of Open Access Repositories
Notice: We had a major storage controller failure, which led to the harvesting service failing. We are in the process of recovering data and restarting the harvesting. This failure only affects the tracking of content growth. New repostories should continue to be registered as they are all being fully processed as previously. We are doing everything we can to bring the service back to normal and we apologise for the interruption to the service.

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Oxford Open Oxford Open OUP Supports Open Access Oxford University Press (OUP) is mission-driven to facilitate the widest possible dissemination of high-quality research. We embrace both green and gold open access (OA) publishing to support this mission. OnCoRe Blueprint: Resources: Repository Information Current Repositories As of June 30, 2011 The following list was accurate as of June 30, 2011, the date this FIPSE grant was concluded. For an updated listing of repositories, please visit The Orange Grove: Florida's Digital Repository at: The number of open access repositories is very large; this is not a complete listing. It is provided as a guide to assist you in your background research. AMSER (the Applied Math and Science Education Repository) is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use.

Open Repositories Repositories increasingly play a pivotal role in the emerging information landscape. Through a format that blends open user group meetings for DSpace, Fedora, and Eprints, followed by general conference sessions that cover cross-cutting and overarching issues, Open Repositories attempts to create opportunities to explore the challenges faced by user communities and others in today’s world. The many repository platforms available today are changing the nature of scholarly communication. Institutions such as universities, research laboratories, publishers, libraries, and commercial organizations are creating innovative repository-based systems that address the entire lifecycle of information — from supporting the creation and management of digital content, to enabling use, re-use, and interconnection of information, to ultimately ensuring long-term preservation and archiving. The OR2013 conference theme was Use, Reuse, Reproduce. Visit the conference website to learn more.

Publish your conference poster at ScienceOpen - ScienceOpen Blog Fast, free and easy! ScienceOpen has been publishing posters open access for years with over 160 posters on the platform. We have now updated our publication module to offer researchers a free and simple interface to upload, publish and promote their posters – all with a CC BY license and access to a full suite of tools to promote and track usage and impact. Early career researchers often have their first experience of presenting their work in the form of a conference poster. Digital Images Collections Guide Digital Image Collections Guide Updated - 12/5/2013 The Digital Images Collections Guide has continued going strong after 2 years! Thank you for the support. After two years, the Guide was in need of some TLC, so I have recently concluded a reconciliation project of the resources cited to insure that these websites are still live, that they navigate to the appropriate specific pages, and that these resources are indeed (generally speaking) digital image collections.

11. Software Repositories - Adding and Managing Package Repositories 11. Software Repositories As mentioned in the previous chapter, the package manager installs software by fetching packages from software repositories, therefore the software available for easy installation via the package manager depends on the configured repositories. A software repository is a collection of RPM packages (the openSUSE packaging format) and metadata for the available packages. Usually repositories are on online servers, but it can also be on a CD/DVD or on other media.

Open Repository Blog : ALA Midwinter 2012 BioMed Central’s Open Repository recently exhibited at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Dallas. Warm and sunny, it was a great change of scenery with excellent food! In a climate of stretched budgets, attendance at the conference seemed low. However it was great that our representatives: Bob Schatz and Nish Thiru were kept very busy at the booth. Scholarly Publishing - MIT Libraries Is it true that Open Access means an article is not copyrighted? No. Choosing to publish through an open access channel does not mean the article is not copyrighted. The same options exist when publishing through an open access channel as when an article is published through a controlled-access (or traditional subscription) model: the author may in some cases be able to retain copyright, or may be required to grant the journal publisher copyright. But in either case, the article is still copyrighted, either by you or the publisher. There is no direct and clean relationship between open access journals and copyright policy.

Data repositories From Open Access Directory This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of repositories and databases for open data. Please annotate the entries to indicate the hosting organization, scope, licensing, and usage restrictions (if any). If a repository is open in some respects but not others, please include it with an annotation rather than exclude it.

Other organizations which support the open-access repository movement include the Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) (University of Southampton 2011), and the Scholarly Publication and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC 2011) which is based in Washington, DC. ROAR provides up-to-date information on university repositories around the world, while SPARC is a network of academic libraries, and is dedicated to examining new strategies for making academic research widely available. Found in: 2012 - (Oliver) Succeeding With Your Literature Review by raviii Apr 10

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